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Homesick Shimmer · 6:42pm Oct 3rd, 2015

Hello, fellow bronies and pegasisters! I am The Chip, the guy behind A Matter of Family. This is my first blog so I'm pretty new at this. My apologies if this is the wrong approach or if it's too soon to say anything. I'm just doing this because I wanted to get a few things off my chest.

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Seeing this image took me right back to this story · 9:40pm Apr 18th, 2019

And while I still don't foresee finishing Homesick, at least for a long while, I wanted to share this. It perfectly encapsulates Adagio's state of mind in the first chapter.

However -

I won't leave y'all totally hanging (those noble few who remain following me).

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I Moved... Again... And I'm Not Happy. · 2:07am Aug 24th, 2017

It's been three weeks since my family and I moved back to Houston and things are not going great. Right now my mom and I are having a difficult time trying to adjust our new home and my dad is doing everything he can to support our family since he's the only who's working. My sisters on the other hand are not giving a damn about the situation since they are always on their phones all day. And since I lost my job back in Austin, I can't do anything to help my parents out with the bills. But

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My first fic for Silverstream is released!!!!!! · 4:21am Mar 25th, 2019

It finally happened. It was a long time prevented, but now it finally happened, my first fic for Silverstream is written and released!

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Fluttercheer News: Stories about Silverstream, Nightmare Night, The Weak Start of Tempest Shadow's Journey, Addressing my Ko-fi page situation, Derpibooru Author Tag + Userlink and "Fluttercheer's Word of Wisdom" · 11:11pm Sep 25th, 2018

As a few of you have probably noticed, I am finally back in the writing business proper since Sunday, after three months of basically zero output courtesy of depressions that let my writing tempo slow down to a crawl. I have finally released a new story that I had promised for a long time now (I will talk more about this one below, for those of you who wonder about the

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