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You Hate Me · 12:36am Nov 29th, 2013

Or not, Hate is a strong word. Dislike would be more accurate.
I give very pointed, but blunt advice. I can tell you what you're doing wrong and perhaps tell you what to do right. But that is something you have to figure out for yourself.
I routinely downvote anything with a [Human] tag unless: It is part of a reasonable crossover (I.e. not done because, "lol I want them to meet for funsies").

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I agree with the thing you put at the right. It is so true. Maybe you should tell that to this author who made the story "The Darkness Rise".

874330 Writing is a pain. I can't use my computer yet because MY DAD HASN'T FIXED IT YET!!!!!!! I have no idea how to anyways.

Just because I haven't posted the 180 or so thousand words I've written, doesn't mean I don't write. I certainly remember the weeks I spent editing.
I hope you've realized that writing is not easy. It takes a lot of effort and dedication, and if you don't put the effort in then you'll won't receive likes.

You have never made a story. I tried my best to make my story, and you say I slacked off. You make a story. Mine's incomplete anyways. You are the one with half a heart. Go look at your inner self to see the truth.

Thanks for adding "Chronomistress" to your favorites! :rainbowkiss:

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