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When They Were Young: Chrysalis' First Nightmare Night - Mr101

A young Chrysalis experiences her first Nightmare Night.

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What's this? What's this? There's pumpkins everywhere!

When They Were Young: Chrysalis’ First Nightmare Night.

“But muuuuuum!” whined Chrysalis, “all the ponies get to take part in Nightmare Night!”

“Exactly, the ponies get to. We are not ponies. Therefore, you're not going,” her mother replied.

Chrysalis wobbled her lips as she looked up at her mother with pleading eyes, making them as wide as she possibly could.

“I said no, youngling,” her mother said sternly.

The filly pouted and quickly ran out of the throne room, running past several guards who watched as the little princess scurried down the tunnels towards the study. Screeching to a halt as she came to the door, she burst into the study startling her father.

“Dad, can I go trick or treating tomorrow?” she asked him.

“In Equestria?” he replied.

She nodded her head and grinned, “Uhuh, in New Hoofshire!”

Her father pondered her request for a moment, tapping his chin before looking down at his daughter with a questioning gaze.

“Did you ask your mother?” he asked her.

“Yes,” she replied.

“And what did she say?” her father continued.

“Uh… yes?” she lied with a weak smile.

He chuckled and ruffled Chrysalis’ mane, “Nice try, Chryssie. If your mother said no, then it means no.”

“But dad,” Chrysalis whined, resting her hooves on her father’s chest and staring up into his eyes, “I never get to go outside the hive, and all the other changelings talk about how much fun it is being in a pony town!”

Her father raised his brow as he looked down at his daughter. Her eyes were wide and her lip was quivering.

His one weakness: the puppy-dog eyes.

The king bit his lip, “Oh… alright,” he chuckled, “I guess it won’t—”

“King Metamorphosis!” a harsh female voice shouted.

Metamorphosis cringed upon hearing his wife’s angry voice slicing through the air. Slowly meeting her gaze, the angry Queen glared daggers at him.

“Uhm… hi sweetie,” he nervously chuckled.

“Don’t you ‘hi sweetie’ me!” she snapped, “did I just hear you undermine me with our daughter?”

“Oh, come along, Alteratia,” Metamorphosis replied, “our daughter is only going to be young once, and she does need to know what’s going on in the real world.”

“But— ”

“Please mum,” Chrysalis interrupted, “I promise I’ll be good!”

Alteratia was about to protest, but it was cut short when she saw her daughter pouting adorably back at her. Glancing at her husband for help, she was only met by a second pouting face. The queen rolled her eyes and shook her head in disbelief.

“Alright, she can go—” she sighed.

“Yay!” Chrysalis cheered, jumping up and down.

“But!” her mother quickly added, “you can’t go by yourself, so Commander Obsidian will go with you.”

“But muuuuum!” Chrysalis whined again, “he’s a grumpy-face!”

Metamorphosis had to hold back a laugh as her mother groaned in annoyance, “Don’t talk about Commander Obsidian like that youngling, he’s a respectable changeling who will take care of you. And you are very fond of each other.”

“He’s also retired,” Metamorphosis muttered.

“Exactly!” she replied. “He will have the time and the experience to deal with a situation if it arises.”

-Meanwhile, in a different part of the hive-

A changeling lay in his bed, happily snoring away when suddenly he opened one of his eyes. He blinked it as the other one lazily followed due to lack of use. As his eyes shifted into focus, he found his one good eye staring up at the ceiling.

“Something’s not right… not right at all…” he muttered.

After a brief pause, he shrugged and yawned, deciding to deal with the strange feeling of foreboding later on and settling back into his bed. This was short-lived as a loud knock sliced through the calm silence.

“Commander Obsidian, sir?” a voice called.

“I’m retired, captain. What do you want?” Obsidian grumbled.

The door opened revealing a changeling in metallic, black amour who saluted, “I have an urgent message from her majesty. You are to report to her at once.”

“At once, eh?” he yawned, “What does she want at this ungodly hour?”

“Err, it’s the afternoon, sir,” the captain corrected.

Obsidian scowled at the captain who quickly cut himself off, and the elderly changeling slowly stretched and got out of his bed, his eyes glowing in the dim lighting. “Alright then, captain. Lead the way.”

“What do you mean I have to take her ‘trick or treating?’ I’m a retired soldier, not a lingsitter!” Obsidian grumbled.

Alteratia rolled her eyes as she looked down at the somewhat annoyed changeling. Had any other changeling spoken to the Queen like this, they would have been arrested or punished with mind-numbing chores. Obsidian however, had been a good friend to the King and Queen and was one of the few exceptions.

“I know you’re not, Obsidian. Calm down,” she sighed.

“I mean, I don’t really know anything about looking after younglings!” the changeling continued, “I know I get along well with the princess and that I’m a family friend but—”

“Exactly!” Metamorphosis interrupted, “you get along with her, you’re a family friend and you know how to deal with a situation if one arises.”

“But—” Obsidian started.

“And you’re only going to New Hoofshire,” Alteratia added, interrupting him again. “A small village is not going to be a problem for you is it?”

“No, but—”

“Then it’s settled!” Metamorphosis declared. “You will assist our daughter with having her first, and best, Nightmare Night!”

Obsidian opened his mouth to protest but sighed in defeat, “Alright fine, I’ll do it… just as long as I don’t have to be out too long…”

“Yay!” a voice cried.

Obsidian looked to the side of the King and Queen’s thrones to see Chrysalis — who had been hiding there and awaiting his answer — rush out and cling to his right front leg tightly.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!” she squeaked. “You're not such a grumpy-face after all!”

Obsidian had to smile as he patted the young changeling on her head before she ran out of the throne room, giggling to herself in glee.

“Bless her little—” he stopped and blinked before turning his head back to the two rulers, “what did she just call me?”

“Don’t know what you’re talking about,” Metamorphosis lied.

“Neither do I,” Alteratia tittered.

Chrysalis burst into her room with a large, giddy grin. She scanned her room frantically as she tried to find something to wear. With a gasp, she ran to her cupboards and threw open the doors with her magic. As she peered in, she saw her prize and giggled again, pulling out a large, white sheet.

Throwing it onto her bed, she quickly ran over to her vanity and rummaged in the drawer. Pulling out a pair of scissors with a gleeful grin. She then went back to the sheet and started to cut into it, her tongue sticking out in concentration.

Satisfied with her work, she cackled to herself, “I’m going to be the scariest ling ever!”

“Commander Obsidian?” A voice called as the owner knocked on Obsidian’s door, “The Queen has requested your presence.”

“Yes, captain,” Obsidian grumbled.

Obsidian grumbled to himself as he exited his room and briskly made his way through the tunnels of the hive towards the throne room, followed by the captain.

“So… do you know what she wants, sir?” the captain asked.

Obsidian glared at the young changeling who nervously swallowed. With a sigh, Obsidian looked away and said, “I’m looking after the princess this evening…”

“I see... is that bad?”

“Well… no,” Obsidian started, “I’m just not looking forward to it.”

“I thought you got on well with her, commander,” the young changeling teased.

“Don’t push your luck, youngling,” Obsidian snapped, “I’m still agile enough to beat your sorry flank into the ground.”

“Okay, okay my apologies,” the captain nervously replied, “I just don’t get why you’re this… grumpy.”

Obsidian let the comment slide and sighed again, “I had to spend all day reading up on that flipping holiday.”

“What holiday?”

“Nightmare Night.” the elderly changeling grumbled.

“Oh yes, I nearly forgot that was today,” the captain chuckled.

“Well, as it was decreed yesterday afternoon, I’m taking her royal highness out for the evening,” Obsidian replied.

“I see. That should be fun for the two of you,” the captain smiled.

“I hope so,” the ex-commander snorted, “I’d be in bed asleep otherwise,”

As the two approached the throne room, the captain saluted and left his old superior to face the queen alone. As Obsidian entered the royal room, he looked up to see the King and Queen talking with Chrysalis, and he had to admit she looked very cute in her costume.

She was still in her changeling form, but she had a large white sheet covering her body. Chrysalis had cut out holes where her horn, eyes and mouth were visible. Obsidian also noticed she’d managed to cut a pair of holes for her wings which was quite impressive.

“Good evening, Obsidian,” Metamorphosis smiled.

“Your, majesty,” he replied with a nod.

“Rawr! I’m a scary ghost!” Chrysalis cried as she ran around Obsidian, making the sheet billow.

“Yes, your majesty. You are,” Obsidian chuckled. “Just out of curiosity, your majesties. Why is she not in a disguise?”

“Well, we figured because it’s a holiday where the ponies dress up,” Metamorphosis explained, “they’d pay more attention to the costume rather than the one wearing it.”

“Besides, I wanna be a changeling ghost. Not a silly pony ghost,” Chrysalis huffed.

Obsidian softly shook his head, “I see.”

“We’ve been discussing, Obsidian, and we’ve decided that your undercover disguise will be to be Chrysalis’ father. Is that okay?” Alteratia asked him.

“Yes, yes. No problem,” Obsidian replied with a wave of his hoof.

“Hehe, daddy grumpy-face,” Chrysalis giggled as she scrambled into the hooves of her mother.

Obsidian rolled his eyes, and with a quick green flash, he changed his appearance into that of a male stallion with a grey coat and black mane with a matching tail. His cutie mark was a carpenter's hammer.

“How’s this?” he asked.

“Not bad, not bad at all. It’s good to see you haven’t lost your touch,” Alteratia replied.

He nodded and reverted back to his normal appearance, “How long do you wish for her to be out for?”

“Hmm,” Metamorphosis murmured. “How long would you say, dear?”

“I don’t want her to stay out too late,” Alteratia mused. “So I would say… be back by nine.”

“Aww, but I wanted to stay out late and see all the monsters,” Chrysalis mumbled.

“Don’t push your luck, youngling,” her mother replied with a stern scowl.

Chrysalis scrunched her nose and pouted at her mother, sitting on her rump and crossing her front legs in a huff.

Obsidian chuckled, “Come along, your highness—”

“Remember, Obsidian. You’re undercover, so start acting like it,” Alteratia interrupted.

“Of course,” he replied, “come along, Chrysalis—”

“Oh, and call her by her nickname to avoid suspicion,” Metamorphosis interrupted as well.

Obsidian sighed and rolled his eyes, “Come along, Chryssie. We should be heading off now.”

“Okay, daddy grumpy-face,” Chrysalis giggled.

“Please don’t call me that,” Obsidian groaned.

Chrysalis giggled again and embraced her parents, “Bye mummy, bye daddy!”

“Bye, sweetie. Take care and have fun!” Metamorphosis smiled.

Chrysalis walked alongside Obsidian as her mother called after her, “Don’t talk to any strange ponies!”

“I won’t,” Chrysalis replied.

The two royals watched as their daughter left the throne room giggling and chatting away to Obsidian about what she wanted to do. Alteratia turned to her husband, biting her lip nervously.

“Are we doing the right thing, dear?” she asked him.

“Of course we are,” he replied with a warm smile. “She’s not so young as she once was. Our little Chryssie needs to learn about the outside world sooner or later.”

“I suppose you’re right,” she murmured.

“And besides, she’s got Obsidian with her, he’s like a...” Metamorphosis twirled his hoof in the air, “...grumpy grandfather to her. What could possible go wrong?”

Obsidian sighed in contentment. Soon after leaving the castle where the hive was located, Chrysalis had hushed up due to carrying a little bucket in her mouth which she had learned was to hold all the tasty treats she would collect that night. He could still hear her excited muffles escape her mouth as she clung to his back, nearly jumping up and down in giddiness.

He didn’t mind taking her out that much, given New Hoofshire wasn’t that far away from where the hive was located; it was just that it was getting close to his usual bed time. By now, he had re-equipped his disguise and they were nearly at their destination.

“Daddy Siddy,” she asked, removing the bucket with a hoof, “are we nearly there?”

“Yes, Chryssie. We’re—” he paused and blinked, cocking his head back. “What did you call me?”

“Siddy… I thought you would like it more than… daddy grumpy-face,” she mumbled with a frown.

Obsidian shook his head but chuckled, “Yes, I like that a lot more.”

Chrysalis’ expression quickly changed back to a wide grin as she cuddled his neck with a giggle. Returning his attention to the upcoming town, Obsidian bit his lip as a strange feeling came over him.


“Just remember, you have to stay near me at all times. Alright?” he said sternly.

“Yeah, yeah,” Chrysalis muttered.

As they approached the town, the bright lights from the buildings and decorations nearly turned the night sky into day, Chrysalis gasped loudly as her eyes widened. Her head rapidly darted to and fro, ogling at all the decorations and lights that were strewn about the town.

“Siddy!” she squealed, “what’s that?”

He followed the direction her hoof was pointing at and sighed, “A pumpkin, Chryssie.”

She stared at the odd carving that was engraved into the pumpkin and tilted her head, “Why does it look like that?”

“Well, I believe it’s because—”

“What’s that?” she interrupted with a loud gasp.

“A skeleton, Chryssie,” he sighed.

“It’s creepy,” Chrysalis mumbled with a shiver.

“It’s not real, don’t worry. There’s no reason to be scared,” he chuckled.

“I’m not scared,” she huffed, “I was just complimenting it.”

“Uhuh, sure,” he smirked before coming to a stop. “Okay, from the book I read, the ponies go door to door and knock saying, ‘Nightmare Night, what a fright, give us something sweet to bite’ and—”

“Got it!” Chrysalis interrupted.

Before Obsidian could say another word, Chrysalis leapt from his back and darted towards one of the houses.

“Chryssie, wait!” Obsidian shouted in panic after the giggling filly.

He took off after the young changeling but ran straight into another stallion, tripping over his hooves in the process.

“Hey, watch it!” the stallion grumbled.

Obsidian rubbed his head as he slowly got back up, “Sorry, I was just—”

He paused and snapped his head back in the direction Chrysalis had run off to, his eyes widening as he scanned the area. But Princess Chrysalis was already gone.

“I’m so dead.”

Chrysalis slowed down as she approached a house and stood at the end of the pathway. She nervously looked towards the imposing door and swallowed, taking a shaky hoofstep down the pathway.

“Okay… you can do this… you're a big ling now,” she mumbled through the bucket in her mouth.

Creeping closer and closer and with her bucket shaking in her grip, she tried to calm herself as she stood on the wooden porch. She was about to raise her hoof to knock when the floorboard she was standing on creaked loudly.

“Is that another blooming trick or treater? I told you lot to buzz off!” an old, raspy, angry voice grumbled behind the door.

“But… I wasn’t buzzing,” she looked back to check her wings were still, “I kept my wings really still!”

“What? Trying to play tricks on old Jenkins are you? Clear off!” he shouted loudly.

Chrysalis cried out in panic and dashed back down the pathway in fright. She didn’t stop until she was on the other side of the street. She whimpered and sniffled as tears formed in the corners of her eyes.

“Guess I’m not going to get any sweets…” she sniffed.

“You went to old pony Jenkins house, didn’t ya?”

She turned to the see who was talking and saw a bunch of fillies and colts dressed up in a variety of costumes. One was a mummy, another a vampony, a werewolf, Frankenstable's monster, a wizard and a zombie.

“W-who?” Chrysalis sniffled.

“Old pony Jenkins,” the colt who was dress as the vampire replied. “He’s a meanie who hates Nightmare Night, so everypony avoids his house.”


“What’s your name?” the colt asked. “I’ve not seen you before.”


“You want to come with us?” he asked. “My mum’s about to take us around the town.”

“O-okay,” Chrysalis smiled.

“Right, Lucky Pin. Are you and your friends ready?” a mare’s voice said.

Chrysalis watched as a light brown mare came out of the house nearby and noticed her.

“Hello, who are you?” she asked.


“Can she come with us, mum?” Lucky Pin asked her.

“Are your parents around?” she asked Chrysalis.

“Uhuh, my daddy is—” Chrysalis looked behind her and gasped as she realized she hadn’t seen Obsidian in a while. “Oh no…”

“What’s wrong, sweetie?”

“I can’t see him…” Chrysalis whimpered.

“Oh dear… well, maybe we can find him together? And in the process get some sweets. That okay, sweetie?” the mother smiled warmly.

“O-okay,” Chrysalis replied with a smile.

“You can call me, Lucky Feather,” she smiled. “What does your daddy look like?”

Chrysalis breath caught in her throat as she tried to remember what Obsidian had transformed into.

“Erm, he’s got a grey coat and black mane,” she said.

“Okay, if we see your daddy, we’ll let you know. Do you still want to come trick or treating with us?”

Chrysalis nodded quietly.

“Alright, everypony. Are we all ready?”

The group all nodded excitedly and they set off down the pathway towards one of the nearby houses.

“I like your costume,” Lucky Pin said. “Your wings look so real!”

“T-thanks, I like yours too,” Chrysalis replied nervously.

“Thanks, so… what are you?” he asked, tilting his head.

“Uhm… a-a vampony ghost?” Chrysalis replied nervously.

Lucky Pin blinked before grinning wide. “Awesome! Come on, lets go get some sweets!”

She smiled as she and Lucky Pin walked with the others, the group chatted amongst themselves as Chrysalis’ excitement started to grow with every hoofstep.

Obsidian panted as he ran around another street corner, sweat matting his fur as his eyes — wide with alarm — scanned the area around him. He couldn’t risk calling out for her lest he blow both of their covers, he tried to keep his calm and remember his training as a guard but none of that seemed relevant to him at the time. In fact, he was struggling to keep a rational mind and paranoia was starting to seep into his mind.

“Oh…. where are you Chrysalis,” he muttered, biting his lip.

He galloped as fast as he could down another street, not noticing the group of foals on the opposite street walking away from him with a certain member dressed as a ghost.

“Hey, Chryssie. You wanna knock for us?” Lucky Pin asked.

“Okay!” Chrysalis grinned back at him.

Swallowing the small amount of nervousness she had from her last attempt, she raised her hoof up and knocked on the door. Chrysalis took a step back and looked up at the door, bucket in mouth as she heard the sound of hoofsteps approaching from the other side. The door opened revealing a blue mare with a blonde mane and tail.

“Nightmare Night! What a fright! give us something sweet to bite!” the group cried in unison.

The mare giggled as she smiled at the foals, “Oh my, my. Such scary looking costumes! I think they deserve some sweeties.”

She levitated an overflowing bowl from behind the doors and held it in front of her. Chrysalis’ eyes widened at the sight of the treats, each one glistening as if she’d witnessed the most beautiful thing in creation. The mare levitated a few pieces from the bowl and carefully dropped them into the buckets the foals were carrying.

“Now don’t eat them all at once, or you will have to go to the dentist,” the mare warned with a friendly wink.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!” Chrysalis suddenly cried out, running to the mare and hugging her leg.

The other foals watched her in confusion as Chrysalis nervously giggled and blushed softly, “S-sorry… I just really like Nightmare Night.”

“That’s alright, sweetie,” the mare smiled, “I was like that at my age to on Nightmare Night.”

Lucky Pin’s mother smiled and motioned for the foals to come back to her. They thanked the mare and quickly scampered over to his mother, giggling in glee.

Obsidian was really starting to panic now. He’d run down every street, every corner, knocked on every door, asked every group he had passed but to no avail.

“The King and Queen are going to kill me,” he moaned as he briskly walked up to another house.

He rapped on the door rapidly, wanting to carry on with his search. He was so lost in his thoughts that he failed to hear the angry old stallion shouting from behind the door, the door opened with a loud creak that brought him out of his thoughts.

“Sorry to bother you, I was just—”

He was interrupted as a torrent of water was thrown at his face, soaking him entirely.

“Ah told you darn foals to buzz off!” the stallion shouted.

“I’m not a foal, you blithering old coot!” Obsidian shouted back.

“Well, why are ya knocking on mah door?”

“I’m looking for my daughter.”

“Oh… well ah ain’t seen her! Now git!”

The stallion slammed the door shut in his face leaving Obsidian blinking in confusion.

“Miserable old sod,” Obsidian snorted.

He quickly retreated to the end of the pathway and looked left and right, his irritation dissolving into panic once again as he started to imagine what horrors he would suffer at the hands of his rulers.

You were supposed to look after her!

It was your responsibility!

You were the chosen one!

And now, our daughter is gone forever!


He shivered at the thoughts, “I need to find her — and fast!”

“Nightmare Night! What a fright! give us something sweet to bite!” the foals sang.

“Haha! Very good!” a burly stallion with a moustache chuckled. “Help yourself kiddos.”

The group giggled loudly as the stallion lowered a bowl of sweets down to them. Chrysalis was able to snag a large lollipop and held it in her mouth with glee before dropping it into her bucket. Dragging her haul back over to Lucky Pin’s mother with the others, Chrysalis debated over when she would eat the delectable sweet.

“Alright everypony, it’s getting late. Time for everyone to go home,” Lucky Feather said.

A chorus of ‘awws’ filled the air as the foals grumbled at this news. She chuckled before she looked over at Chrysalis and noticed she was looking slightly distraught.

“Don’t worry, Chryssie,” she assured the changeling, “we’ll find your father soon.”

“Yeah!” Lucky Pin added. “He’s gonna be sorry he missed out on all the sweets!”

Chrysalis smiled at this as the group began to walk down the pathway. Her bucket swayed in her mouth gently. Walking back to where Chrysalis had met the group in the first place in order to start the search there, they were joined by the mothers of the other foals. The foals eagerly began telling their parents about their evening. Just as they were about to start the search for Obsidian, Chrysalis spotted a familiar grey stallion laying down on a nearby garden.

“Siddy!” she squeaked.

Obsidian lay on the ground of somepony’s garden, rapidly breathing as he underwent a panic attack. He’d been lying there for a good while now, ignoring the strange looks of concern from the ponies that passed him by as he kept playing over and over what the King and Queen would do to him if he was unable to find Chrysalis or if she was captured and used as a tool for bargaining by the Equestrian government.

“Why did I agree to this?” he sobbed, “I could’ve just said no! It’s not like they would’ve been mad at me, right?”

With tears threatening to break the tough front he had built for himself with so many years serving in the changeling army, he started to rock back and forth slightly.

He could’ve sworn he heard a familiar voice squeak. Raising his head, he looked up in disbelief to see a little ghost running at high speed towards him.


“Chryssie!” he cried, before his eyes widened in horror. “Wait—”

Before he had any time to protest, Obsidian had been viciously tackled by the princess. Clinging tightly to his neck, she started to cry softly.

“I thought I was never going to see you, mummy or daddy again,” she whimpered.

“It’s okay, your highness,” he whispered back, some tears finally breaking free, “you’re safe, I’m here.”

A chorus of ‘awws’ reached his ears and Obsidian blinked and his eyes shot open, looking over to the group of mares who were smiling at him. They giggled as a light red blush formed on his cheeks.

“Aww… what a loving father,” Lucky Pin’s mother cooed.

“O-oh um, y-yeah I—” he stuttered.

“Daddy Siddy, why are your cheeks red? Are you ill?” Chrysalis asked, tilting her head before giggling as he went even more red.

Once more, the mothers all ‘awed’ at him as he quickly hoisted the giggling changeling onto his back.

“Say goodbye, Chryssie,” Obsidian muttered.

“Bye! Thank you for everything!” Chrysalis said, waving her hoof rapidly to the others.

“Bye, Chryssie! Hope we can play sometime!” Lucky Pin replied.

“Goodbye, Siddy,” Lucky Feather winked. “Take care.”

Obsidian mumbled a reply as he quickly walked away. Hiding his burning cheeks, he began to walk down the road back home, trying his best to ignore the giggling mares. All the while Chrysalis continued to wave goodbye.

I hate Nightmare Night.

“And then, we went to this big pony’s house and he gave us a huuuuge marshmallow each, but I eated it ‘cos it was so tasty-looking! Oh, and then we went to this nice mare’s house, and she gave us some bits instead of sweets, so I’m going to buy more sweets! Oh! Oh! And there was…”

Metamorphosis and Alteratia smiled as they sat on their thrones, listening to Chrysalis excitedly rattle on about her night. Metamorphosis turned to worn-out Obsidian who was sitting on his rump next to the throne, and nudged him gently in the side.

“Well done, old friend,” he chuckled. “We cannot thank you enough for this.”

“Indeed,” Alteratia added as she picked Chrysalis up and cuddled her. “I was still a little unsure of this, but I’m glad everything went well. And I’m especially glad my little youngling had fun.”

Chrysalis giggled as her mother tickled her belly with a hoof, making the changeling squirm, “It was fantastic mummy! Can I go again next year?”

“What do you say, Obsidian?” Metamorphosis grinned. “Up for it again next year?”

Obsidian was about to decline, but he saw the puppy-dog eyes of Chrysalis and sighed, “Oh... alright.”

“Yay!” Chrysalis leapt off her mother and tackled Obsidian in a hug, making him grunt in surprise. Chrysalis’ parents shared a smug smile. “And I promise, next time I won’t run off and get lost again!”

Obsidian’s eyes went wide as he slowly looked up to Alteratia. Her eyes were also wide, the left one twitching slightly as she simply stared at the old changeling. Metamorphosis winced as he braced himself for what was about to come.

YOU LOST HER!?” she roared at him.

Obsidian sighed.

I really hate Nightmare Night

The End

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Obsidian’s eyes went wide as he slowly looked up to Alteratia. Her eyes were also wide, the left one twitching slightly as she simply stared at the old changeling. Metamorphosis winced as he braced himself for what was about to come.

YOU LOST HER!?” she roared at him.

Obsidian sighed.

I really hate Nightmare Night

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Thank you! You're rocking a pretty cool avatar yourself The1templar! :twilightsmile:

I've got to work tomorrow night, so happy Nightmare Night to everyBrony and Pegasister!

When I saw the cover art I was like HHHNNNGGG!!! Then I read the story and I was Like double HHHNNNGGG!!!

must resit cuteness! its too much!!!

you good person really caught my attention with the chapter title:ajsmug: excellent story

You were the chosen one!

Best use of a star wars line I've seen.

The d'awws!!! They gives me diabetus!!! :pinkiehappy:

I d'aawww many a time. Have one of my feels; :pinkiehappy:


Yeah, couldn't help but imagine that scene but with a changling head for Obiwan, and Obsidian's pony disguise for Anakin's. :rainbowlaugh:

He didn’t mind taking her out that much, given New Hoofshire wasn’t that far away from where the hize was located;

Great story by the way!

“What? Trying to play tricks on old Jenkins are you? Clear off!” he shouted loudly.

I saw "chrysalis' First" and I was like :D
but then it was nightmare night and I was like :duck:

Have all of my dawwwsss. All of them.

It's cute, but the issue I keep coming back to is that it's Chrysalis. It feels so at odds with her depiction in the actual series. And while I know, sure, she was younger and could've changed as she grew up (even though the whole experience feels like it'd have the opposite effect and guide her away from the way she turned out...), but it still feels implausible.

I mean, I still like the story, and it's rather funny, but it doesn't make as much sense as the ones that had Celestia and Luna because the whole thing centers on a villain.

*Sees cover image*


regardless of how chryssie turned out in the end a nice story, really liked this when they were young series.


I don't understand your reasoning. Are you suggesting that Chrysalis was a villain even as a young child? :duck:

ER MAH GERD! THE ADORABLE! SO MUCH ADORABLE! in all seriousness though, I do enjoy me some of the "lighter side" of chrysalis.

duuude, make more of this series. like do sombra or NMM or more Chrysalis

Oh, for the lost days of youth, that we both cheer and mourn at their passing remeberance.


An out-and-out villain? Probably not. But we are talking about a fairly hefty change between her depiction here and her depiction as an adult, which I feel hurts the charm of the story.


We're also talking a pretty hefty time-gap. I don't see how it could be unreasonable to suggest that Chrysalis might change over the years. Particularly as she transitions from Princess to Queen (Which would indicate a loss of parents). But hey, there's me looking too far into this.

So ridiculously cute.

I will Strike at dawn. Or most likely just after 10.

Nice work! This was really cute and I loved the ending.

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