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This story is a sequel to The Diary of Spike the Dragon

Spike is on a mission. A mission to save himself and his 'friends' from everypony. He believes that Twilight and the others are falling into their clutches and he must stop them. What happens now? Innocent lives are gone, ponies panic, and our heroes have to decide between friendship and the lives of other ponies.

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These voices are interesting to me. They don't represent pieces of Spike so much as they reverse them. Confidence opposes Spike's belief that he can't do anything worthwhile. Hope opposes the deep-seated feeling of despair that he's been harboring for years. Darkness is the most unique of the three. He seems to oppose Spike's desire to protect everyone he once loved. He would also have been a foil to Spike's childhood innocence if it hadn't already vanished.
The fact that Spike acts purely like Darkness tells me that these three voices are slowly taking over Spike as a whole. Darkness has simply had the most time to grow. It won't be too long before the other two catch up and fully erase what he once was. That is the signal that he's crossed the final line into pure insanity. I wonder if anyone can break their hold and, if so, who? It could be Twilight on account of her knowing him the longest. It could be Celestia due to the several centuries of leadership experience under her metaphorical belt. The most likely one seems to be Discord because he already knows how madness works. He could use the knowledge gained from his own decent to reverse Spike's. It could also turn out to be a downer or bitter-sweet ending with Spike not reverting at all or at least not until he's already on his death bed. Either way, this looks like it will be a ride worth being on.
I'm enjoying this story so far. The first one had Spike with no one around to talk to in full clarity. This one seems to be focusing around his discussions with Confidence, Darkness, and Hope and the events that occur because of them. I find my curiosity peaked at the moment. I was already hooked from the first one, so this is just overkill. Then again, there's no kill quite like this type. One would rather end his foe with a rocket launcher than a pistol after all, right? I look forward to the next update.

4949989 Thank you for the nice comment, and I'm surprised you didn't talk about when darkness mentioned Spikes magic. Anyways, your analysis was nearly spot on!

You're quite welcome. I attribute my lack of a response to Spike's magic to three things. First of all, darkness itself is usually displayed with a fair bit of arrogance, making a proclamation like that seem par for the course. The second is the fact that I've read so many stories where Spike is sitting on an armory of magic hidden just beneath the surface that I've grown used to it.
The third is the fact that I was (and still am) incredibly tired. The beginning of a new school year always drains the life out of people like me. At least I know that drain hasn't hit my ability to theorize too much. I hold that aspect of myself in very high (almost arrogantly high) regards. I say almost because I've found two people (one here and one on Youtube) that blow me out of the water. It's always good to have someone better at something than you so your ego doesn't get out of hand. Kind of like how every mathematician that is alive today has Stephen Hawking. Okay, I'll stop this ramble now before I start talking about cheese. It always leads to cheese somehow...

Eh, I just started highschool, but it's not so bad. And your right, that's what keeps me from boasting too much about my art!

Spike's on a rampage...he hates everyone, and has become Deadpool.Nice.

ANYWAYS really nice start. A little on the short side, but there's nothing wrong with that. We finally get a look at Spikes voices. We see that he is apparently not holding back anymore and will finally kill someone( Don't do it Spike it'll haunt you...longer than you'd think) and has officially dumped the mane six as "friends". I'm looking foward to seeing what type of magic you make Spike have.

Oh, yeah. So this how begins~

Shouldn't Twilight be the one to apologize?

4952336 It was more of a sarcastic one. You know how villains say "Oh, I'm sorry," at the beginning of their sentence just to show sarcasm? If not, look up Eggman taunting Sonic. He does it sometimes.

4951932 Yeah! Die everyone, DIE!!!


Here is a fitting song for the situation.

Simply amazing, a good start for what I think is going to be an amazing sequel :pinkiehappy:

4953926 Why, thanks.
I love RWBY. You give it a try.:twilightsheepish:

4953999 I'll (maybe) watch it when I have time

Following after the events of the Diary of Sipke the Dragon, Spike has fallen into insanity. And things just keep getting worse as time goes by.

Can you fix the short blurb please? I just keep seeing that on the Popular box and it makes my eye twitch.

He's a dragon, living with ponies, ponies that do mistreat him sometimes if not most of the time, of course he's dangerous but damn, openly calling him a monster, wanting death brought to him by the ones who just tolerate him? What did you think was going to happen? That he would just roll over?! Buck no! Dragon instinct are saying "fuck you" to that noise!

Wrong story. Wrong dragon.

They want his blood, then let them try and take his blood!:moustache:

Good start. Let's see how far this goes!

P.S. See about getting, Spike's, height in this. Would be interested I the (if any) changes to his figure. Thanks!:twilightsmile:

Well. At least Princess Twilight is really pissed off at the ponies of Ponyville.

OH DAMN!!!!!:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:

This is what happens when someone has nothing to lose...:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Reformation just went flying out the window. Inflicting mental torment on his friends? Pinkie got away with it in "Filli Vanilli." Destroying Ponyville? Snips and Snails walked away from that with new mustaches. I'd say the line would be well before intentionally threatening the lives of civilians (possibly ending many of them off screen) and leaving one of their crowned rulers a bloody, powerless mess on the ground. As he said, Spike is gone. Only Darkness remains. For now...
Twilight's reaction is pretty good. One of her closest friends just went off on an unstoppable rampage towards the capitol of Equestria. I'd want to bite the heads off the people who knowingly drove him out as well. Heck, I'd likely make Pinkamena look like a speck of dust by comparison. I'm pretty sure she would have gone off the deep end with him if Celestia's battered body and severed horn didn't plant themselves in the ground after her rant.
This story's action is kicking in at full power. It seems Darkness wasn't bluffing about that magic of theirs. It probably doesn't hurt that he can keep an eye on everything around Spike. It's like the Spider Sense. Spike just has to pay attention and he does most of the work for him. It looks like the match will be Spike vs. Luna next time, and I'm excited. I look forward to the next update. Also, that picture is simply epic. My compliments to the artist for that one.

5012397 I know right! So exciting! I get to see all of everypony's opinions about this! I swear, I get excited every time I update on any of my stories.

5012407 Yeah. She hates herself too, but Ponyville didn't make anything better for Spike either.

5012684 Ok. So. What's going to happen now?

What gives? I thought Spike said he'd protect them in the end of the first one, even through he was angry. Plus punishment doesn't always have to mean death. If anything, death is too light...

Also, the idiots at Hasbro need to read some fics like these, I mean really....

EDIT: Oh wait, I read it again, you meant the voices, right? Sorry....

5012705 You'll have to wait until next chapter. No spoilers for you!:rainbowlaugh:

5012715 Yeah he meant the voices. He said he'd try to avoid hurting Twilight and the Mane 5 along with Celestia and Luna. If any of them attacked, he'd fight back. The nobles wanted to banish or kill him to prevent this from happening, but they were also the ones who pissed him off and made him go on a rampage, but that's what they were trying to stop...

Stupid nobles.

5013491 :twilightsmile: Of course. By the way did you saw my Blog?

5013525 No I didn't. I'll go check it out now!

I see the time I spent editing went to good use

5013611 Wait... which blog is it? Could you name a specific one or send me a link?

5013648 that was sarcasm you posted the unedited version instead of the edited version

5013726 What? I did?! Holy crap, i'm so sorry! I'll fix it when my internet goes faster, which will be tomorrow.

Hope? More like doormat if you ask me. Anywho, sh(!)t's getting real.

i cant wait to see canterlot burn :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

you should use the picture at the end of this chapter as the history cover spike looks totally badass :moustache:

5028232 thats what i suggested when i pm him the pic

5028868 You did? Geez, my computer for some reason didn't show the rest of what you said. Sigh... I'll fix it someday... someday...

Whenever I get a job.

By the way, I'm a GIRL so... just letting you know.:rainbowlaugh:

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