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Spike, number one assistant to Princess Twilight Sparkle, close contacts to the Elements of Harmony Bearers and to the other Princesses. He is even praised by the Crystal Ponies for saving their empire! He must have a great life right? If so, then why does he feel so left out? So he sets out, only to be faced with an extra passenger.

Note : I'm a shit writer so any constructive criticism is appreciate.
Fan-made Sequel :Spike And Nightmare Moon, A Trip Around Equestria

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Christopher Plainfield, A college student who is in love with Guns, Swords, Anime and most of all, My Little Pony! Owns a motorcycle, trains in a small sword fighting group. Things are going well for him, until he gets teleported into Equestria during a thunderstorm. What will happen to the human? He's not dying, that's for sure. Time for him to make his mark on history!

This story takes place after the 'Princess Twilight' thingy so yeah. Enjoy!

Warning : Offensive language are used in this story

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Spike is tired of being left in the castle again. He wants to adventure out in the world but knows that Twilight nor Princess Celestia will approve it. Spike thought he was anonymous, a nobody. Spike then think darker thoughts. What will the dragon do when all hope is lost

This story is just a One Shot.

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This is a story about a guy who doesn't know if he was dreaming or was it reality? The man went on with his usual life when he was suddenly, summoned to Equestria. This was his dream come true. He was told he needed to go on a mission but can he succeed or will he fail.

Was it even reality to begin with?

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