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Here to show you what real creativity is. I'm rusty at animation and haven't set up my voice recorder, but I write alot and try to bring a fresh look to it.


Finally, the MLP movie is in theaters. You've been waiting months for this film and now that it's out, you must see it! However, you're a bit self-conscious on being declared a brony by everybody, so you may need some help on making a decision on whether to see it.

That's what shoulder angels are for.

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Lol I'm going to have to deal with that feeling in a month.


This is exactly how I feel. I want to go see it in the theater, but going by myself is going to suck. I mean its not as bad cause I'm a girl, but still a grown woman going to see a movie for little kids is kinda weird. Anyway this was a cute little story and summed up my feelings pretty well. Well done Darling. :raritywink:

Here's what I do buy a ticket for a random movie that's closer to an MLP movie time and I sneaky sneaky right, I do it whenever I watch an animated movie for kids, it's not stealing if you technically pay for A movie, works like a charm:raritywink:

Short and sweet and relatable.

Relatable as in I, too, not quite fitting the target demographic of this movie face a challenge in getting to see this movie on the big screen.

I haven't had any talking ponies urge me to pirate the movie, though. Just to write things and set stuff on fire. You know, the usual.

Very nice twist on the old angel-devil concept.
This is perhaps the most relatable 2nd person fanfic I've ever read, especially since I'm going to the theater to see the movie in about an hour (well, two hours; I'm getting lunch at the mall beforehand.) The only difference between me and this guy is that I pre-ordered my ticket, so I won't have to awkwardly ask for

"One for My Little Pony: The Movie."

I still will have to pick up my ticket from the window, though, and find out which theater it's playing in. That could be really awkward, but somehow, after reading this fanfic, I don't feel as nervous. If I can be personally affected by a one-shot, or any fanfic in a positive way, it's an admirable story in my book.
I can't believe I said all that about a little one-shot, but it is that good.

Nice, hilarious and relatable :rainbowlaugh:

I gotta admit this was cute and rather creative. Taking into account that someone going to see this movie for itself might find themselves conflicted.
Good job

This happened to me today. And now I have to add that the cinema was empty (I was the only one in the show) and the movie delayed for 15 minutes before it started.

I'm going to reserve my opinions about the movie, but all I can say is... I expected more.

That was a cute little story.

I saw the movie today and I was disappointed.

Why? I thought it was wonderful!

Oh where do I begin? The story felt lacking. none of the new characters got any development, the movie seems rushed at times, Twilight acted way out of character and what was really the point? They went to Queen Novo for help and she didn't, they should have ask Discord, Thorax, and Ember. But to each their own.

Well I suppose we all have different opinions.

I'm not afraid to be a brony! I'll tell the whole world if I have to. And I wasn't even afraid to see the movie.

I was the only one there yesterday too.

I was debating so hard whether i should see it. Went to see one movie and at the last second I changee my mind.

He must be Randy Orton, because he hears voices in his head. Good little piece, man.

This was great. :rainbowlaugh:
I mean, I'm a (youngish) girl and I saw it with my sister, my mom, and a friend, so I didn't have to worry about it......
But then again, while I was in the bathroom, a flock of little girls in pink tutus flooded in and I couldn't definitely tell where they were going.
I didn't like the movie so much--it was okay. But this is an awesome fic. :rainbowlaugh:

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