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Kobolds have a knack for cowardice and sadism. But not Tak.

Tak disagreed with how his race acted and yearned for something more out of life. After finding a book about a certain daring pegasus who had a thirst for adventure, Tak dreams of having his own adventures. Armed with his favorite spear, a makeshift bag and a determined soul, he abandons his clan and ventures forth into the unknown.

However, when he runs into a mischievous orange filly, a motherly pegasus and their friends, he soon finds himself caught up in something far bigger than he could ever imagine.

Thanks to my pre-reader and editor Vexy go give some of his work a look!

Cover art by me, background found on Google.

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Feel the wrath of Canadian lumber?

So Tak's going to save Scootaloo from a cockatrice? (Or vice versa). Looks like this is going to be good.

Tak, Equestria's own little DeekIn(a kabold bard from the Neverwinter games). This is going to be good, or at lest funny.

Neato, a cross between D&D and MLP. Good beginning! It really makes me eager to see the rest! :D

Kobolds are the best D&D race. Scootaloo is the best Crusader. The combination will be epic!

Reminds me of Larka, a kobold bard I'm playing every other Friday. XD I'll admit I thought the idea was... Rather odd, but it's turning out well. Great work, keep it up!

Go Tak! Unleash your inner hero! :pinkiehappy:

This looks like it'll be a lot of fun.

Did someone say kobolds? Instafave.

Also it's good to see my idea for a story will still be original.

Kobolds are my jam! Let's do this!

Oh dear lord...here's hoping Fluttershy doesn't freak out too much when she sees Tak.

...I have a sudden mental image of Scootaloo finding a Juju.

And now Scootaloo is in the story. Yup, this is gonna be awesome. :D :scootangel:

So it begins...
*Grabs a bucket of popcorn, sits down*

Why do I hear Deekin's voice when Tak speaks? "Tak greets the noble hero!"

Deekin has ruined me on kobolds forever. Or maybe not, he was pretty awesome.

This makes me want to go back and play my kobold paladin. First time our DM didn't have combat in a game cause I kept helping out the groups of orcs and stuff we encountered.

This is good! :pinkiehappy:
I like your taste in music.

I almost lost it when you had you mentioned the chicken right after Scootaloo appeared.

Kobold's have a knack for cowardice

Grammar senses... tingling.
The apostrophe after Kobold declares it to be a possessive, i.e. the Kobold owns something – the Kobold's cowardice.
Since you are talking about kobolds in general, you don't use the apostrophe (The capital K is fine because it's the first word in the sentence).
This message brought to you by my increasingly OCD grammar knowledge.


No, no, he probably ruined kobolds... Little bugger.

I see this going great places. That is all.

I caught wind of the Dod reference just by seeing the picture!
hmm... I always thought for equestrian years would still be ###AD, just AD standing for "After Discord"


Some call it cowardice, others call it strategy, more others call it annoying as hell.

Just be glad it's not an entire clan of this fellow.

He imagined himself off on an adventure like Daring Do, fighting off viscous monsters

Viscous? Ooh! Like slimes?


Ahh, the classic DnD monster. You have good taste, Tak. Have a moustache. :moustache:

Tak is interesting character. Riot likes!!

Whee! :D

Now we wait until Twilight smashes Tak repeatedly agains the walls while Flutters and Scoots try to stop her.

For some reason I though this was about WoW's kobolds. You no take candle.

Reminds me of Deekin from Neverwinter Nights

I instantly was reminded of unforgotten realms.


Kobold powers activate. Also known as making a trap and fleeing for your life.


This is looking very good so far, but the sizes you have mentioned seem very off. You said kobolds were two to four feet tall, but that puts them at about the same size as ponies which (with the obvious exception of the princesses) appear to be about three to four feet tall to the top of the head. That does still leave the kobolds smaller than the ponies when you consider the fact that kobolds are bipedal, but not enough for any of the comparisons to make any sense, especially the book (notebook paper is 8.5x11 inches, and virtually all novels are smaller than that). Of course, this is easily fixed by changing the numbers on kobolds to something more sensible like 1.5 to 2.5 feet tall, although you might be able to get away with making them a little taller than that if you explicitly mention that Tak is small for a kobold.

Also, I am very much looking forwards to the inevitable Fluttershy freakout and ensuing mass panic next chapter. It should be hilarious.:trollestia:


Size was something I discussed with Mr101. While I can't speak for him, I can say that I believe the fic interprets ponies to be taller than the three or four feet you're suggesting. Secondly, it was explicitly stated that Tak was 2'8", hinting he was smaller than average. Finally, it was mentioned that the book was particularly large (only more so by the fact that it was designed to be used by a pony).

However, you've said naught but good points. Thank you for raising them. :twilightsmile:


You know, the moment I wrote that word, I knew there was something fishy about it. :ajbemused: Thanks for pointing that one out; I wouldn't have given it a second thought otherwise.


So help me, I'm going to get that line somewhere in this fic... :trollestia:


Thanks. I don't know why, but that one sailed straight over my head when I first looked at it. That's pretty bad of me; the description is one of those things that needs to be grammar-perfect or else bad things happen.


3363985 This is a very good comparison image to look at, although it is too big to embed so I am going to pots a link. It uses Angel Bunny as a way to directly scale Fluttershy between her appearance in MLP and Equestria Girls and clearly shows that she is only about three feet tall.


This is wonderful. I think you could slow down and show a bit more here and there, but I'm loving the characters and the humor. Using a kobolt is pretty clever. It lets you do a HIE, without the human. And being just tall enough to ride ponies, makes for some awesome humor potential.

Ah, Kobolds. A staple of low-level dungeon crawls, but with a knack for stealth and trap making that can give even a seasoned party of adventurers (or pranksters) a challenge.
Definitely an original choice for a crossover, and I can't wait to see how you're going to play this out.

Fun Fact: Dragons, being significantly larger, stronger, and longer-lived while still bearing such similar features to Kobolds, are a common target of worship among their smaller cousins.:moustache:

Saw Kobold. Pressed Like.

Saw that you had written the Chicken Goddess, and the Tia and Woona filly fics. Follow'd.

Read the fic. Fav'd.

You, my good sir or ma'am, win science.


Thank, glad you liked them all. :twilightsmile: First time I've gotten a comment with a '___ approved' pciture. :pinkiehappy:


No problemo. Glad to help.

Oh, and just in case it helps, the proper spelling is vicious.

I :heart: kobolds for some strange reason.

And while Fluttershy might be scared at first :fluttershyouch: It's mostly because it would be a new being.

Just like with Spike, Fluttershy is going to love Tak. :yay:

I have a feeling that Tak will be on the opposite end of a Fluttershy tackle hug, that also involves treating Tak like one of her small furry friends.:twilightsmile:

3363985 most kobolds according to Races of the Dragon and Monster Manual stand at 2 and a half feet to three feet tall. four foot kobolds would be really a kind of uncommon anomally. not unheard of but not average.

This has my interest. More, please. :pinkiesmile:

the large hurt and waited.

There's an extra r there

“Yeah, “Scootaloo sighed

You put the space on the wrong side of the quote here

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