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This story is a sequel to The Midnight Run

Twilight is an Alicorn, and can no longer partake in the Midnight Run. But that does not mean an end to her mystical journeys. With head held high, and fire in her heart, Luna shows her another destiny, another path, and another vista, that lays just beyond the fields we know.

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Holy crap. THAT WAS COOL.

This was quite the impressive work, I thought.

~Skeeter The Lurker

That was some profound spiritual pseudo-religious mumbo jumbo, but I think I got it. Maybe.

Very metaphorical, and excellent all the same!


Still don;t like the idea of acting like a lower animal in some form of metaphysical nonsense, but very well written, visual and real. Also don;t see why she can't be in the run. Goddamn, she's a princess!

So, yeah. I liked this. Still don't like the original, but hey, what're ya gonna do? :derpytongue2:

Quite poetic.
The scene with the foals made me think of this:

Nice story filled with deeper meaning. Like an onion "it's layers all the way down". :pinkiehappy:

Okay, wow. A fantastic accompaniment to its predecessor. Especially since I'm a big fan of the "Luna as psychopomp" headcanon.

I don't usually favorite one-shots, but this has more than earned it. Thank you for this, midnight. This was a thing of beauty.

Loved this one as much as the first, Middy :pinkiehappy::yay:

Utterly beautiful, utterly lovely.

A worthy successor to the Midnight Run if there can ever be one, kudos.
No, seriously. The original Midnight Run has rooted itself so deeply into my headcanon, I occasionally mistake it for canon, and this not only acknowledges my old views on the event, but even manages to expand upon it. If there ever was a story that made me wish Equestria was accessible to humanity, it would be the original, and this only makes my longing more pronounced.

I read this forever ago and it remains powerful. I tend to read everything with shipping goggles on, but even if this is only friendshipping, it's wonderfully done. I added the story to a bunch more groups in hopes of getting it some extra exposure; it's quite deserving.

Pegasus not being part of the run grates on me a bit, are they entirely cut off from the mystical side of ponies? I'd assume there was some flock eqivilent to the herd and that the princesses were the only ones who could be members of both.

The way I wrote it, unicorns have access to direct magic, but they also walk when they move around. Ergo, some unicorns -- the ones who can put away their horn -- are able to find their inner earthpony.

For pegasi, who literally live in the clouds, that ability is practically non-existent. Even Fluttershy flies everywhere, for all she doesn't fly high.

Pegasi though... what makes you think they are without magic? They make the storms, the bring the snows, they welcome back the sun. They embody air and fire as much as the earthponies embody water and, in particular, earth.

Should I write a pegasus version of the midnight run? I probably should. The stormmakers, storm bringers, lightning forgers... these are all pegasi.


Should I write a pegasus version of the midnight run? I probably should. The stormmakers, storm bringers, lightning forgers... these are all pegasi.

YES!!! PLEASE write this! It would be WONDROUS.

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