When They Were Young: The Night Before Christmas

by Mr101

"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!"

When They Were Young: The Night Before Christmas.

A tale from the Youngverse.

‘Christmas isn’t a time for presents, for food, for tinsel or trees. It’s a time when you come together and appreciate the most important thing you will ever have. Your family.’ ~ Mr 101

Christmas day.

Every filly and colts favourite holiday, and every parents most dreaded.

The King and Queen of Equestria, however, love this time of year. For it brings together their friends from the other kingdoms as well as their offspring, who fortunately are all close friends with one another.

It was the day before the big day, and Aeterna was running around the palace out of her wits.

“Oh… they’re going to be here soon!” She panicked.

Terra rolled his eyes as he sipped from his tea, “Calm down, dear. You do this every year. Everything will be just—”

“Don’t tell me everything is going to be fine!” Aeterna snapped, using her royal voice, “what if the food is overcooked? What if the guests have a sudden accident? What if—”

“What if the moon decided to go on holiday at the last second and implode?” Terra chuckled, “that’s all it is, Aeterna. What ifs.”

The queen scowled at her husband as he came over and draped a wing over her reassuringly. “Nothing will go wrong, trust me.”

She smiled at him and gently nuzzled his neck, “Thank you, honey…”

“Now,” Terra grinned goofily, levitating a bit of mistletoe over from where it had been hanging on the wall, “where’s my kiss?”

She giggled and slowly leant in towards his lips, before stopping and grinning. “Have to catch me first!”

Aeterna then ran out of the room as quickly as she could, giggling like crazy as her husband laughed and chased after her, brandishing the mistletoe menacingly above him.

“INCOMING!” Luna cried.

Celestia squeaked as she ducked, just as the large snowball sailed over her head. “Hah! Missed—”

She was interrupted as a second snowball slammed into her, practically burying the young alicorn. “Me…”

Luna burst out into fit of giggles and fell onto her back as her sister scowled at her. Celestia’s horn flared up as she started to form several dozen snowballs above her. Luna’s eyes widened when she saw them and ran away screaming.

“Mister Chives! Protect meeeeeee!” The filly squealed.

Mister Chives—who had been half paying attention as he watched them—looked up to see the young princess of the night duck behind him, before he was assaulted in a hail of snowball fire.

Celestia brought a hoof up to her mouth as she gasped. Luna slowly emerged from her hiding spot and looked up at her guard who was staring straight forward with a blank expression as some snow fell off his body. The siblings looked at one another before they grinned and burst out laughing, falling back into the snow. Mister Chives sighed as he shook himself off and rolled his eyes.

“Okay… are we done now? Can we—”

He was interpreted as a snowball slammed into the back of his head. Mister Chives turned his head with a scowl to see who had thrown the snowball and facehoof seeing who it was.

“Not bad, Chryssie.” A old looking changeling chuckled, “But you missed the Princesses.”

“Shoot!” Chrysalis grumbled.

“CHRYSSIE!” Luna and Celestia squealed loudly.

The little changeling grinned and leapt from her guardian’s back before she scrambled to the two fillies who were also running towards her. They screeched to a halt as they giggled and embraced each other in a group hug as Mister Chives shook the snow from him and trotted over to the older changeling.

“Obsidian,” Chives nodded.

“Morning,” Obsidian replied. “Still going by Mister Chives are we?”

Chives rolled his eyes, “Yes, yes. Princess Luna is still calling me that, but you know as well as I do to you I’m called—”

“Mister Chives!” Luna cried, “can we go inside and get some cookies?”

Chives sighed as Obsidian chuckled, “Fine, but you need to ask your mother first.”

The two fillies and changeling giggled as they raced inside the building followed by Chives and Obsidian.

“You're not going to call me by my name, are you?” Chives asked.

“Nope,” Obsidian smirked.


“Are we there yet?”

“For the last time, Sombra. No.”

“... How about now?”


Krustallos groaned loudly as he slammed his head into the side of the carriage. They had been travelling since the previous day and Sombra had been annoying him continuously out of boredom.

It was safe to say, Krustallos was on the verge of snapping.

Amemond tittered as she rubbed her husbands back softly to try and calm him down.

“Sombra, sweety? We will arrive there soon. Please be patient,” she smiled.

“Yes, mother,” Sombra grumbled, sitting back and crossing his front leg, “I’m just so darn bored!”

“Well, find a way to entertain yourself,” Krustallos replied.

The carriage was silent for a while as both Krustallos and Amemond enjoyed the peace. It didn’t last long. Sombra puckered his lips and made a loud ‘pop’ sound, making both his parents flinch slightly. He watched their reactions and grinned and did it again, grinning more as they flinched.

After the third time, Krustallos let out a loud annoyed groan, “For five minutes… could you not be yourself? FOR FIVE MINUTES!”

Sombra shrank back slightly with a nervous grin as Krustallos turned around and sighed. there was a brief silence but was interrupted as Sombra slowly inched his face forwards in between his parents, a mischievous grin on his face and made the pop sound again.

“AAARGH! ARE WE THERE YET?!” Krustallos shouted.

Amemond giggled, “Yes, dear.”

Finally!” Sombra cheered.

Sombra poked his head out the side of carriage his mother was in and grinned as the city of Canterlot came into view. It didn’t take them that long to enter the city and make their way up to the palace with Sombra ogling the various decorations that decorated the streets. As their carriage made its way through the streets, the ponies would wave to the grinning Sombra, who in turn was waving madly to them.

“So was the journey alright?” Terra asked as he sipped his tea.

“Not at all,” Entropy grinned as he drank from his own tea, “we teleported this year.”

“Oh?” Aeterna asked, “why’s that?”

“Oh, the griffons are being angsty again,” Entropy replied, “seems they’re once more squabbling over local land rights and we wanted to avoid that.”

“Understandable,” Terra nodded.

Muuuuuum!” Discord whined, “stop it!”

“Now, Now, Discy,” Eris giggled as she brushed his hair, “you told me you’d do this before you left and you didn’t.”

“But I wanna go play with Tia and Lulu!” he pouted.

“No buts,” Eris grinned, “now keep still.”

Discord grumbled and clutched his doll, Dorian, to his chest as the other adults chuckled. The door to the living room opened and Chyrsalis, Luna and Celestia rushed in followed by Obsidian and Mister Chives.

“Oh, hello Obsidian,” Aeterna smiled.

“You majesty,” Obsidian nodded, “King Metamorphosis and Queen Alteratia will be here shortly. Chryssie wanted to get here as soon as she could.”

“Uhuh!” Chrysalis beamed up at the alicorn.

“Is that so?” Terra chuckled.

“H-hey, Discy…” Celestia mumbled with a blush.

“Hey, T-Tia…” he replied with a meek wave, a small blush dotting his own cheeks.

“Aww, my little baby’s blushing,” Eris cooed with a grin.

Muuum!” Discord cried as he pushed her hands away from his head, “you’re embarrassing me!”

Luna and Chrysalis looked to each other and grinned before they started to sing, “Tia and Discy, sittin’ a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G~!”

Celestia and Discord’s cheeks went a deeper shade of red and looked away embarrassed as Luna and Chrysalis burst into a fit of giggles.

As Eris stifled her own giggle, Terra shook his head with a soft smile, “Why don’t you all go help yourselves to some cookies?”

At the mention of cookies, both Luna and Chrysalis stopped laughing and gasped before running out of the room, followed shortly by Discord and Celestia.

“Save some for Sombra when he arrives!” Aeterna called after them.

“Want me to keep an eye on them, your highness?” Chives asked.

“If you will,” Terra smiled.

“I’ll keep you company, ‘Mister Chives’,” Obsidian snickered.

“Shut it,” Chives grumbled as they left the others alone.

“Mother, can I go find my friends?” Sombra asked.

“Okay, sweety. Just be careful okay?” Amemond replied.

Sombra grinned as he raced away up the steps of the palace only to bump straight into someone. He fell onto his rump and looked up, seeing who it was he nervsouly chuckled.

“S-sorry, King Metamorphosis…”

Metamorphosis raised his brow at the young unicorn before grining and helping him to his hooves, “No harm done, Sombra.”

“Ah, Metamorphosis good to see you!” Krustallos chuckled.

“Likewise,” Metamorphosis smiled before looking to Sombra, “off you pop then, I expect Chryssie has already caught up with the others.”

Sombra smiled and ran back towards the palace, his little hooves carrying him as fast as they could.

“So how long have you been here then?” Alteratia asked as she came up behind her husband.

“Literally just got here, dear,” Amemond smiled as she and Alteratia gently embraced.

“So, the little ‘lings already inside is she?” Krustallos asked as the four made their way inside.

“Indeed, she insisted on getting here as quickly as she could. So Obsidian had to leave a little earlier than us.” Alteratia replied.

“I bet he didn’t like that,” Amemond tittered.

Alteratia giggled gently, “Indeed, always a grumpy face as Chrysalis calls him.”

They all shared a small laugh as they entered a large dining room where the others were talking away to one another. Upon the four entering, the conversation stopped and the ones sitting down got up to walk over to the newcomers and greet them warmly.

“Surrender your cookies, foul demon!” Chrysalis cried.

“Never!” Discord retorted, “you cannot hope to defeat my almighty army, led by my general. Dorian!”

Discord produly grinned as Dorian sat atop Obsidian who sighed and shook his head, wondering just how he was roped into this game.

Chrysalis faked a shocked gasp as her eyes widened, “Siddy! How could you betray the cookie liberators?”

Obsidian rolled his eyes as Discord teleported behind Dorian on his back.

“Tis no use, Chryssie!” Discord taunted, “he came over to the darkside, as we had cookies!”

“You shall be beat!” Chrysalis declared, “me and my allies will stop you!”

At her words, Luna and Celestia appeared, each one dressed as ninjas and brandishing plastic swords in their magical aura.

“You’re out numbered, Discy!” Luna cried, “surrender and you shall not be harmed!”

“NEVER!” Discord shouted, “minion, attack!”

Obsidian sighed again as he slowly advanced to the two fillies and changeling.

“Not so fast!” Chives called as he appeared in front of Obsidian, “I have come to aid the Lady Luna!”

Luna squealed as she clambered onto Chives’s back and grinned, “you’re outnumbered, Discy. You cannot win!”

“Then it’s lucky he has backup!” a voice cried.

They all looked to the door of the kitchen as Sombra grinned at them, charging at Chives and tackling him to the ground. Luna squeaked as she rolled off Chives who pretended to be overpower.

“Oh no! I’m being overwhelmed!” he cried with mock alarm.

“Now, Tia!” Chrysalis cried as she pounced onto Obsidian’s neck.

Obsidian yelped as the changeling clung to him giggling, followed by Celestia tackling him and causing him to fall backwards. Discord rolled off along with Dorian as he shook his head and scowled.

“Hey no fair!”

Celestia replied by tackling Discord with a grin and pinned him to the ground, “We win!”

“No you don’t!” Discord retorted, “minion, help me!”

Discord looked at Obsidian who simply lay on his back with an unamused look on his face as Chrysalis sat on his chest triumphantly.


The draconequus looked over to Sombra who was currently wrestling—and losing—against Luna.

“Come on, she’s a girl!” Discord scowled.

“Mother said I can’t hit girls…” Sombra muttered.

“Huzzah!” Luna cheered, “Victory for the cookie liberators!”

As the girls got off their targets and celebrated by claiming the cookie pot that was awaiting them on the nearby table, Discord and Sombra sat next to each other and grumbled.

“Knew I should’ve listened to Dorian…” Discord muttered, “this is your fault, minion!”

Obsidian blinked and let out a deep sigh as Chives patted his back.

“I know the feeling, Obsidian,” he chuckled. “Alright you lot, lets go and do something else now.”

Luna giggled as she climbed onto Chives’ back. Chrysalis clambered onto Obsidian’s and offered Sombra a lift which he took with a smile, just as Discord was about to follow them out, Celestia tapped his shoulder.

“I-I kept one for you…” she said with a blush as she levitated a cookie over.

“O-oh… t-thanks,” Discord replied with a blush.

Celestia smiled as she quickly trotted after the others, with Discord in tow.

As the sun started to settle on the horizon, the adults and foals had retired to the large living room of the castle around a large wood burning fireplace. The foals were chatting and playing on the floor beside the sofas and chairs where their parents where sat. Metamorphosis had the other adults attentions as he finished up the joke he was telling.

“And then I said, that’s not my servant, that’s my wife!” Metamorphosis grinned.

The others stared at him, trying to process the joke he just said.

“I don’t get it,” Entropy replied.

“No one ever seems to… yet we keep saying it,” Metamorphosis sighed.

Alteratia rolled her eyes as she turned her head to watch the young one play.

“So… you guys want to know a secret?” Discord said.

“What?” Sombra replied.

Discord looked over to the adults who had taken an interest and her glared at them, ushering the other foals away from them. they chuckled at the young draconequus who kept his eyes on them until he was certain they were out of earshot of the adults.

“Well?” Chrysalis asked.

“Dorian said… that he has great idea for what we can do tonight!”

“How many times, Discord,” Sombra rolled his eyes, “Dorian is just a toy.”

“Is not!”

“Is to!”

“Guys stop it,” Luna said.

“I believe you, Discy…” Celestia whispered as she scooted closer with a blush.

Luna watched her sister carefully before a mischievous grin formed on her face and she whispered something to Chrysalis who immediately giggled and nodded her head. Luna then quickly darted off, scurrying away as fast as her hooves would carry her.

“Where’s Lulu going?” Sombra asked.

“You’ll see,” Chrysalis  giggled, “so what’s the idea then, Discy?”

“Well… Dorian said we should stay up as late as we can tonight, so we can catch Santa Claus!”

“That’s… actually a pretty cool idea,” Sombra replied, “I’m up for that!”

“Me two!” Celestia assed.

“Me three!” Chrysalis giggled.

Before Discord could say anything more, Sombra and Chyrsalis began to giggle and looked at him with mischievous grins. They were soon joined by the adults who were now looking over at them.

“What?” Discord asked.

“Look up, sweetie,” Eris giggled.

Discord looked up and his eyes went wide seeing a small clump of mistletoe being levitated in the air above him and Celestia. His cheeks went a crimson red as Luna giggled from her hiding spot by her father’s armchair, her horn glowing.

“You gotta kiss her~,” Chrysalis cooed.

Discord swallowed the lump in his throat and looked to Celestia who was smiling with a heavy blush on her face. Closing his eyes, he leaned forwards as she closed her own eyes. Their lips met and they kissed gently for a brief moment before Discord pulled back and gagged, sticking his tongue out as Celestia blushed and looked away giggling softly to herself.

“Eeew!” Sombra laughed as he fell onto his back.

“Awww,” Alteratia, Aeterna, Amemond and Eris said in unison.

Discord blushed a deeper shade as he looked away, smiling to himself as he rubbed his arm gingerly.

“Tia and Discy, sittin’ a tree!” Sombra, Chrysalis and Luna sang, “K-I-S-S-I-N-G!”

As the three foals giggled, Terra came over and picked up the still blushing Celestia and chuckled. “Okay you lot, time for bed.”

“Awww, can’t we stay up a bit longer, daddy? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?” Luna asked, pouting up at her father.

“No buts, Little Moon,” Aeterna giggled, “besides, if you don’t got to bed now. Santa won’t come.”

Luna gasped as she scrambled over to her mother who picked her up, “Okay i’ll go to bed!”

Aeterna giggled as she and Terra headed out of the room. Entropy came over and picked his son up, placing him on his shoulders. Discord remained silent but kept his goofy grin as he leant on his fathers horns, being followed out of the room by his mother. Chrysalis couldn’t stop giggling as Alteratia levitated her onto her back and followed the other adults.

“Night Daddy! Night Siddy! Night Chives!” she giggled and waved.

“Good night,” they replied.

Once they had all left, leaving Obsidian, Metamorphosis and Chives alone, Metamorphosis grinned as he levitated a bag he had hidden behind him into view, “So gentlecolt and ling… care for a spot of port?”

The other two grinned as the changeling king pulled out a bottle of vintage port. Chives chuckled as he went over to the cabinet on the far side of the room that held the glasses used for drink parties, bringing back three as the king opened the bottle.

The foals sorted out their respective sleeping bags as they settled in for the night in Luna’s bedroom. The parents each went over to their foals to say goodnight before heading downstairs again to rejoin the others.

“Nighty night mummy… nighty night daddy,” Luna yawned as she cuddled her parents.

“Goodnight, sweetheart,” Terra repled.

“Night, Tia,” Aeterna smiled.

“Night!” Celestia replied.

“Sleep well, Chryssie,” Alteratia smiled as she kissed Chrysalis’ head.

“Night, mummy,” the changeling giggled.

“Goodnight, Sombra,” Krustallos said as he ruffled Sombra’s mane.

“Goodnight father, goodnight mother,” he replied.

Amemond placed a soft kiss on his forehead as the parents exited the bedroom, extinguishing the candles of the chandelier and closing the door quietly. The room was in total silence for a good few minutes before several rustling sounds came from the beds of the foals.

“Okay, guys.” Chrysalis grinned, “ready to do this?”

“You bet!” Luna giggled.

“I think we should make it more challenging,” Discord grinned.

“How?” Celestia asked.

“Well… we’re gunna be up late, right?” Chrysalis said.

“Right…” Sombra replied.

“Dorian says that if you falls asleep. You won’t be woken up and you miss out on meeting Santa.”

“That’s not fair!” Luna pouted, “You know I’ll fall asleep first!”

“Kinda funny that,” Celestia giggled.

Luna stuck her tongue out at her sister. Discord, Sombra and Chrysalis snickered as Discord continued.

“So, we all in agreement?”

They all nodded their heads and settled down, waiting for the jolly pony himself to turn up. The room was silent and still, save for the soft breathing coming from the foals before Sombra broke the silence.

“Hey, Discord?” Sombra whispered.

“What?” he whispered back.

“Why did you kiss Celestia? Why didn’t you… I dunno, turn the mistletoe into a wet sponge or something.”

“W-well I.. uh,” Discord stuttered.

Sombra grinned wide as he rolled over to smirk at his friend, “You like Celestia… don’t you?”

“W-W-What?!” Discord cried, “I do not! I mean, I-I like her yeah b-but—”

“Go to sleep!” the muffled shout of Terra interrupted him, “Or Santa won't come.”

“Knew it~” Sombra whispered as he rolled over.

Discord blushed as he grumbled to himself, not noticing the bright red alicorn who was smiling happily to herself.

Several hours had passed, and the room had been silent since Discord’s outburst. Discord yawned softly as he looked out the window. He wasn’t sure how long it had been but he was getting very, very bored.

“Hey,” he whispered, “You guys awake still?”

“Yeah,” Sombra replied.

“Mhm, though I’m pretty sleepy…” Chrysalis murmured.

“Uhuh…” Luna yawned loudly.

“Tia?” Discord asked, “what about—”

He was silenced as a loud snore came from Celestia’s mouth. They peeked over at Celestia, Luna using her magic to create a low light to fill the room. They all had to stifle their giggles as Celestia lay on her bed on her back, her head dangling off slightly and a trail of drool hung lazily from her mouth. Luna was about to wake her up when the others hissed at her.

“You know the rules,” Sombra whispered, “she misses out.”

Luna pouted, but giggled as the thoughts of meeting Santa pushed back the ones of her feeling guilty for not waking her sister.

By now, it was well into the early hours of the morning, and the only ones awake now were Sombra and Luna. Chrysalis had been the second one to fall asleep and had curled into a ball with a happy grin on her face. Discord had snuggled into his pillow as he tried to keep himself awake, only to have the comfiness of the pillow betray him harshly and he drifted off to sleep cuddling Dorian to his chest tightly.

“Hey… Luna… you tired?” Sombra asked as he yawned.

“Uh huh…” she replied.

“Well.. they, they get to miss out,” he said with another yawn, this time louder.

“Uh huh…”

“Can’t… wait… to meet…” Sombra fell onto his pillow with a soft thud and he started to gently snore.

Luna slowly blinked as she stared into the darkness, rubbing her eyes gently with a hoof as she yawned softly and smacked her lips.

Luna slowly opened her eyes and lifted her head up from her pillow and looked around the room. It was still dark, so she hadn’t missed her chance to see Santa. However, she had no idea how long she had fallen asleep. she could hear the others softly sleeping around her and she yawned loudly. Then, she froze as she felt as if she wasn’t the only one awake. Quickly, she used the same spell from before and a soft blue glow filled the room. Her eyes widened at what she saw.

A large, round-bellied, grey earth pony wearing a red and white suit and had a long white beard was looking inside a large woven sack.

“Santa?” she whispered.

The earth pony looked up from the sack, looking at the little filly with ancient eyes that made Luna feel warm and safe inside. “Why, hello there, Luna. You startled me.”


She grinned and scrambled out of her bed, running up to hm and stopping just before him. She stared up at the pony with sparkling eyes as he chuckled softly.

“I wasn’t expecting you to be awake, little filly.”


“Ho, ho, ho,” Santa chuckled, interrupting her by placing a hoof gently on her mouth, “slow down there little filly.”

Luna giggled as he lowered his hoof and started again, “We all tried to stay up and see if you would come, but the others fell asleep. I guess I did to but then I woke up and now you're here!”

Luna wiggled on the spot as she couldn’t stop herself giggling. Santa merely chuckled and smiled at the young alicorn.

“I see, and who came up with this ingenious plan?” he asked her.

“Well… Discord said Dorian did,” Luna replied.

“Did he now?”

Santa looked over to the sleeping form of Discord. Dorian was no longer in his grip but sitting beside him, one hand on Discord’s head protectively and the other up in the air, as if the doll was waving.

“Cheeky,” Santa chuckled, “Now then.”

Luna gasped as a large box was levitated out of the sack and in front of her, “H-how did you do that?! You don’t have a horn!”

“Why, didn’t you know?” Santa said with a mock gasp.

“Know what?” Luna asked, tilting her head.

“Why, I’m Santa Claus. What kind of jolly old man would I be without knowing some magic?” He winked at her.

“Man?” Luna asked with a puzzled look.

“Did you think I give presents to just good fillies and colts?” he chuckled.

Luna looked at him in confusion, but shrugged it off as she eagerly opened her gift and gasped loudly, “Oh Santa I love it!”

She grinned as she levitated a large plush manticore with a tiny top hat and a monocle out of the box and jumped into it, squeezing it tightly.

“I’m glad,” Santa smiled, “Now, I must place your friends presents down and be on my way. Lots more places I need to be and—”

Luna interrupted him by quickly running over and cuddling him tightly, a happy smile on her face, “Thank you, Santa.”

Santa chuckled as he hugged the little filly warmly, “You’re welcome, Little Moon.”

Luna then yawned as she suddenly felt tired. Santa smiled softly as he levitated Luna and the plush into her bed, pulling the blanket up and over her as she snuggled into the plush.

“I’ll call him… Sir Fluffyton…” she murmured as she drifted off to sleep with a smile on her face.

“Sleep well, Little Moon,” Santa said softly.

He finished placing the presents for the other foals down before he and the sack vanished in a flash of sparkly light.

Luna murmured as she woke up slowly, the suns rays peeking through the curtains as she looked around. She saw that the others weren’t in their beds and that she was alone.

“Was it all a dream?” she murmured.

She then felt something pressing against her from behind and turned round to see the large manticore plush behind her. Luna gasped as she stumbled backwards in shock ,before a realization came over her and she giggled madly.

“I didn’t dream it! I didn’t dream it! I really did meet Santa!”

Using her magic to levitate the plush into the air, she scrambled out of her bed and ran out of the bedroom towards the dining room where she gathered the parents would be.

She burst through the door still giggling like mad, “Mummy! Daddy! Santa came! Santa Came!”

“Good morning to you to, Luna,” Terra chuckled.

“What's that then?” Eris grinned eyeing her plush.

“Santa gave it to me last night!” Luna grinned back.

“Did he now?” Metamorphosis smiled, “how awfully nice of him!”

“Can you be quieter please, if that’s alright your highness?” Chives groaned.

“Oh, you lightweight, fancy getting a hangover from two glasses of port,” Alteratia tittered.

Chives only groaned as he lay his head on the table, Obsidian rubbing his back and holding back the urge to tease his friend more.

“Sweetie,” Aeterna started, “why don’t you go and play with the others? There in the living room.”

“Okay!” Luna replied, “Come, Sir Fluffyton!”

Luna raced out of the kitchen with the plush in tow, leaving the parents smiling after her.

“Another coffee, ‘Mister Chives’?” Obsidian snickered.

Again, the only reply he got was a low groan from the hangover bat pony.

As Luna rushed into the living room, she saw that the others were happily playing with presents she concluded that Santa had left them. Celestia playing with a new hairbrush, smiling into a mirror as she brushed her mane. Chrysalis was playing with a plush ghost that was the same size of her, giggling as she squeezed it, making it make spooky noises. Sombra was happily chewing on a fairly large crystal rock that was coated with his saliva, a look of delight on his face as he ate the treat and Discord was currently playing with a new doll. It looked like the same creature Dorian was, although had instead a darker tone of skin and was wearing a tall black top hat with a skull on it, a purple waistcoat and black suit and had a mischievous grin on its face. The doll also had a cane in its hand.

“Guys! Look what Santa gave me!” Luna cried.

“Nice!” Sombra grinned as he took the crystal out of his mouth.

“So… did you meet him?” Celestia asked before grumbling, “I know I fell asleep first…”

“And drooled. Don’t forget the droll,” Chrysalis giggled.

Celestia stuck her nose in the air with a huff as Discord snickered behind her.

“I sure did! He was real friendly and he could do magic without a horn and, and—”

“Everypony?” Amemond called from the other room, “Come here please, we're going to have food in a minute, then we can open the rest of the presents afterwards.”

Thew foals giggled as they raced into the other room, leaving their gifts behind and closed the door. The sound soft laughter and chatter coming from behind as the festivities began.

The End.

To all my readers and followers,

Have a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

~Mr 101.