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Luna is gone, banished to the moon. Celestia remains alone. And her ponies are beginning to forget.

A prequel to A Flood of Starlight. Read the original to get some of this sisterly angst from Luna's perspective.

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I'm always down for angst, and you've once again delivered spectacularly!

I liked this piece better. After a curious reading of your earlier work. It seems I have read both before and still find the eugenics not kind, generous, or loving of any kind.

On your earlier authors note you said you love the idea of manipulative (kind?) Immortal. I felt given the themes present in this pony fiction that ponies/Candy people don't like being abused (manipulated/Love) and wished to back up my claims with evidence.

Bonnie from adventure time ,darling, was a literal monster who drove her children to suicide and ingorance. She deliberate made her children less intelligent. And that is why your earlier work ,well, well written. Holds a belief in eugenics that is both unneeded and cruel.

Direct quote from the wiki -

Bonnie decided that the trio was best left as candy people, as she claimed they seemed happier in their simple-minded and obedient new forms and declared herself as their "princess." Since then, the majority of the princess's subjects she created were loyal to her and simple-minded, likely to prevent any future incidents similar to the one with her created family members. She eventually build her kingdom and created more

Candy People.

Further illustration of abuse

To end my thoughts...what couldn't you justify with your themes? Is nothing when you live long enough or birthed enough children? Or under gaise of kindness? And knowing better? What if all these 'disposable' body's called mortals woke up one day with life ever lasting and ..thought differently. How could either sister justify themselves to those that thought were sacrificing for the greater good? This methodology only works if no one is around to disagree ..forever.

Otherwise both and (bonnie) would have to question weither they righteous or not...

Honestly you're not meant to find the puppeteer Celestia loving or generous. Celestia thinks she is being loving and working towards the greater good, but all she's actually doing is working toward her own selfish goal of getting her sister back.

Bonnie from adventure time ,darling, was a literal monster who drove her children to suicide and ingorance. She deliberate made her children less intelligent. And that is why your earlier work ,well, well written. Holds a belief in eugenics that is both unneeded and cruel.

I like this interpretation of this character, and I like exploring her viewpoint. Nowhere do I say I as an author literally believe in eugenics (and the story is about social manipulation, not eugenics, anyway) and I'd rather you didn't imply that I do.

Oh...I figured that she was supposed to be.

I only implied when reading your own words (in a comment and a author note , even the story itself.) thus I would say its not a stretch to imagine the two are related. More over consider these three pieces and then think about (within the story, read, context) their is no moment of the victims having a voice.

(The only voice of doubt is Luna)

(For a tale about too sisters finding each other again. This is swell. Being it is still about eugenics (a sisters longing for her sister) I think another perspective could have been warranted to add a even greater sense of tragedy...in my opinion. Or to show the consquences in a moment of raw terror would have made it more real even on a deeper emotional level (for the immortals and their pain and what they would be willing to do to excise it.

Ultimately to me it is a story about eugenics more so because it is such horrible practice that (for me, read, me and only me) it overshadows the other parts of the story. (I find difficult to sympathize with your immortals. Nor can I ignore (in meat space) the actions that color my mind on...breeding.

It is your story. It does not mean the real world does not color its reading to some for good or ill.

It was a good story. (These stories remind me why well I think and know and enjoyed ,Ice Star's stories don't work for me...(I have read about ten or so...) a persistant theme (unspoken but, heard) is how mortals are silly and ignorant (where immortals are...in some ways better) These stories give off that vibe...to me.

I can naturally see how many could like this. Sometimes you have to read a author's work, to find it just isn't for you. :facehoof:

It kind of is a stretch, though, isn't it? This fic has literally nothing to do with eugenics. There's no mention of it in this one, a character that reminds you of the topic of eugenics was mentioned in an author's note of an entirely different fanfic... and you're reading way too much into your own thoughts on something else instead of what the fic itself says. This is not about eugenics. It is about sisters. It is not a metaphor for it. Celestia is controlling, yes, but nothing has anything to do with eugenics except for whatever thoughts you are bringing to the table.

See...I don't disagree. I have said this is how the works soeaks to me. As I said previously works don't exist in vacuum of those that like their work and. Understand it as intended. (the malazzan books of the fallen, anyone? Romance genre for those that don't care for it?)

I exist in the second category. I do understand what was intended and I agree with the author here. They have their representation of their work...but, is everyone going to agree? Or put another way...is the author and those that agree with given works interruptation...only able to be right?

Have you ever heard of queer theory? Film theory as whole? Their whole diciplines to look at works in ways never thought of before?

Or...is a work not meant to be read by those that may disagree with a works intent?

I said earlier expressing that (to me) that those paragraphs about as you say...a sisters love...looms less larger then the...effects of that love.

This story is literally only about Celestia missing Luna though

There's a difference between interpreting something different and accusing someone of believing in eugenics or writing a fic about eugenics when the author has stated you're on a wildly wrong track. Everyone takes something different from fiction, but that doesn't mean it's always right or kind to share it. It would be like if you wrote something you're really proud of, and then someone in the comments went "well, what I really took out of this was [Insert horrible issue here], and here's why I think that's morally apprehensive!" Sure, that's your opinion and what you took from it, and you have the right to have it, but that doesn't mean it's always appropriate to share it. Am I explaining this in a way that makes sense?

You might want to mark this as a prequel so people who read the other will know about it.

Great fic! I liked the representation of Celestia's guilt and the hints of the evolution of pony attitudes towards her and Luna. A classic tragedy.

I liked this. I honestly think it hits harder, yet with fewer words, than A Flood of Starlight, and I can't explain why. You make it incredibly easy to see and feel Celestia's pain at how the memory of her sister is being marred by time, and I think that being able to write and convey that well is something truly special.

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