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Happy Winter Solstice everyone. I brought gifts. · 5:37am Dec 24th, 2016

I've kind of dropped the ball on fanfic, but I do have a promise and a present for you all. More of a stocking stuffer, really.

Right here.

A World: Reflected will resume at the beginning of January, so help me God, along with some other writing projects, Ask Underwing and Pink Lady the most relevant to all of you.

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Happy Hearth's Warming to you, too!


A preview of one of my favorite stories featuring my absolute favorite card game. What more could I ask for?

(Also, terribly sorry about falling off of the face of the Earth when it came to Star Aria. Had to get everything set up for my job, then deal with the hour-long commute every weekday. And I'm still getting used to the idea of leaving text chat clients open in general.)

4353298 Discord is weird like that: we'll talk more re: Space the Convergence when the Worst Year is over.

And thank you. I'm glad this inspires enthusiasm, still!

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