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"Did you try setting it to Wumbo?"

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Update! Update!
More of the Adventures of Molestia!

Oh god this is going to be good!

Holy shit balls yes!!! XD

R.I.P. Dusk's genitalia when Molestia's done with him :rainbowkiss:

2666234 Rest in Pieces

One of the best tumbler characters brought to life? Hell and yes!

Rest In Pieces Dusk Shine's back end...

Ya gonna get fucked plum to death.

...or close to it...

Oh come on!

It's not like Molestia is going to rape Dusk to death, she is more like a succubus, she seduce her objective first, and I hope she is going to act that way, since I love it!

2666781>>2666234 "Ah reckon y'all are just gonna have ta wait an' see. Can't be spoilin' the story now Sugarcube." :ajsmug:

Ha, this should be funny. The plot device felt a little forced but pretty inline with sudden comedy. The story felt rushed at the end though when they teleported to Luna's bedroom as there was a bunch of exposition between the two sisters, Luna even said a bunch of insults to Molly, and yet there was not a single reaction written about Mollestia in that entire charged situation. It made no sense and seemed like a pretty hefty oversight.

Can't see any reason to use R63'd Twi rather than the real deal - not like Molestia cares about gender differences.

Should be funny, nonetheless.

:pinkiecrazy: Dusk better get ready you are about to have a very, VERY active roommate in the Library and that adult section will surely be growing on the first day :pinkiecrazy:

But I also want to say this... make this a Molestia/Dusk kind-of-shipping and I just might as well give this an Upvote

2669483 This isn't going to be a one-shot, so there will be more character development later down the line for Molestia. As far as the rushed thing, I get that ALOT about my stories. I'm an impatient person by nature and it tends to show up in my stories. I hope you enjoyed reading it. :rainbowkiss:

2669914 True Molestia isn't attracted to any single gender or species, however I have very specific reasons why I chose R63 Twilight instead of regular. Trust me, the story will flow better in the long run with Dusk. :twilightsmile:

I gotta say, this has some serious potential. Keep up chapters like this and I may have a new favourite of mine :duck:

2671747 Thank you, I intend to.:twilightsmile:

Why is it always mrs. cake that is unfaithful? Genetics can be rather fluid so why does everyone just want to make mrs. cake an adulterer

Seduction phase one activated.

Results: Mega Boner on Dusk.

So wait, she has a problem with children?
Did I read that right?
Well then, this could get interesting when she meets the CMC...


Hahaha... oh mercy. You're so cutely naive. I could just pinch you.

Wonder when Molly is going to start feeling everyone up. She seems to be in an hurry.

Probably my favorite picture from the tumbler was where she was asked: If she liked firm butts or soft butts.

Shen then tests both AJ's and Flutter's butts. Please recreate that scene please.

this will end very badly. ill go get my popcorn

Hey no need to mock. Also if your comment is about my comment and not the topic then please refrain from posting. I find it annoying to get a notification about a comment and find someone talking about me being naive in my OPINIONS or just being an ass in a transparent attempt to incite a flame war. If any reply to this comment is not actually legitimate i chose to ignore it forthwith.

2673422you can't say hey naive because honestly, you have no clue how genetics work in the mlp verse. Mainly because t a universe with fucking magic. And about them being different types well, what are the odds of a horse having twins that are both healthy? I'm sure that its just as likely for the genes to pop up for that too.
Edit: I hate my iPod....


I was kinda going off the shifty explanation given by Mr. Cake on seeing the twins and the apparent shock by the rest of the mane 6 in the episode.

Given that interbreeding between the tribes would likely happen since unification. The Cake twins not being Earth ponies may be feasible.

Whoa, wait, what?
So you're saying that Mrs. Cake cheated on Mr. Cake!?
How do you know?
I mean, I know it kinda makes sense but where's the proof?

I second this sentiment.

Wait, since when does Spike have a crush on Fluttershy? :rainbowhuh:

Heh. It would be rather amusing to see Dusk and Molly fall for each other.

2674284 Alternate Universe Remember? :fluttershyouch:

2675259 HA so much speculation! I have plans for Mr. and Mrs. Cake, you'll see. *evil laugh* :trollestia:

Interesting in a weird way (at least for me).

this is interesting very interesting

This is one of these stories, I just know it. It's the type of story that elicits that giddy emotion you feel when a certain element of the story just tickles your heart and squeezes your nipples. This is going places :yay:

Whoa, didn't see that coming...
Nice job.

This is literally the funniest fanfic I have ever read!!!
Frankly, I think Molly is just awesome.
She understands boundaries and knows when to stop with her antics and can even be kind and understanding like Tia at times.
This story is a fucking win!!!

Seduction phase 2 activated.

Results: Dusk gets boner on top of now wanting to go start "plowing".

this needs to be on the fechered nox

All my yes! Thank you. Thank you so much for writing this! :yay:

Poor fluttershy :fluttercry:. So that rainbowdash?

For some odd reason, I have a feeling Molestia is observing and sizing up Dusk Shine...
Ship them already! :flutterrage:
It will be so much fun to see :pinkiesmile:

you made molestia not a sex crazed maniac but an actual "person"... very nice

Molly is a nice pony-thingy
And the first thought that came to mind with that outfit is the weird Japanese em... fetish
Yeah need to stop coming around these parts of the internet
Good chapter btw keep it up!

2680236 My intention the entire time, good sir. :raritywink:

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