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"What happens next?" A storyteller's three favorite words.


Pie of Madness, a retelling of Batman: The Killing Joke, will return soon. I revoked it last week to make it a Mare Do Well story instead of a detective story, and also to write a complete one-shot instead of releasing it in two parts. However, I will not rule out creating an actual Detective Twilight story, it's just that Pie of Madness was not that. That's all the news for today. I see you later.

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My name is NorthCrusader, and I'm just a guy who writes imaginary stories based on a children's animated series about little technicolor ponies and is very proud of it. I like to write interesting stories, no matter the genre, and I always strive to be great, but I like to have fun sometimes. Some are silly, exciting, heartbreaking, and scary, and I hope you have a great time reading them.

My best work

  • The Spirit of Loyalty Rainbow Dash meets her untimely demise when she creates the greatest sonic rainboom the world has ever seen, and her friends learn to cope with loss and while others continue her legacy. by NorthCrusader 52,710 words · 1,612 views · 193 likes · 19 dislikes
  • The Pickle Jar With no way to open a pickle jar, Princess Celestia assembles the strongest ponies in Equestria. by NorthCrusader 2,311 words · 1,088 views · 133 likes · 3 dislikes

Latest Stories

  • E Dresses to Wear in Spring

    A sense of rejection and betrayal has caused Rarity to have the worst case of designer's block ever. It also caused her to lose confidence in herself. Maybe a few words from her best friends and little sister might be all takes to get her out of it.  · NorthCrusader
    2,665 words · 139 views  ·  9  ·  1
  • E Real Live Unicorns

    Sweetie Belle and a human girl try to prove the other's existence to disbelieving peers.  · NorthCrusader
    1,293 words · 171 views  ·  10  ·  4
  • E Everything Must Go

    Pinkie Pie sees a different side of Cranky during his yard sale, months after a tragic life-changing event.  · NorthCrusader
    2,493 words · 151 views  ·  13  ·  0
  • T The Pony from Earth

    When a power outage happens during a surprise party thrown for Dr. Hooves, circumstances causes him to reveal a deep secret he has kept from everyone around him.  · NorthCrusader
    3,656 words · 334 views  ·  19  ·  3
  • E Midnight Special

    Diamond Tiara and her slumber party guests try to make contact with the spirit of Bloody Mary.  · NorthCrusader
    2,614 words · 242 views  ·  14  ·  2
  • E Pipsqueak

    What's the one thing most boys like Pipsqueak are known for doing when it's a boring day at school? Dream of heroic adventures, of course!  · NorthCrusader
    2,097 words · 119 views  ·  10  ·  1
  • T The Hanging of Wayward Jinks

    Wayward Jinks, Ponyville Elementary's most obnoxious mischief maker, has gone too far. The time has come for his long-overdue comeuppance.  · NorthCrusader
    2,076 words · 189 views
  • E Here Comes Josey Orange

    The Apples unwillingly take in Josey Orange, the son of distant relatives Uncle and Aunt Orange as their guest during spring break. They expect the worst from him until he finally starts to talk.  · NorthCrusader
    3,589 words · 197 views  ·  10  ·  1
  • E Stopover in a Quiet Town

    In this strange tale of intrigue, Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy find themselves stranded in a deserted town while an unseen presence watches their every move.  · NorthCrusader
    3,533 words · 766 views  ·  16  ·  0
  • T Sapphires

    Cordia, Rarity's cousin from Manehattan, visits Ponyville for the weekend to clear her mind of her disastrous marriage to a stallion who left her for another mare, but the past is not very easy to escape when Cordia's ex-husband comes back for her.  · NorthCrusader
    13,488 words · 145 views

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