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  • 62 weeks
    When you come across a song that...

    really brings a character mind?

    I heard this in a mix earlier and my thoughts when straight to Aria. I think it kind fits the context of this story, even. It seems to evoke where Aria used to be, or perhaps to where she could have ended up, if something had taken a different turn along the narrative.


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  • 66 weeks
    ...said every "best dazzling" poll ever.

    - and this is actually one of the higher ones.

    I-it's not like she cares, or anything...

    So it's been a while, hasn't it? I've been absent, but not completely idle.

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  • 67 weeks
    Seeing this image took me right back to this story

    And while I still don't foresee finishing Homesick, at least for a long while, I wanted to share this. It perfectly encapsulates Adagio's state of mind in the first chapter.

    However -

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  • 213 weeks

    I noticed a few days ago that Boomerang started re-running some of the old Genndy-and-crew shows. Dexter's Lab, Foster's, etc. My first thought, of course, was something akin to, "nice." But then my eyes widened. Because this must mean...




    That news I heard around the end of last year must be coming to a head. And now just last night, this drops:

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  • 224 weeks
    So Babscon

    Been typing back and forth a bit with DWK lately, and he might have talked me into going down there for one day (Friday). It's not for sure yet. Curious if any others here are planning to be en route as well.

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First Pair Acquired · 4:53pm Jan 14th, 2016

And... with Sunset undoubtedly to be included—and Adagio already confirmed—the other pairing is also inevitable.

Rarity's hair tho. As top-heavy as it is, and as loose as the hip joints are on these, it really takes some work to get her to stand up, even with support. Cats and kids: please don't touch.

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Comments ( 12 )

Is that official stuff? It actually doesn't look awful.

3685601 Yeah. Supposedly there are plans for like 25 of them (for now). I think some are duplicates of the M6. Adagio has an entry on Amazon, but no picture or anything yet. Not sure if there's word on Sunset. But I cannot imagine them leaving her out by any stretch.

Edit: And how could you not have seen these by now? :trollestia: The name for them is "Equestria Girls Minis" fyi. 5 inches tall? You can see a bit of the Adagio doll on pic-right.

... must have!

Had the same problem with my Rarity as well, you basically have to set them up against an object (either a wall, back of shelf, stand, etc.) or else they fall on their backs. Such a pain in the ass, I imagine when Adagio is released it will be impossible to balance her with all the hair. :rainbowlaugh:

They are, I got mine at Target.

3685617 I had to resort to Amazon. None of the Wally's or the Target around here had them during that first week of January. They might by now, but still wouldn't count on it.

They are pretty cheap at Target, if I remember they were only $8. :raritystarry:

I saw a bunch at Wal-mart the other day; tried to convince the wife she wanted the Pinkie Pie but she already has too much stuff to display and not enough room to display it. Plus she didn't like how 'flared' the skirt was.

I told her if they eventually make a Sonata one I'm making her buy the Pinkie Pie slumber party set so we can get the little taco that comes with it. She seemed okay with that, :trixieshiftright:

I'm still just kind of amazed they actually released good looking EQD dolls.

*lurks in wait for Sonata and Aria*
...Don't do me like this, Hasbro. :ajbemused:

(Those dolls are friggin' adorable, though!)

... The hell? I have not seen these in Canada at all. These are the best EqG toys I've seen in like the three years they've been doing stuff.


I've got the entire collection of these to come out (thus far). Alas, no room to display them for now, so they are consigned to remain in their packages.

I've seen them all at a local Target, but I ordered mine off Amazon and Entertainment Earth.


I was thinking of getting me some of these...

Also, admit it. The first thing you did was look up their skirts. Don't you lie to me, mister.

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