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Where To Find Me · 3:00am Aug 26th, 2021

Greetings fillies and gentle colts of Ye Olde Fimfiction!
I made a lot of friends on here over the years, most of which I’ve lost contact with with the death of Skype and never bothering to transfer over to any other sort of social media. By freak accident I bumped into Dunsparce on Twitter and it made me remember that this account exists (I don’t think I’ve logged in here for like.. five years?? Yeeesh)

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Lmao · 6:03am Aug 4th, 2017

I forgot I never finished publishing my stories even though Committee is all written... I'll do that for y'all sorry (I don't even remember a lot of what happens in this story it's been so long but shruggie I hope you guys enjoy it)
Do people still care about my stuff on here? I mean I haven't been on in ages I haven't seen the last two seasons of ponies I'm a FRAUD I'm not in on the Discourse

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FAQ of questions nobody asked · 9:24am Sep 6th, 2015

If I'm back I might as well reintroduce myself with random questions nobody cares for but I still feel like answering
Q: best pony?
A: still Twilight, nothing's changed

Q:... Who are you?
A: I'm Lauren I'm 15 I'm two years ahead in English and I'm in 10th grade. I'm from Michigan and I have the hots for people with vaginas. There's not really a term for that though (besides gay but not all girls have vaginas and not all people with vaginas are girls)

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Possibly to be more active?? · 8:56am Sep 6th, 2015

I didn't intend for this to happen
I kinda forgot how fun the site was so I might be coming back sorta. Not gonna be mega active but I'm always up for an excuse to ignore school. Writing is fun and I feel bad leaving everyone on a cliffhanger for like a year so I owe you all that

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Yo · 9:05am Sep 5th, 2015

This place is gathering dust eh?
Sorry bout that
Not sure the status on me getting fics done. As in idk if or when they'll be finished. Technically Committee *is* finished and it has been for a really long time but im too lazy to upload. Oopsie.

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Why I'm Not Really On Here Anymore · 2:54am Mar 10th, 2015

This'll be short but whatever someone might be interested.
Yeah yeah I haven't touched this place since my last blog except for checking up on notifications once and a while, and that may just be because I'm lazy. Actually, yeah, that's probably a big reason. That and I have a lot more things to do now. Advanced high school classes plus all my other hobbies sorta sucks up all of my time.

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The Explanation That I Owe You All · 3:06am Dec 16th, 2014

Wow I haven't blogged since October rip me
(Tagged Generation because the info here applies the most to that story, though this applies to Peace of Mind Committee and Embodiment of Scarlet Devil as well)

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True Love is Fictional finally has 69 likes · 1:23am Oct 14th, 2014

I can make a sex joke about my only sex story
do you know how long it's been stuck at 68 likes it was so painful to watch

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It's the end of an era · 12:45am Aug 24th, 2014

So ye I'm single as a pringle now
You can still ship Flansparce if u wanna tho
I'm not like sad or emotionally damaged or anything so you can talk to me about it if you wanna know more you don't have to spare my feelings or whatever
I'm past all of the crying and puking (though that mostly wasn't because of it)
It sucks that I came all the way down for Matsuricon and then drove back the next morning and never went to the con but I just could not function at all then I'm sorry 3:

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Considering Not Finishing The Committee · 4:06am Aug 21st, 2014

I mean writing is supposed to make me happy but every time I post stuff it's just... terribly negative comments...
*sigh* I'm a wuss I'm sorry
But I mean there are so many chapters left and I wait so long to post them because I hate the backlash every time I do anything with this stupid story. Heck, this blog is probably gonna get a ton of backlash. "Man up they're just people on the internet" I know I know...

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