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“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.” - Friedrich Nietzsche



Twilight told me to write in this diary. She said it'd help me with anything I need to get off my mind. Well, I took her word for it!

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Am I dealing with way too many stories at once? Nooo! Of course not!:twilightsheepish:

I say this way to much, but, OH MY BUCKING GOD, BEST FIC I'VE EVER READ! :pinkiehappy: First thing I've seen EVER that appreciates Spike! Maybe that's because I mostly read random comedies but still, AWESOOOOOOOME!

Why is it that I react more happily to sadfics then comedyfics...

4472929 Thank you very much! And I love sadfics a lot too!:pinkiehappy:

I like this very much. Will be watching from now on.:pinkiehappy:

They should give spike more respect because he really does do anything to make his friends happy:twilightoops:

Damn, pretty good, man. Really hope this doesn't end in suicide, but hey, by the way he's talkin', I wouldn't blame him.

Fav'd. It's always nice to get a look into the grim slavery that Spike lives in.

Though he needs to:
A) Learn the phrase "Go suck a bucket of dicks"
B) Go have some adventures on his own. He has scales better than plate mail, fire breath, claws and fangs that can shear through diamonds, a very high IQ, thumbs and a direct line to God/Celestia. He's better qualified for danger than any of them other than Twilight.

Or he could do the world a favor and eat that hideous crystal friendship tree. Damn thing is a crime against nature/equinity/aesthetics/architectural design.

4473332 Thank you thank you THANK YOU! Why am I getting so much positive attention. If you didn't know, I'm a newbie a writing. I've only recently started making stories. I'm glad you are following me. Oh I could just... just...:yay:

4474070 Yep, he's always in the background and he was my favorite character yesterday (I can never keep one favorite character. Today is Discord...:facehoof:)

4474269 Well.... you have to read to find out cause I havent decided yet. I'm glad you like this story. I really have improved in the short amount of time I've been a writer!

4475213 Thank you so much!:twilightsmile:

1) I argee!:eeyup:

2) He did that in dragon quest... he probably needs to be included in the girl's adventure so he can get in the hang of doing adventures. You know, train before your big quest?:trixieshiftright:

3) Totally with you!:rainbowlaugh:

Umm, things are looking a bit dark for Spike. Hopefully someone tries to help him before he jumps off a cliff or something.:fluttercry:

Okay, this is feeling very wangsty.

Spike seems to have some sort of 'battered wife syndrome' going on. "Its fine that Celestia mistreated me because she makes Twilight happy". Little dude needs some therapy. And maybe a girlfriend.

And he raises a valid point.. Why does Rarity need all those clothes? She goes around naked 99% of the time. 98% if you include hats.


Well, its his journal. Its one of the most polite places to wangst. Better than Facebook, at least.

...This is going to be a plot-twist post-suicide investigation into Spike's things, isn't it?


Man, this fic it just... You can't get enough of it :twilightsmile:
It's so freakin' good!
Poor spike :fluttercry:

Wait till the others see this...

4476791 Wow:twilightblush:... Um... thanks. But I'm not that good man! I'm just a beginner. Surely it's not that good? Not that I'm complaining, but I have so much positive feedback. Not even any constructive criticism. Wow, It.... wow! I really have improved my writing skills!:pinkiehappy:


A Spike fic without John the Dragon to be seen? Dark times are upon us.

I love my friends… and they seem to love me, but… not as much as they love each other. It’s like, they have a stronger bond with each other than they have with me.

This right here is an unfortunate possible truth that makes the whole dang show tough to appreciate at times. With Spike in this state of mind, I think the best thing that could happen is what happened to Dave Lizewski, but with a more empowering outcome: the ponies all suffer through a broadcast in which he's being beaten to death. Then it cuts moments before he saves himself, leaving them all panicked and in tears.

But that's just my idea. As you were.

Spike needs to go to the north, find Sombra's horn in the snow, eat it, become a giant Sombraified Spikezilla and rip Celestia's face off.

4476805 I never knew I was so famous. :rainbowderp:


4477215 I can usually spot you whenever I read a Spike story, so it was strange getting here before you. :rainbowlaugh:

You need to make more please! I can't get enough of this fic!
have a like a fav :-)

Spike doesn't need these mare's shit.
It's time to move on, bud.

Is there going to be a point where the monologue ends? Like when Spike is pretty much done with life or when it gets to a point where it uplifts and realizes he's worth living?

I don't know, but I feel as though that could or should happen.

This fic trully deserves every like and favorite it gets, this fic is completely awesome, you writte so well that I could almost feel what Spike was feeling, congratulations, keep up the good work and maybe even update again today :D

4476191 still, overly mopey and "poor me" wangst. I would expect Rarity to have some of that, but not Spike.

I need more of this I want to know how it ends!

I'd love to see what Twilight would do if Spike just went and started taking breaks whenever he wanted. Or got a job! In a world of hooves, the dragon with thumbs is king!

Heck, given that Earth and Pegasus ponies need to use their mouths to write, he could probably make a decent living as a freelance scribe. In ye days of olde, 'writing things down for random people' actually was a viable profession.

I see what Luna is trying to get at. Spike has to tell others about his problems if he wants anything to change. And he better do so soon because the way things are going he might either kill himself or work himself to death.:fluttercry:

We are reading Spike's villain origin. Also:

I almost died in the Sombra incident, the changeling invasion, Discord's escape,

Both Chrysalis, the Changelings, and Discord left Spike alone, so he didn't almost die in the last two.

4478189 Axtually, remember all of those letters what made him cough up blood. And everybody almost died in the changeling invasion...

This thought of ending it come to me a few times when I was younger from the bullying, feeling like an outcast. I'm grateful that I'm still here and I hope Spike will find himself soon. I don't want Spike to be the sidekick, a punching bag, getting moments of appreciation and the rest of the time neglect. I won't die out of spite. Find the strength Spike.

4478450 Yeah I went through that too. Every time I saw the knife in the kitchen I just... yeah. But I made Origin of Egghead, go check that out if you want to know some of what happened to me in my life.

4475285 Your new at writing? That's shocking what you did in chapter three, jumbling up words, the spaces, capitalization; you showed how spike was feeling as he was losing control. Spike finds his feelings well and that is the problem right there. Maybe an outside party like Zecora could help him. But then you'd need to come up with a lot of rhymes. Maybe Cheerilee or Cadence since she has known Spike longer being Twilight's foalsitter.

4478559 Yes I'm new at this. Spike's help will be someone else though.

Wow, that went dark really fast, :twilightoops: so r u going to make a sequel where everyone reads the diary?


Well..... fuck.

4478729 To answer that question with another question, is the Incomplete sign still there?

Even though I saw this coming a mile away I hoped that I was wrong.:ajsleepy: :fluttercry: Though I can't help but wonder how this story will end.

I nearly had a heart attack when I checked to see if the story was still marked incomplete; for a moment there, I didn't notice the "in".So far this story has been excellent, especially for a new writer, and though it thoroughly violates my headcanon, I don't mind for a story this amazing. The quality of this story coupled with its speed has definitely earned a well-deserved follow

That seems like a wonderful way to fake your own death. Write a misery journal and a suicide note, then walk into a forest where body would probably be eaten before it had time to cool. Then walk out a few score miles away and it's happily ever after Spike.

Sure he's probably dead, but one can hope right?


Comment posted by Reiju Masaki deleted Jun 1st, 2014


Seriously? Check out The Descendant's work. More than half of his stuff is Spike appreciation, and he does it without sacrificing humor.

Some quick recommendations:
Children of a Lesser Dragon God Boy Whelp Thingy Guy
Every Little Bit
The Talk
Our Gifts
Super Amazing Rocket Sled of Awesome
On Pins and Needles
To Change a Heart

Hmmn maybe Luna visits him in a coma or something

*sniff... sniff*

This puts down all of my in-head stories. :pinkiesad2:

Dat character... Dat Emotion...

DAT SADNESS :fluttershbad::fluttershbad::fluttershbad::fluttershbad::fluttershbad:

If this is just the beginning of your career... I'm VERY excited to see what else you put out.

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