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Sunset Shimmer has grown and changed from who she was. For a long time she's kept to her own path through life in the human world and kept her silence from across the rift that separates her from Princess Celestia.

But there's something important to say and a lot of healing still left to do.

It's time they talked again.

Finalist in the Forbidden Knowledge event on http://writeoff.me/. A big thank you to everyone who critiqued and reviewed the story there.

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Comments ( 40 )

Wonderful character study and gap-filling. Well done! :trollestia:

That ending was adorable and the story was well written. Fav for sure

That was great, but I didn't like the idea that Celestia influence the dating of couples. So eventually a bearer of the element of magic could be born and help free Luna from Nightmare Moon. Other then that minor issue, this story was great.

It seems Celestia and Sunset each acknowledge their respective actions as immoral, which is good. The story was very impressively done. The closing bit was both adorable and funny, with the "trial" just before the close.

Here's a thing. *Tosses up-vote* Enjoy.

I would also be curious as to how Twilight would react to being shown those lists and charts, and the other ponies who had been affected by it, or who may have never existed without Celestia's meddling.

7195242 I understand why you might not like that. Eugenics is a contentious issue, which is part of what made the story an interesting one to write for me.

7195250 Thanks.

Celestia's actions are... well, pretty morally ambiguous, I thought. "Soft" eugenics is sort of a gray area of morals and ethics that comes down to a lot of opinions that are often very split, and Celestia never actually violated the freedom or personal agency of ponies in choosing who to mate and reproduce with, so it's hard to say.

There's a lot more that could be explored about that in terms of social consequences and results of the existence of ponies who might otherwise not have existed, and I might look a lot more into this in future stories. This one didn't get too far into it because I wanted it to just be a shorter character piece, but digging could turn up some really interesting stuff.

7195277 The immorality of her actions is not so much in the gentle nudges and "incidental" meetings, but in how she kept it a secret, manipulating them from behind the scenes for her own purposes, never letting them know.

I would definitely look into some of the issues. How would Twilight react to learning she was the backup plan?

very well written and heart warming! bravo and well done!

7195625 Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. :twilightsmile:

Excellet job, that's all I have to say on this piece really. Hey, we can't all give long discriptions on why we like something.:twilightsheepish:

7195890 Short is alright! I'm glad you liked it. :twilightsmile:

Its interesting to see sunset returning to aquestria and cute and redeem herelf amazing sfar btw:twilightsmile:

Her family tree is in those papers, just like mine. Actually, our trees both split off sort of recently from a common ancestor you thought had a lot of potential. It makes me and Twilight something like fourth cousins, I think.

Would explain the name similarities, and if that were the case then Starlight Glimmer is a cousin as well.

7196280 It's certainly possible that Starlight Glimmer could be! I haven't really done much planning into the deeper history of all this yet, but there could be some very interesting stories there.

Loved this one in the writeoff. Was glad to see it go as far as it did.

7196402 Thanks. I was hoping it would do a little better, but all in all, I'm pretty satisfied. :)

Nicely done! Can't really dislike it since its actually a very similar idea to one I've been bouncing around in my head but never pursued since I'm not a writer. :pinkiehappy: Basically I was imagining the same thing but guiding ALL the element bearer families (hence how they all happened to end up in Ponyville at the right time too) via a secret research dept established by Celestia and Starswirl just after Luna's banishment. Pictured it as a multichapter story with basically one chapter per family. But could never figure out how to flesh that out. :pinkiecrazy:

If anybody wants to run with that feel free! :trollestia:

Not sure why, but this made me think of Robin from Fire Emblem Awakening. I also fear that somewhere along the line, the descendants of those unicorns will have the intelligence of ten supercomputers with the mental problems of a raider. Another thing, this probably explains why ALL the powerful unicorns have light-themed names.

This was a sweet story! :twilightsmile:


I mean, wow.

There's nothing more to say; the story speaks for itself. What a gem!

7198501 Thanks. Glad you liked it.

Such a sweet story. Familiar ground, but no less sweet. :heart:


It might be familiar ground, but it was a clever way of treading said ground.

7198834 No argument there.

cute little story

*Looks at the cover* Wha, Who put a horn of Fluttershy, and changed her color and cutiemark!

A sweet, thoughtful exploration of eugenic Celestia. Sunset's motivations for leaving are entirely believable; I've always thought it was something along those lines. Very nice work.

I reviewed this story as part of Read It Now #78!

My review can be found here.

7227126 Hey, cool. Thanks for reviewing.

7196280 It's possible that Moon Dancer is in those records too. If she and Twilight were related it could explain some of the similarities between them. Also I like this story.

A very beautiful story, and nicely woven headcanon. I heartily approve.

Aww, such a sweet story:twilightsmile: i like the way you write the events of sunset returning to face celestia again. I've seen people do their takes on it but I really like this one:pinkiesmile:

This is really good, you worked in physical scene setting smoothly at the start, the premise is believable and well handled.

I have given this a scathing review here.
Just kidding, this story was really good!

I really liked this story. I especially liked the background you came up with for Sunset and how you wrote both characters. :twilightsmile:


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