I'm a young female teen who took a college course for writing because I'm awesome that way (and because I took the ACT already and got a 27 composite score, but mostly because I'm awesome.) Naturally I would apply my lessons to writing about ponies!

Oh, and I don't only write fanfiction! I also play Apple Bloom in the Shipping and Handling Audio Play! If you want to see more of my voice stuff, go to my Youtube page~ (Although my writing is much better, but that's for you to decide)

In case you haven't noticed I have an obsession with Touhou and Danganronpa. Twilight is best pony, I can't decide on Chihiro/Alter Ego or Komaeda for best Dingleromp, and if you can't figure out who best Touhou is I worry for you.

I have a big crush on Komaeda because he's Super High School Level Hotness. This is fact. I'm trying to keep my fangirling to a minimum though.

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One always has a better book in one's mind than one can manage to get onto paper.

How much I suck at Touhou:

| Game #  |  Easy   |  Normal   |  Hard   |  Lunatic   |  Extra   |









|___14___|__✔___|_X (6 w/o)_|______|_______|___3___|

X : with continue (mind you I hardly ever continue)

✔: without continue

#: The farthest stage I can get to (spellcard for Extra)

Things people made me (in no order):


Komaeda Goes to Equestria and Trades Hope Insurance for Pears by Kragor

The Fantastic Adventures of Flanny and Flarp Dunsparce by Harime Nui

You're All I Need by Harime Nui

Long Words and Spaces by Dunsparce

Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil by Dunsparce


musicallyDistracted made this for me she is so nice go hug her

Made by Dunsparce for my birthday if you didn't already figure that out.


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