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Hey all, coming back from the shadows!


Crystal Dawn has been the secret twin sister of Twilight Sparkle for all these years. When her mother invites her to Canterlot to find out about her, Crystal Dawn moves in with Twilight to finally catch up.

Written by request for Night Shadow
Edited by Thomas
Edited by That One Strange Fellow
Edited by starcoder

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Not bad, let's see where it goes from here! :twilightsheepish::moustache:

Great story, also do you take story requests?

I do! But I all ready have another in line and I am having them wait until I complete the first five episodes of Rising Dawn. After that request is done, I'll take one additional request per month at only 1kw. In between, however, I can take on writing commission as either in exchange for art or for USD.

If you want your request, sooner, please mail me for details! We can even connect over Discord for instant messaging!

Should of commented earlier, well done Velvet

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