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Day 2 PE plans going forward · 4:29am Nov 11th, 2016

Other people have commented more eloquently about the election than I have, so if you really want my hot take on it or some emotional support, PM me. Suffice to say that I am offering that emotional support if you need it.

I will finish a story before the year ends.

I am also still recruiting gamemasters and tabletop gaming staff at BABSCon. If you have 8 hours to spare for the con and also coincidentally 8+ hours of neat convention one-shot ideas, then you should know that the new Gamemaster panelist badge will get you in free for the weekend. If you have most of the con to spare as staff, then we'll throw in free home-cooked meals, and we're working on free or substantially hotel rooms for staff this year. (No promises.)

Stay safe, y'all.

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