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Scootaloo is a small pegasus with big dreams, one of those dreams is to be even more famous than her idol, Rainbow Dash. To get there, though, she needs to do a bit of growing, and first of all she needs to learn how to fly. A new invention from her friend Doctor Whooves may get her there in no time at all, literally before she knows it.

Cover image from Snapai! http://snapai.deviantart.com/art/Buck-to-the-Future-260010765

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That picture alone is just pure win.

Oh god so many horrible puns...and I haven't even started reading. :heart:

Poor Scootaloo, though yay for cutie marks! Wonder what hers will be?

Scoots' cutie mark possibilities:
A Flank Capacitor
A Chicken Sandwich
ZALGO! (Because everything is better with HE WHO HIDES BEHIND THE WALL, right?)

This? Is awesome. Well done, sir or madam.:moustache:

How much dorfbucks do I need to pay you, and how do I mail them to you?

Tracking with the power of a 100 Mr. Fusion.

Wow if scootaloo needs to push her scooter at 88 mph I need to see how she does it

Quite possibly one of the greatest ideas I have ever heard of. Well played.

246954 Nonononono "Scoots" :pinkiehappy:
I'll come back and read this in a little bit. Just need to get my updates out of the way :pinkiehappy:

hmmm not a fan of this but very good idea and I just absolutely LOVE the picture did you perhaps make that yourself:pinkiegasp:

Quote - a muzzle peered bleerilly around the corner at the retreating filly. - End Quote

Just saying, blearily is correct.

Fuck, I was going to write a story involving Scoots with this very title:pinkiesad2:

>Traveling back in time without a destination date

Well she's done for.

I will read this so hard...


This is heavy.

Midnight what have you doooooooooone

LMFAO epic pic

Ack, I'm such a bad proof-reader of my own work. Strangely enough, google docs didn't catch that until I corrected it, then I corrected it back, and then it informed me that the firstly-corrected version was correct. :trollestia:

Mind out of the gutter! Obviously it's a chicken speeding throu- *bricked*

Read it. Loved it. Moar! :scootangel:

What ever this turns out to be, this I want to see.

Zecora rhymes are funny, isn't that right.... bunny?

Okay, I'm spent, or am I bent?

Please right some more, or it'll be a chore.

247097There's that word again. Heavy. Why are things so heavy in the furture, is there a problem with the earth's gravitational pull?:rainbowhuh:

Buck to the future?! someone stole my idea of crossing back to the future!!!:twilightangry2: well i might as well give it a read.
hm... better cover picture
hm... better title/chapter title
hm... better use of characters than mine
hm... written far better than mine in all possible ways
*sigh*... you sir, have surpassed my personal quality of writing and thus i render my crossover to be undersering of the crossover. I shall alert my own trackers that this is far better! :pinkiehappy:

This is intresting. Let's see when this is going. :pinkiehappy:

Scootalo on a hover scooter anypony?

request 'thaumawatts' be replaced with 'jigathaums'

also, it's 'discreetly', not 'discretely'

I was wondering whether anyone would call me on thaumawatts. Sticking to the movie - somewhat - would be a nicer touch, but a thaumawatt isn't all that big an amount of magic.

Also, nice catch on the discretely!

Tracking. Will read after "Elements of Discord" updates. *Hint hint, nudge nudge* :twilightsmile:

Well, that was interesting. This story has somehow added a bit to my sanity...... How is that possible? I must fix this mind error quickly..... But before I do that I must say that I loved this chapter and I'm looking forward to reading the following chapters.
Well with that all typed only one thing left to do: MUFFIN BUTTON!:derpytongue2:

Great Scoot!
Yup, tracking this.

Splendid, my good lad! The combination of Dr Who and Back To The future is brilliant!

So now Scoots went back in time, carrying a sonic screwdriver? Sounds awesome :derpytongue2:

is this king of moisture??

How come Scootaloo is associated with time travel so much?

Just watch, the cutie mark is time travel-themed.

There goes history.
Or, alternatively, there goes the future.
Possibly both.

248119 I would guess some kind of memetic combination of "Great Scoot!" and how she's unable to fly in the third dimension?

You are now the official god of writing.

"It curved up at the end, a graceful lift that flung the trolley and the filly skywards. One of them was screaming." dear god how fast was Scootaloo going that she made the trolley scream in terror?

This was very funny.

I laughed a bit too hard at that.
All in all, this is an awesome story. You've gone and made it your own, out of three different series'. It's some kind of hybrid chimera of a story.

Oh lawdy, I hadn't even thought of it that way! That's now my head-canon!

Hee! I'm kinda having fun with it. I did not want to do a copy/paste of BTTF with ponies, so I'm doing something a little different...

Greatly done, definitely going to follow. Thank you for ponyfiyng my favourite film, friend! :twilightsmile:

Can't tell if I'm pissed off because you beat me to the punch by writing Buck to the Future or happy because it's so great. I was gonna have Scoot as the main character and Doctor Whooves as the Doc. Even the chicken reference I was going to put in you already have! You're awesome! But now I'm not sure if I should just can the story, seeing as it was my first attempt at writing a crossover...for anything.

I'm sorry! :applecry: I've had this rattling around in my brain for a while, and I finally got a chance to write it out and tweak it to be hopefully worthy... I hope you enjoy it anyhoof! :heart:

Man, I LOVE the Back to the future movies. I wonder which one you're going to adapt for this tale ? :pinkiehappy:

Especially if the lead is Scootaloo, time for some good laughs. :scootangel:

Please do keep up the good work upon such a great tale like this one.

Well, that's what the Doctor gets for using fillies as lab assistants.

Doc Brown... meets the Doctor...

WIN! :scootangel:

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