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    When you come across a song that...

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    I heard this in a mix earlier and my thoughts when straight to Aria. I think it kind fits the context of this story, even. It seems to evoke where Aria used to be, or perhaps to where she could have ended up, if something had taken a different turn along the narrative.


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    Seeing this image took me right back to this story

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    So Babscon

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So I saw Zootopia on Thursday with the fam · 6:45pm Mar 13th, 2016

And I may just have to dive into another Shakira binge, cuz oh my damn, that song...

And yanno, the lyrics actually work really well for 'past is not today' Sunset, or especially post-pendant Adagio, as I like to imagine (and write) her. And Shakira's hair in the vid here is treading dangerously close to 3d-poof territory.

Story-wise, still no progress on next chapter, but the feeling is starting to come back. Just posted Messenger to the EQD process this week as well.

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Comments ( 9 )

zootopia was amazing omg

awww...couldnt make it to the movies...not even sure they are showing it in my town...

Yo... this movie... :rainbowderp:

3807182 So is this wide-eyed 'awesome' Dash, or more 'what did I just watch'? Heh.

It's the "I am so conflicted about whether or not this is outranking my most beloved 90s Disney animation flicks" Dashie face. Words can't describe how much I loved it. So much... good... thing. :pinkiecrazy: Gonna see it again before it's out of theaters.

3808228 Also, this song is forever ingrained in my mind... along with Nick doing the arm roll bop and Judy being adorable. :raritystarry:

3808451 Heh. Picture my reaction to your reaction as Nick's little subtle dance move during the end credits.

I'm not generally a fan of Shakira, and never listen to her music, but this song... It's infectious. O.o The movie was awesome and Judy Hopps was SOOOO cute!!! :rainbowkiss::yay: I also liked the gazelle. She's kinda sexy. >.>

I LOVED THAT MOVIE. And the song is awesome!

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