The Kobold of Ponyville

by Mr101

The Definitive Guide to Equestrian Races - The Kobold.

The Definitive Guide to Equestrian Races.

By Starswirl the Bearded.

Entry 502~ The Kobold.*

Although Equestria is home to a wide variety of creatures, few are quite as curious and elusive as the kobold. Unlike most other species - including their much larger cousins, the dragons - kobolds are not inherently social beings and prefer to avoid other civilizations due to what can be only be described as an instinctive distrust for most other creatures. Kobolds are reptilian creatures, typically standing at an average of between 2’-4’ in height and 30-40 pounds (14-18kg) in weight. As with the majority of species in Equestria, male kobolds have a slightly higher average height and weight than females.

        Kobolds favour dark places such as underground caves or overgrown forests to build their homes. This is largely due to having a high susceptibility to changes in luminosity, and as such, they have a incredibly high sensitivity to bright lights and light spells. Living in tribes or small clans, kobolds are dangerously territorial. It is not uncommon to see them sending out patrols in a ten mile radius of their lairs, and they are never hesitant to capture any small creature that is foolish enough to wander too close. There have been the occasional reports of ponies being assaulted by travelling too close to a clan. A group of ten kobolds can swiftly overwhelm even an adult pony if they’re caught unprepared.

        Much akin to the inherent affinity that all ponies have with magic, kobolds have the unique ability to see in the dark, which has proved vital in ensuring their survival over the years. The small size of a kobold can also be regarded as a beneficial trait as they have a much higher agility than their foe should they be forced into open combat.

Conversely, the kobold’s small size also puts them at an obvious disadvantage in combat, and as such kobolds will only hunt alone as a last resort; a lone kobold can be easily defeated by most larger foes. For that reason, kobolds are never seen alone when it comes to hunting, instead favouring large groups of up to ten members. When alone, kobolds become very cowardly when dealing with a foe that is stronger and will usually run away or resort to crude tricks to evade their pursuers such as leading them into thick undergrowth or towards uneven ground where their small size works in their favour.

        Due to their unethical habits and the gratuitous distrust they have towards other races (the only exception being, bizarrely, the changelings), kobolds are rarely, if ever, seen in civilized society. Despite this, kobolds have been known to occasionally establish tenuous trade agreements with other races, a rather famous example being the Griffin-Kobold trade pact of DB49**. This is more likely down to a mutual benefit as opposed to any desire for diplomatic association.

        Not much else is truly known about the kobolds as the records of their species vary greatly depending on the source. After much cross-referencing (and many close-encounters), this entry is a complete summary of what we know about the kobolds.