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Sunset Shimmer is Princess Celestia's most faithful student. The last thing she wants to do is disappoint her, and she's done everything in her power to make the princess proud. After a certain encounter, she finally figures out what she was meant for all along.

Featured from 9/22/23 - 9/23/23!

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My little villain: the origin story. Loved it, a very fine read :twilightsmile:

thaank uuu.. it was very fun to write too ^_^ #sunsetsweep

Celestia, I don't think you speech is going to have the effect you intended...

oh well. she cant win 'em all

Who knows? Maybe she'll luck out with that new filly.

Nice. A very good setup for why Sunset was obsessed with getting wings that isn't her simply being a power grabber. This would make it as her seeing them as the answer for her being the next in line.

I love how this fic gives more understanding to why Sunset became a villain. This went deeper than what the movies/show gave us. It’s a nice look from her perspective and how she could have misconstrued what Celestia meant.

This is great! It's such a creative and powerful vision of Sunset's backstory - takes what we already know and expands on it beautifully. Thank you for writing it.

Instantly marked as a favorite

If you say you know the anwsers - chances are... You don't X) Is this "canonical" backstory, where she becomes arrogant, or is it fanon, where she actually figures the real deal early and replaces Twilight?

This is a good story, and a good backstory for an important part of Sunset Shimmer's life.

If I was a story shipper, I would definitely ship this story,

i'd say 'canon'! Or at least 'canon to the version of g4 that exists in my head', since im sure theres a version of sunset's backstory hidden somewhere in IDW comics

The birthplace of her relentless ambition. To be ready to take the throne. I enjoyed this.

Quite an original start to Sunset's ego.

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