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Set in the 'Youngverse'

Whilst playing with his favorite toy, Dorian, Discord overhears some local colts talking about something he doesn't understand. Like any child, he asks his parents about it and what was a seemingly normal day for Eris and Entropy is shattered with a single question.

"Mum, dad? What's sex?"

Now with a YouTube reading! Big thanks to The Architect for doing so!

Cover art from the adorable askdiscordbaby tumblr blog, go check it out!

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Comments ( 103 )

Another adorable addition to the Youngverse :heart:

Adorable and hilarious! I love it!


This is honestly how I feel about this right now.

"Well you see, when a male draconequus and female draconequus love each other very much..."

I tried to invision this with Discord and Dorian, I really did. But the whole time I saw only Calvin and Hobbes:derpytongue2:

Well, I honestly did try to emulate that appearance for them given I view the two like that and I love Calvin and Hobbes.

exploding chocolate cake!

Okay people, send yourselves back to the hospital so we can be born the correct way!

Comment posted by Glowing Ember deleted Jan 9th, 2014

This is funny and adorable, though I think it might deserve a teen rating.

I lost my lung

Oh my... The nostalgia...
This fic vaguely resembles Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes was a vibe I was trying to give off here, given how much I love the comics and what have you. Heck, my story 'The Adventures of Damon Lipton' I designed the cover as a little homage to the comic series. :twilightsmile:

“What happens when a colt loves a colt? Or a filly loves a filly? Is that normal?”

Entropy blinked and smiled at Discords rather mature question. “Well off course it is, Discord.”

“So… the ones in your magazine were acting normal then, dad?” Discord asked with a tilt of his head.

Entropy’s smile dropped instantly as he felt a cold chill go down his spine before a sharp stabbing pain of his wife’s claws digging into his shoulder.

“What magazine is that then. Dear?” Eris asked coldly.

Well, you can say Entropy is... screwed!


Oh how the male parental figures always end up in trouble <3 :twilightsmile:

So… the ones in your magazine were acting normal then, dad?

...and that's when I lost the lungs....
and kidneys.

That moment when you know that you're fucked.

Man, I couldn't stop laughing :rainbowlaugh:

Esecially after this part

Discord shrugged and opened the magazine up with a curious grin and wagged his tail.

He immediately regretted it.

Extend your neck and kiss your *Squeak Toy Noise* goodbye my friend. :rainbowlaugh:

"they coil around each other and use their combined powers to combine any living creature in a 50 yard radius."

(blinks slowly)
...soo.....what was going on with Dorian? Was he just a toy? Was he created via chaos magic? etc.

Very funny and cute! :rainbowlaugh:

my chest hurts from laughing too much now:rainbowlaugh:

This is quite adorable. I have one question that is bugging me, though... Is Dorian actually mobile and sentient, but only to Discord and beings of similar nature (I.e. His parents), or is he simply a figment of Discord's imagination, like... Oh, it's on the tip of my tongue... -snaps fingers-... Oh! Calvin and Hobbes, duh!:facehoof:

this didn't need to happen
you could have prevented this

His dad's dead. :pinkiesick:

awwwwwwwwwww why did you have to end it there?

Hahahahahahaha! Entropy's doomed! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Entropy's funeral was held shortly after.

3764462 He could have prevented it, you're right.

But I'm glad he didn't.

Oh lord Entropy is doomed. :rainbowlaugh: Wouldn't wanna be him, am I right?
What a wonderful and absolutely adorable story.:rainbowkiss:

Part of the canon in the Youngverse, he's a toy that moves and talks only around Discord. So to everyone else, Discord is just talking to his toy like a child would do but from Discords POV Dorian is alive (which is true, but only Discord can see it)
I'm a big fan of the comic and when I put Dorian into my universe I decided to do it in a way like with Calvin and Hobbes, so everyone see's Dorian as just a toy but Discord see's him as alive (truthfully, Dorian is alive it's just no one can see it bar Discord)

Love it. But, I think you've got it wrong. When a boy and a girl get very drunk they have sexy time! That's how it works! Now, go tell your children! It'll send the perfect message! :ajsmug:

Oh. The talk. Oh lawd.

This gets a like and fav. :rainbowlaugh:

“Ewwwww!” Discord whined and stuck his tongue out, backing up a few steps. “Why are they licking there of all places?!”

I died :rainbowlaugh:

Funny, quick, and overall pretty good.

“Well off course it is, Discord.”

I assume you meant 'of' instead of 'off'.

"Well off course it is, Discord."

This should be of.

"So... the ones in your magazine were acting normal then, dad?" Discord asked with a tilt of his head.

Dad should have a 'D' because Discord is using that as his name, not saying his dad (that would be weird, "were acting normal then, my dad?")

Discord, still not sure what she meant merely nodded.

I have a feeling there should be a comma between meant and merely ("she meant, merely nodded")

Eris looked down from the magazine she was reading and Entropy raised his cup of tea to his lips he had summoned.

Maybe you should rethink that word order ("raised his cup of tea he had summoned to his lips.")

Awesome story, but there are quite a lot of errors. However, for the awesomeness contained in this story, I have added a like (woah, slipped into my British-ness then! :facehoof: ).

Have a moustache :moustache: .

The last sentences... MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD!!! Ha! Hid dad is caught red handed:rainbowwild:

I dont know what to say or do about this but, I'll let Rainbow take it away.

“I-I’m fine,” Dorian said in between little snickers. “By all means, take a peak.” - peek, darling.

Love this story, its so hilarious.
No, it should really be allowed to stay at everyone because you have to be 13 to sign up for the site and if you can't handle whats in this story at 13, you should stay off the internet.

How many people put their actual age into things like this? It's like reading the terms and conditions, no one does it!

I've gotten yelled at by six-year-olds on this site.

Besides, it's better to be safe than have some over protective parent sue FIMfiction for 'exposing' their child to sexicles.

Yeah, but technically FimFiction couldn't be sued, it would be a wrongful lawsuit, it's the parent's fault for letting someone under 13 on the site when it doesn't allow you to create your account if you say you're under 13.

We've got a Youngverse hater going around downvoting comments.

This is very interesting and entertaining to read.:pinkiesmile: Hopefully as an idea for you, I was kind-of woundering that if you can, or ever though of making more of this story, but well.. Mix it up a bit. Like you know. Make an individual "The Birds and The Bees" story, but for Celestia, Luna, Sombra, and Crysalis; just like how you did with discord. But again, just as an idea for you to maybe consider. :twilightsmile: And again, like and love the story. :heart:

People have been sued (and the suit has succeeded) in many things that are supposedly impossible to sue over. Like the fact that someone sued a rope company because they tried to hang themselves and the rope broke. And they won the suit.

Looks like you've got two

3767642 Pffft, who cares. There are more who like it than hate it :raritywink:

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