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[As a warning to those who come by, the efforts being performed in this group are HIGHLY NSFW. Just a fair warning. Obliged, all!]

:pinkiehappy: "Hey there, everypony! Welcome to Pinkie's Party Planning Committee for the up and coming 'Patented Porn Party!' I'm so glad you could all come, and I'm sure we'll all be able to work together and create the greatest party ever!"

Obliged, Miss Pie. Right, this group is dedicated to the creation of chapters in the "Pinkie's Patented Porn Party" story, though the title is open to discussion by group members. Your peers will be authors participating in the creation of these chapters, proofreaders that have been cleared by me or Skeeter, or editors contributing to the effort of keeping this chapters relatively coherent and legible.

We have a chapter listing, and pairings finished, and a GDoc prepared that is filled to the brim with them. The hunt for authors is going to be kept to word-of-mouth, because both me and him are concerned with college. Still, if you have become a member of this group, I welcome you with open arms and an open mind.

:pinkiehappy: "And I with an open invitation!"

Indeed. Welcome to the group, sirs and madams, and prepare for a party like no other!

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313478 Well, okay then.


Also, no foalcon. They're aged up.

~Skeeter The Lurker


Then go to the respective threads and say so.

Also, more than one person can take a chapter.

Me, KillerSteel and probably one or two others will choose the best of them to add to the main story. The rest will be placed in the 'runner's up' folder.

~Skeeter The Lurker

313474 I call dibs on Sweetie Belle/ babs Seed. After all, foalcon is my speciality. :twilightsmile:

313473 I call dibs on Vinyl/Spitfire. with a bit of Octavia jealousy on the side. :pinkiehappy:

I shall help this group by joining. :moustache:

now... where's my clop? :scootangel:
Like suggested by Skeeter The Lurker

Title? What title? Call it "The Great Party" or something.
Characters: EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM. No really, you'll see why.
Plot (heh): Pinke Pie holds yet another party, except, THIS one is a sexy party (think orgy without the orgy). Remember those parts of christmas parties in which married couples toss their car keys in a fish bowl? THAT kind of party.
Way it works is Pinkie splits the group in half (Herself included), and throws half the names in a hat. Each person who isn't already in the hat comes up, takes and name, then, in a second hat, they pick a slip of paper. See, in this second act, there is a sexual act listed on it.
After that, they take turns performing the act they get in full view of everyone. See? Orgy without the orgy.
For extra fun, throw in the CMC (aged up, of course [or not, you sicko]) and Celestia, Luna, and Discord.
Welp. That's all I got for now. Enjoy you perverts! (Hypocrisy for the win!)
~Skeeter The Lurker

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