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Chaotic Love Part II: The Children of Chaos & Kindness - Mr101

[Sequel to Chaotic Love] Ten years on and Discord and Fluttershy are living in peace with their three children. But Discord's past threatens to destroy everything he now cherishes above all else.

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Chapter II - Family Reunion.

Chaotic Love Part II: The Children of Chaos and Kindness.

Chapter II - Family Reunion

“Time’s running out, Discord…”

Discord shot up in his bd with a gasp. He looked around his bedroom, squinting through the darkness as the moonlight barely creeped in through the slit of the curtains. He looked down to the form of his sleeping wife and smiled as he watched her chest slowly rise up and down.

“Must be hearing things…” he muttered.

He smacked his lips as he realised just how thirsty he actually was. With a slow and quiet swing of his legs as to not disturb Fluttershy. he got out of bed and scratched his bare stomach which was followed by a loud growl.

“Guess I’ll fix myself a drink and a snack.”

As he started to walk out of the room and down the corridor towards the stairs, he stopped and smacked himself in the forehead.

“Right… magic,” he grumbled.

Just as he was about to summon some food and drink with his magic, a crash coming from downstairs caught his attention. With a quick soft movement, he raced down stairs and readied himself for any intruder he might find. Carefully walking through the living room towards the kitchen as he squinted in the darkness to try and catch any sign of movement.

A second, louder crash came from the kitchen and he leaned against the wall, peeking into the darkness. Counting to three in his head, he switched on the light and immediately cast an embolization spell in the whole are.

“Alright! What the hell… do you… huh…” he muttered as he looked around the empty room, “huh… guess I am imagining things…”

He shrugged and started to make himself a sandwich when he heard a sound every parent fears.

A child’s scream.

Discord immediately teleported to Songflower's room and looked around for any signs of trouble, ready to fight it. What he saw was something far worse than hearing a child's scream.

A child missing.

His eyes widened as he dashed out of her room and towards the twins room, “ENTROPY! PANDY! SONGFLOWER?!”

He backed up slightly as he stared into their empty room, his head shaking from side to side, “No… no no no no no… FLUTTERSHY!”

Discord ran into their room to see his wife still lying in their bed. He rushed over and roughly shook her, panic filling his every fiber. “FLUTTERSHY! WAKE UP THE CHILDREN—”

He fell backwards and crashed to the floor as his wife’s body rolled out of the bed, blood pouring from the open wound in her chest. Her eyes wide and lifeless as Discord’s chest began to rise, he slowly reached over to her body, his hand trembling and tears silently falling down his cheek.

“No… no this… t-this can’t be happening…” he whispered.

“True, this isn’t happening… at least... not yet.”

Discord spun round at the voice coming from behind him and came face to face with a swirling mass of shadows and two white eyes, “W-who are you?! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY WIFE AND CHILDREN?!”

The shadows chuckled as the room shifted to a familiar scene. Discord’s childhood home.

“You really don’t understand a thing do you, Discord?” it spoke with a mocking tone.

“DON’T PLAY GAMES WITH ME, FILTH!” Discord roared as his magic flared up.

He grabbed a nearby chair with his magic and crashed it into the shadow, only for it to phase through it completely and crash into the wall.

“Oh, come now, Discord,” it tuttered, “there’s no need for violence… I’m only here to deliver a message.”

“And what, pray tell, is that…” Discord said in a cold tone.

“Time is running out… this will soon be your future,” the shadow cuckled darkly.

“What do you mean? SPEAK!”

The shadow merely began to laugh which increased in volume as the dream world began to crumble in on itself and Discord was cast out, screaming as he blacked out.

Discord shot up in bed with a start, panting softly as he stared ahead of him wide eyed.

‘A nightmare… it was just a nightmare...’ he thought.

He heard Fluttershy humming nearby and cocked his head to his right and grinned at the sight with a lustful murr. Fluttershy was in nothing but her white, lacy underwear and was rummaging through some drawers with her ass raised up at him and her hips gently swaying. She clearly didn't notice her husband was awake and he took great enjoyment out of it.

With a quick but quiet movement of his body, Discord rose up from the bed and creeped behind Fluttershy. With a raise of his hand and a playful grin, he brought it down, slapping Fluttershy across her ass hard.

Fluttershy yelped as she jumped, turning round on the spot, “D-Discord!”

“Morning, sweetheart,” he smiled innocently.

“Yes. Morning,” she replied with a glare as she rubbed her backside.

“Oh, come now. I couldn’t resist!” Discord grinned.

Fluttershy rolled her eyes and giggled softly as she planted a soft kiss on his lips, “I guess not. Are you okay, honey? You seem a bit pale…” she asked tilting her head.

“Oh, just a weird dream is all. Nothing to worry about,” Discord lied with a wave of his hand.

“Alright,” Fluttershy replied, buying the lie, “are you ready to go have this chat with Miss Cheerilee?”

“Hm? Oh right, that,” Discord muttered as he rubbed the back of his head, “listen… ‘Fluttershy… can you do it alone? There’s… there’s something I need to take care of…”

Fluttershy looked at him worriedly, “Discord? Are you sure you’re okay?”

“I’m alright, don’t worry. I just need to check something out, that’s all. I’ll cook us all dinner tonight to make up for it, how’s that sound?”

“Alright… but I’m always here if you need to talk, dear,” Fluttershy replied as she kissed his lips.

“As I to you,” he smiled to her.

“Thank you so much for doing this, Rarity,” Fluttershy smiled as she embraced her friend.

“Not at all, Darling. It’s what friends are for.”

“Rarity?” Sweetie Belle asked as she walked up to her, “can me and Songflower go play in the store room where you keep all your old costumes and dress?”

“I don’t see why not, Sweetie,” Rarity smiled, “just don’t break anything.”

“Okay!” Sweetie Belle grinned before turning to Songflower, “come on, let’s go!”

“Okay, bye mummy,” Songflower smiled as she hugged Fluttershy.

“See you later, sweetheart. You be good okay?”

Songflower nodded with a smile as she and Sweetie ran towards the back of the store giggling.

Pandemonium sighed as he dreamly watched after Sweetie Belle, a goofy grin on his face as his brother nudged his side.

“Dude, you so have a crush on her,” he snickered.

“I do not!” Pandemonium protested.

“Aww, he reminds me of Spike at his age,” Rarity giggled along with Fluttershy.

Pandemonium’s cheeks went a crimson red as his brother burst out laughing at the adults cooing before storming off, “W-whatever! I’m gunna go find Opal.”

“Do be careful with her this time, Pandemonium,” Rarity called after him, “it took me ages to sort out those claw marks in the furniture.”

“I need to be heading off now, I’ll see you later on okay, dear?” Fluttershy smiled as she kissed Entropy’s head.

“Alright, mum. See ya!” he replied before running after his brother.

“Boys will be boys,” Rarity tittered before looking at Fluttershy with a serious look on her face, “I take it you don’t want me to mention her eye?”

Fluttershy nodded, “Please, she told me last night if she looked ugly which of course is a completely silly thing.”

Rarity gasped as she placed a hand over her mouth, “Oh the poor thing, she should never doubt her beautiful looks… Oh! How about I give her a makeover? Do you think that will cheer her up?”

“That would be lovely, thank you,” Fluttershy smiled, “I need to be going now though or I’ll be late, thank you again , Rarity.”

“Like I said, darling. it really is no trouble,” Rarity smiled as she hugged Fluttershy again, “now off you pop!”

Fluttershy smiled as she exited the store and made her way towards the school, cringing slightly when she heard a loud crash followed by Opal wailing loudly.

Rain hammered against the old ruined building far to the east of the small town of what was New Hoofshire, stood in the shadows of the forest behind it, abandoned and run down from years of neglect. As the rain continued to pour onto the roof of the building, there was a flash of white and Discord appeared before it wrapped up in a long trench coat and hat.

He turned his attention to a small hidden garden nearby and walked over to it, kneeling down in front of a medium sized grey stone that was erected in the ground.

“Hello, mother… father… it’s me, Discord…”

Discord stared at the tombstone of his mother and father’s graves in silence for a few moments before he continued, “I… I’m sorry I haven't come to visit you two recently in the last ten years… I mean, I already explained the uh… one thousand year absence.”

He nervously chuckled as he smiled at the stone, “Songflower’s tenth birthday is coming up soon… you’d be so proud of her. She reminds me so much of you, mother. The way she loves everything in life, just like her mother…”

Discord wiped the tears that had formed in his eyes as he continued, “And, you’d be pleased to hear the twins are as mischievous as always,” he chuckled softly, “I have them being models for a friend today and they don’t know, you should’ve seen their faces when I pretended I wasn’t serious.”

A long silence hung over him as the rain continued to assault him before he let out a long sigh and looked up into the grey, cloudy sky above him.

“Okay… I’ll be straight with you two, the nightmares I told you about a few years ago? Well… they’re coming back to me. I haven’t told anyone yet as I do not wish to worry my wife or children with my burdens. I ask your forgiveness for the main reason I am here, I need to go into the room you showed me when I was a child and make sure of something…”

He stood up from his kneeling position and looked at the grave one last time before he returned to the front of the building and gazed up at it with a soft smile before he headed inside, opening the door carefully with his magic.

“Home sweet home…” he chuckled to himself.

It was incredible to him how the building had remained virtually untouched in the past one thousand years, possibly thanks to his mother’s spell around it that protected it from being seen by people from the outside.

He walked along the floorboards which groaned with every footstep he took and he approached a mantlepiece. Stopping for a moment he picked up the old and dusty photo frame from where it was standing and blew off some of the dust, looking down at the picture with a warm smile.

Situated in the middle with the biggest grin he could muster was a young Discord, looking much like his sons now. Either side of him were his parents, his father, Entropy, was looking at the camera with the proudest expression anyone could have as his arm was wrapped around a very beautiful woman.

His mother, Eris.

Returning the photo to its rightful place Discord turned and headed towards a very old looking door. He opened it carefully as it creaked loudly on it sol, rusty hinges. He closed his eyes and re-opened them albeit they were now glowing softly allowing him to see into the darkness.

He descended the wooden stairs that creaked just like the floorboards as he pushed past cobwebs that were strewn about all over the place. A couple of bats managed to escape as the man of chaos disturbed their sleep. Discord came to a stop at the end of the stairs and looked around. Nothing had been touched down here in a long time.

“This is good… but there’s only one way to satisfy my concerns…” he muttered to himself.

Discord slowly approached the far end of the wall and gently placed his hand flat against it making some dust blow up into the air. Concentrating with all his magic, his hand glowed red as a strange symbol of a circle with several arrows pointing out of it emerged on the wall. The wall them groaned before a low rumble echoed in the room as the walls began to part revealing another set of stairs that descended into the darkness.

Picking up a nearby bit of wood that was lying on the ground and lighting it like a torch, he reluctantly made his way down the stairs feeling his magic instantly dampened the second he past the wall and the hidden magic dampener spell that surrounded it. As the secret door closed behind him, Discord reached the bottom of the stairs and walked forwards to where a pedestal rest with a large ornate box with a gem on top rested.

Taking in a deep breath and exhaling, he slowly reached out and opened the box and instantly let out a sigh of relief.

“Thank the ancestors…” he sighed, “it’s still here…”

He lifted up the contents of the box which was a talisman with the same symbol as the one on the wall from earlier. Discord studied it for a few moments before replacing it back into the box.

“At least that’s eliminated one thing… I guess my nightmares are just that then. Nightmares.”

Satisfied with his findings, he exited the secret chamber and re-entered the basement and sighed in relief as his magic returned to him. He waited for the secret door to close before he placed his hand on the wall again and the symbol vanished. Putting out the torch with his magic, Discord made his way up the stairs and back into his old home before walking out of it again into the rain.

He looked over to where his parents were buried and smiled to it, “I’ll come back soon again, I promise…” he said before whispering, “Maybe… with my family as well…they deserve to meet you as it were…”

With another flash of light, the man of chaos vanished leaving the house alone once again. Discord had failed to, however, notice the two individuals lurking in the forest line who had watched his every movement.

“So.. the house does exist… which means that the talisman of chaos resides inside,” one of them muttered.

“I assume this is what we were searching for?” the other replied.

“Indeed… now we need to figure out how to get inside without alerting Discord to our actions.”

“But that could take months!” the other protested, “that protection spell around the place is too powerful!”

“Patience, my young friend, patience… we have all the time in the world. It does not matter if cracking the spell takes days, weeks, months or even years… we will soon have our prize,” he chuckled softly as the two began to make their way to New Hoofshire.

Author's Note:

[Edited version to come.] Any errors, free free to let me know!

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Ah well, thougt I would try something different. Can't progress in life without a little experimentation. I've changed back to a temp one using the original cover (with the title changed of course) till I can find something better (unless people prefer the changed one.)

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3684637 Apologies accepted! Just try to find someone who can do a good cover pic not some random dude or yourself.

I've read this and Chaotic Love, and might I say, GREAT WORK.
P.S. Have you given consideration to maybe inserting a horizontal line of some other indication where the story changes over from different scenes, like from Fluttershy and Discord to Celestia and Luna?

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Well, many things have happened in the ten year gap and one is the fact the changeling's became allies to Equestria (which will be brought up again, OR WILL IT??)

And thanks, I'll try my best to keep it as good as the first one. (Though I doubt it, many sequels are never as good as the first)

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Unlike with the first story, there isn't going to have much in the way of sex (due to what will happen). The tag is mainly there for sex-like moments such as the part with Discord waking up in the second chapter.

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Okay, the father's name is an error and I'll fix it as soon as I get on my laptop (on my ipod atm) as for the death. There are different ways immortality works, it will be revealed later how he is dead but if you want I can pm you how.

Be silent and enjoy the story

Nah, no spoilers for me, I'll wait for that explanation.
I AM enjoying it, rather well considering minor grammar and run on sentence issues. I just have a tendency to point things out that threw me through a loop.

"Lemme rephrase that, shut the fuck up," C.M. said
"There's no need to be so mean."
Josh suddenly appears in his usual attire; nothing.
"There is always a need to be mean!" Josh shouted.
"Narrator, SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO AWAY!!!" C.M. shouted into the heavens.
"Yeah, narrator, go away." Bob said to the gods above
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This is set about 13 years after the original as far as I know so presumably the foal cast from the original series are in their early 20s (i.e. Sweetie Bell, AppleBloom, Diamond Tiara, etc).

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So Golden Crown, I assume he / she is Diamond Tiara's younger brother? The ages wouldn't match up with him / her being her child and as they were going to talk to Filthy that would fit as well.

In fanon she is by some yeah, me included. But in this universe they aren't. :twilightsmile:

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Apologies for the late reply, Please refer to this blog.

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Shit's going down!

[The SEQUEL to Chaotic Love, reading it is advised.]

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