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    When you come across a song that...

    really brings a character mind?

    I heard this in a mix earlier and my thoughts when straight to Aria. I think it kind fits the context of this story, even. It seems to evoke where Aria used to be, or perhaps to where she could have ended up, if something had taken a different turn along the narrative.


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    ...said every "best dazzling" poll ever.

    - and this is actually one of the higher ones.

    I-it's not like she cares, or anything...

    So it's been a while, hasn't it? I've been absent, but not completely idle.

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    Seeing this image took me right back to this story

    And while I still don't foresee finishing Homesick, at least for a long while, I wanted to share this. It perfectly encapsulates Adagio's state of mind in the first chapter.

    However -

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    I noticed a few days ago that Boomerang started re-running some of the old Genndy-and-crew shows. Dexter's Lab, Foster's, etc. My first thought, of course, was something akin to, "nice." But then my eyes widened. Because this must mean...




    That news I heard around the end of last year must be coming to a head. And now just last night, this drops:

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    So Babscon

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...said every "best dazzling" poll ever. · 8:28am Apr 30th, 2019

- and this is actually one of the higher ones.

I-it's not like she cares, or anything...

So it's been a while, hasn't it? I've been absent, but not completely idle.

Over three years ago, I decided that I wanted to write a character piece for Aria. I've always felt that she deserved more attention, affection and some dedicated time in the spotlight. This story has been a slow-paced labor of love, but I've finally been able to see through to the end.

Rarity plays a strong role here as well. She's forever been my favorite of the main cast, and I love her as a light of inspiration, as much as the element of generosity.

So this is it. I'm happy that the story's now complete. Starting later this morning, I'll be sharing its four chapters over the next few days. To those who still follow me, thanks!

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Comments ( 4 )

It's okay Aria, some of us love you 😢

Looking forward to the story

It's not really surprising that Aria is the least liked, is it? Based on her behavior in Rainbow Rocks, she really is The Worst; all complaints and no solutions, all talk with nothing to back it up, only does anything right when she's following Adagio's lead (same as Sonata, yes, but without the excuse of being the dumb one), and just generally comes off as a sulky teenager almost constantly picking on someone (apparently) weaker.

Sonata, who isn't exactly better, at least smiles and seems generally happy with her situation, making her a lot more appealing than someone like Aria, and Adagio, possibly the most evil of the bunch, might still be the most competent villain of the series and has a pretty fun personality to boot, so I've never wondered why Aria doesn't get as much love.

Pardon the mild rant, but I've been thinking about this one lately. :derpyderp2:

Yeah, you're not wrong. Adagio was my immediate and long-time favorite for some of the reasons you mentioned. She probably still is, all things considered, if my writing history is anything to go by, heh.

In Aria's case, though, I think it's the lack of any deep characterization in the movie that drew me toward wanting to explore her more thoroughly. I suppose I've always been a sucker for the underdog, and so I wanted her to feel some love as well.

And this is why I did an Aria x OC story years ago. Aria didn't get much love in most fanfics on here.

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