• Published 10th Apr 2014
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Archimedes - Mr101

A strange metal creature wanders into Ponyville one day, right in the middle of the Summer Solstice Celebration. And he won't leave Celestia alone.

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Chapter XI - With the Princess of Loves Approval.

Author's Note:

[Edits to come, lemme know of any big errors!]


Chapter XI - With the Princess of Loves Approval.

Discord groaned loudly as he continued to move his arm back and forth, dragging a tin cup across a set of bars that were in front of him in the prison cell he sat in. He was wearing a black and white stripped shirt with a small badge that had a few numbers on it along with a small hat that sat slightly crooked in between his horns. The sounds a of a violin playing sad music was filling the room along with the sounds of the cup being dragged across the bars.

“I wanna go home! I can’t take this anymore! Someone get my mama!” Discord wailed.

Moon Dancer groaned, “Oh for the love of everything holy, will you shut up!?”

The bat pony scowled at Discord from the sofa she was sitting on and reading a magazine. Discord looked back from the small cage that held him that dangled from the ceiling. The cage was so small that his legs poked through the bars and dangled below along with his tail that protruded behind him.

“I must admit, Discord.It is a rather irritating sound,” Archimedes added, standing by the wall of the room.

Discord pouted, “Oh, you two are no fun!”

“Good,” Moon replied, “because your fun gets us in bloody trouble!”

“Hey, you didn’t have to join in ya know!” Discord snapped back.

“Well we could of avoided the whole mess if you just acted like a normal pony for a few bloody hours and got the bloody job done. Normally!” Moon shouted back, “But ooooooh no, you couldn’t even do that! You're Like a bloody hyperactive child!”

Discord snapped his talons and the cage along with the outfit vanished and he appeared in front of Moon, his snout pressed against her face.

“You take that back, you fruit head!” Discord shouted.

“What did you call me? Frankenstable monster reject!”

“Overgrown fruit pest!”

Archimedes watched with concern as his friends continued to bicker, getting louder and louder as they butted heads.

“My friends, please stop. There’s no need for this—”

“Stay outta this, Archy!” Moon and Discord shouted at the robot.

The machine blinked as he was taken by surprise and remained quiet as the two continued to shout before he arched his back a little as if he was taking a deep breath. He then lurched forward a little and let out a long and loud whistle as if a steam locomotive was in the room. The whistle forced the draconequus and bat pony to hold their ears as the room rattled. Archimedes slowly stopped as the two lay on the floor groaning.

“My apologies, it was the only way I could think to get you two to stop.”

“I-It’s fine…” Moon groaned rubbing her head before glaring at Discord, “This isn’t over, you know?”

The bat pony stared at Discord and blinked as she watched the draconequus looking back at her from the floor, resting his chin on his hands as he gazed at her with a dumb looking smirk.

“What?” She asked.

“You’re really cute when you’re angry, you know that?” He purred.

Moon Dancer felt her cheeks warm up as she blushed before she grabbed a pillow from the sofa and walloped Discord in the head with it, ignoring the laughing draconequus. The laughter was somewhat contagious and soon the bat pony found herself giggling before laughing loudly along with the metal man who was happy to see the two finally no longer arguing.

“Well, I’m glad everyone is having a good time.”

The three turned to the door that lead into the room to see Celestia looking back at them with her brow raised. Moon Dancer immediately stood to attention and saluted nervously as Discord rested his head on top of hers, not particularly phased.

“P-Princess!” Moon Said with a forced smile.

“Yo,” Discord said with a casual wave of his paw.

Archimedes remained silent as he lowered his head in respect.

Celestia’s facade wavered and she smiled before shaking her head, “At ease, my little pony.”

She entered the room and was followed by Princess Luna, the elements and a new alicorn that Archimedes had never seen before.

“Goodness, just how many more alicorns are there, my love?”

Celestia’s eyes went wide as she quickly brought up a hoof to her hips and tried to shush the robot, but it was too late.

“Love?” Cadance asked, tilting her head as she looked at the giant metal creature.

“Indeed,” Archimedes happily replied, “Celestia is my beloved!”

“Oh lord, here we go…” Luna groaned, slapping a hoof to her face.

Celestia quickly looked at her niece who was slowly looking back and forth between Celestia and the robot. The pink alicorn’s eyes slowly widened as a large open smile formed on her mouth. She gasped loudly before letting out a loud squeal of happiness and trotted quickly on the spot.

“Oh my goodness, that’s so adorable!” She giggled.

“Cadance…” Celestia groaned softly.

“I mean, I’ve never seen you with anypony and me and Shiny thought you were just waiting for the right pony. But now, now I see you were just waiting for the right being!”

Celestia rolled her eyes, ignoring the giggling of her sister and the elements as Cadance trotted over to Archimedes and inspected him all over. The metal man watched with curiosity as he was inspected, watching as Cadance hovered in front of his face.

“Oh, and he is very exotic looking. Auntie. You have some interesting tastes in partners,” Cadance teased.

Before Celestia could speak, the pink alicorn turned to address Archimedes.

“So how long have you too been an item?” Cadance asked, her eyes wide and sparkling with excitement.

“Oh for many a year, my dear alicorn friend!” Archimedes proudly replied with a metallic, hardy chuckle, “Our love is like the sun, forever burning even when it is night! Nothing can extinguish our passion, our burning desire for one another!”

Celestia felt her cheeks burn a deep red as the night Princess burst into laughter and fell to the floor as Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash soon joined her. Moon Dancer was struggling hard not to laugh as Discord sat in a directors chair, holding a megaphone whilst a clone of himself held up an old fashioned film camera, filming the event.The pink alicorn peeked over her shoulder and smirked at Celestia.

“It’s settled,” Cadance nodded, “As the Princess of Love and all forms that love can take. I give this loving relationship my official blessing!”

There was a moment of silence before the laughter returned in full force and louder than before, the elements rolling with the night princess and the bat pony in hysterics with the exception for Twilight and Rarity who remained standing up and struggling not to join in on the contagious laughter. Archimedes tilted his head, confused as to why his friends were all laughing but soon joined in with a soft chuckle. The pink alicorn continued to examine the metal man’s body, noticing just how shiny he was as she stared at her reflection. She also noted how much he was built to resemble an knight from the pasts armor.

“Huh, looks like he’s your knight in shining armor. How about that... you must tell me how you and he—”

Okay!” Celestia interrupted quickly with her royal voice, her cheeks burning as she struggled to control her expression and coughed into her hoof.

Cadance landed with a giggle and looked over to Archimedes who was smiling at his beloved as the laughing subsided. Celestia looked to Archimedes as she raised a hoof in gesture at Cadance.

“Archimedes, this is my dear niece, Princess Cadance. She and her husband, Captain Shining Armor, rule the Crystal Empire to the far north.”

“A pleasure to make your acquaintance, your majesty,” Archimedes replied, gently kneeling and bowing to the pink alicorn who smiled.

“Please, no need to bow. And just call me Cadance.”

“Cadance, this is our dear friend, and somewhat of a troublemaker, Archimedes. One of Starswirl's old creations.”

Cadance politely bowed to the robot a little as she smiled. With the pleasantries over, Celestia inhaled and exhaled before she began talking.

“Now, before we continue with today’s agenda. I need to deliver punishments to the three of you.”

“Wasn’t what Pinkie did enough?!” Discord shuddered, wrapping around Moon Dancer like a snake till just her head was visible, resting his head on top of hers, “I see see the pink elephants in my dreams…”

“G-get off me!” Moon spluttered as she struggled in Discord’s playful grip.

Celestia tittered, “Relax, Discord. This isn’t that bad.”

“Oh, and how so?” Discord asked, still wrapped around the struggling bat pony.

Celestia smiled as she looked to Luna, “Sister?”

Luna nodded, “Private Dancer, your punishment will be that you shall take all bathroom barrack cleaning details for the next month.”

Moon Dancer internally groaned but nodded her head softly, “I understand, Princess.”

“That being said, you will still be Archimedes private guard,” Luna finished with a smile.

Moon smiled with a toothy grin and nodded, relieved that she was still able to be around Archimedes.

Celestia smiled as she turned her attention to the the draconequus, “As for you, Discord…”

Discord yelped as Celestia’s horn shone brightly and something snapped around his wrist. He looked down to see a metal bracelet wrapped around it. He snapped his talons but the bracelet refused to come off, making the draconequus frown.

“What did you do?” He asked the alicorn as he continued to try and remove the bracelet.

Celestia tittered as she smirked mischievously, “Oh… nothing. Just a harmless magic suppressing bracelet me and Luna created after your re-formation. Just as a precaution.”

The draconequus looked up at the alicorn slowly before he glared and crossed his arms, turning his head away with a huff.

“I don’t like this. Not one bit,” he pouted.

Celestia rolled her eyes, “Oh, get over it. It won’t be forever.”

“So, when does it come off?” He asked as he inspected it, “Do I have to do something that proves I can accept someone loving me, and I then return that love back or something ridiculous as that? Hasn’t that been done before?” He scoffed as he inspected the bracelet.

Cadance blinked as she turned to Luna, “What on Equestria is he blabbering about?”

“I don’t know, perhaps something from his past?” Luna replied.

Pinkie opened her mouth to answer, but decided it was best to keep what she knew to herself, giggling softly.

Celestia couldn’t help but let herself have a playful, yet mischievous giggle as she smiled innocently at Discord.

“Nope, it comes off when I say so.”

“Oh come on!” Discord whined, “that’s not fair!”

“With you, Discord. I have to be sometimes,” Celestia replied.

Discord huffed as Moon snickered at his misfortune. Archimedes began to twiddle his metal fingers as he waited for his punishment patiently. However, Celestia turned away and started to head out of the room.

“Come along, everypony. The day is still young,” the alicorn said with a smile.

“Wait!” The machine replied as he took a step forward with an outstretched arm.

“Yes, Archimedes?” Celestia replied.

“Not to sound like I’m demanding anything from you, my beloved. But…. what about my punishment? I am to blame as much as the other two and I should join them in equal punishment.”

Celestia smile up at the automaton, “Aside form you are still serving community service. I think a few more days on top of the original time will suffice.”

Archimedes nodded as the draconequus flailed his arms.

“Oh come on! How come he doesn't get as bad a punishment?! Even Moony doesn't have it that bad!” Discord whined loudly.

“Moony?” Moon asked as she looked at Discord.

Discord suddenly dropped his whining facade and smirked at the bat pony, his eyes half closed as he spoke in a teasing tone, “Cute name for a cute bat.”

Moon’s cheeks went red as she looked away annoyed at his teasing, her nose scrunched up and ears flat on her head. Cadance noticed this and winked at Moon Dancer, which only made the mare’s cheeks go a darker shade of red. During this, Discord failed to notice Celestia had stopped walking out of the room, and had turned around. The draconequus chuckled as he turned back to find Celestia now mere inches from his own face and yelped slightly in surprise.

“Because, Discord. It was your magic that brought those creatures out of your game. It was your fault they couldn’t be subdued before they caused damage to the reconstruction and it was your influence that swayed the other two to play your game. That is why you have your punishment and they have theirs.”

Discord went to protest but looked over at Luna, Cadance and the elements who were looking back with a stern look and all shaking their heads, as if to say to the draconequus not to argue back.

“Fair point…” he muttered.

“Not to worry, old sport,” Archimedes chuckled as he patted Discord’s back, “My love is merciful as she is radiant with beauty and I’m certain it shan’t be for too long.”

As Celestia felt her cheeks burn again, and felt the eyes of her niece on her again, Discord groaned dramatically as he brought his arm to his forehead and wailed.

“Oh but my dear, Archimedes!” He wailed as the white alicorn rolled her eyes. The violins from before began to play again as Discord flopped back first onto Archimedes who caught him, two waterfalls of tears shot out of Discord’s eyes as he blubbered, “How will I cope with the day to day activities of life without my full power? How can I, an innocent draconequus find any sort of entertainment without my magic?”

As the others rolled their eyes, Archimedes chuckled, “I’m certain you will find something, my friend.”

“Or somepony, right, Moony?” Discord smirked at the batmare, giving her a wink.

“W-Will you cut that out?!” Moon Dancer snarled as she blushed, “It’s not funny anymore!”

“I beg to differ,” Pinkie giggled.

Luna and the others giggled slightly as Discord waggled his eyebrows ‘seductively’ at the angry red faced bat pony, who had tried to launch herself at the draconequus but was held back by Archimedes.

“Lemme at him! I’ll pummel his face so hard he’ll feel it in a different dimension!” She snarled, blushing furiously.

“Promise?” Discord replied with a sweet smile before yelping as something hit him on the head, “Hey!”.

Celestia lowered the hoof she used to hit the draconequus and shook her head, “Enough, Discord.”

Fine. Spoilsport.” Discord huffed.

“Now, I’m sure everypony is busy. So we shall all bid you good day and see you all for dinner at the castle,” Celestia smiled.

The group started to chatter to one another as they all began to slowly disperse from the room.

“I think I will visit the shops, myself.” Rarity said as she brushed her mane with a hoof.

Pinkie bounced along as she giggled, “Oh! Oh! Rainbow Dash, wanna come to the town bakery with me!?”

“Only if you're buying—OW!” Rainbow replied before yelling out as Applejack hit her with a hoof.

“Ah’ll come with yah, Pinkie. Jus’ in case this one tries to get outta payin’.”

Fluttershy trotted over Discord and smiled, taking his paw in her hoof, “We can always go and feed the ducks if you want, Discord.”

Discord shrugged, ignoring Rainbow Dash and Applejack snickering at him, “Eh, I suppose so. I got nothing else to do today.”

The draconequus snapped a talon and both he and the pegasus vanished as the rest of the elements walked out the room. As Archimedes began to leave with moon Dancer on his shoulder, Celestia raised a hoof.

“Not you, Archimedes. We need to ask you something.”

“Oh? What’s that?” Archimedes asked curiously.

Rainbow Dash, who was the last of the elements to leave, turned and tilted her head as Twilight remained behind, “Twi, you coming?”

“I’ll catch you up later, Rainbow. Princess type stuff,” Twilight replied with a smile.

Rainbow scrunched up her nose and made a retching sound, “Urgh, no thanks. See you guys at dinner!”

“Princess, do you wish for me to leave during this discussion?” Moon Dancer asked.

Princess Luna shook her head, "No, please stay. After all, you are his guard and this will involve you.”

As Twilight waved Rainbow goodbye and closed the door, Celestia made her way to the window and looked out towards where the everfree forest stood.

“Archimedes, do you remember where you were when you awoke?”

The mechanical man stroked his chin as he looked up in thought, “Yes… I believe I do. It was an old tower that had some sort of laboratory in it. Why do you ask, my dear?”

“Many years ago,” she began, “Starswirl mysteriously vanished and no pony knows how or where he went. Not even myself, his best friend.”

Archimedes nodded as Celestia continued.

“I scoured the archives and could find nothing about his death, his burial grounds. I simply do not know what happened to him.”

Archimedes could sense the sadness in Celestia’s voice as she spoke. He had an overwhelming urge to pick her up and hold her close, to comfort her and whisper silly things to her to cheer her up but restrained himself as Luna continued for her sister.

“That’s why, Archy. We need to ask you a favor.”

“Anything.” Archimedes replied.

Celestia looked over to the machine and smiled, “We need you to take us to his tower. There must be something there that can tell us what happened.”

Archimedes chuckled, “Then let’s not delay! I shall take you there right now!”

He let out another hearty chuckle before he confidently strode out the room, his heavy feet stomping on the ground as he turned a corner and down the corridor leaving the four alicorns and the bat pony behind.

“Auntie… does he know—” Cadance started.

“Give it a second, your highness,” Moon Dancer giggled.

The stomping in the distance suddenly came to a halt. There was a long pause before the stomping resumed but this time got louder, indicating Archimedes was heading back. The machine poked his head into view as the four looked at him with amused expressions.

“Uhm… perhaps, one of you should lead the way as I have no idea how to get back to Ponyville...”

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