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The Abyss

Thanks for all the memories.

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The dates on the chapters confuse me.


5588695 The introduction was written/created last, thus having the latest date.

5588707 The story is going to be a minimum of 40k words.

Okay, I'll admit. I don't normally read pony clop. It's not really my cup of tea, since I can't enjoy it erotically with ponies (as opposed to anthro or humanized).

However, the plot here - as well as the set up for consenticles - has grabbed me. I will be reading this.

This is going to get raunchy.

“Rainbow, you have not ridden giant sand worms across a vast desert,”

I understood that reference... I think...

I'm... so going to wait for you to post the rest of the chapters... it'll be worth the wait I believe...

Tentacle monster, not usually my thing, but, ill make an exception...............translation: MOAR!!!:flutterrage:

am i the only one who feels that luna should have get fucked up at the end by the elements for pulling such a dirty trick?

Chapter one: The Proposition:

“Of... a sorts, yes,” Luna said with an amused smile.

"A sort" or "sorts."

Parties are great but festivals are even better!”

Missing comma, great butt.

An interesting beginning to what is looking like six chapters of gratuitous tentacle ravishing.

I look forward to it.


5588951 I fixed the first one, but I'm going to leave the second one as is, as I don't think that's a mistake. I like to think Pinkie is talking so fast she doesn't pause right there, and I'm glad you approve!

Where did you get the cover art?

Soo...what sort of fetishes are going to be in here? Other than tentacles of course.

5589008 I don't really want to say, mainly because it'd ruin the surprise.

Comment posted by Michael Hudson deleted Feb 5th, 2015

*cough* Rainbow Dash chapter is the best *cough*

Comment posted by Bad_Seed_72 deleted Feb 5th, 2015

I'm kinda hoping Rainbow rides it easily and proves she was telling the truth about the sand worm riding.

Then let's it have it's way with her anyway because fuck missing out on the fun part.:rainbowwild:

I dunno... that Applejack one is kinda awesome.

Just wait till the Pinkie chapter goes up :pinkiehappy:

5588796 Well, they're already fully edited and ready to go, save for the twilight one right now. As it sits now, there's over 40k words.

Since no one has said anything yet, this is featured. Though that may be what those two deleted comments were about.

5589678 I'll tell you on skype bud.

All the hype, all the waiting........totally fucking worth it!:rainbowwild:

Rainbow Dash and Applejack, who are competing with each other, both have chapters of exactly the same number of words.

Conspiracy?! :pinkiegasp:

5589461 Please anyone who helped write this or wrote a chapter is a faggot!

Is there any sort of secret code in that each chapter is an even number of words +3? 4k+3, 8k+3, 8k+3...

Before, up in Princess Luna’s deck, she had thought that there would have been an actual saddle for her to use, but she discovered that it was quite the opposite as soon as she had reached the arena floor.

So everything in this rodeo rides...

If this wasn't a collab effort, I'd have had them all ride at once, since any respectable Tentacle monster has more than enough tentacles for six girls.


Nope! I deleted my own comment because I realized it should have been a PM. It's all cleared up now.

I'm still waiting on that consensual tentacle monster romance story, Abyss. One day . . .

Yes! I love tentacle fics and I love you (guys)!


“Please, allow us to escort you upstairs. Dinner is minutes away from being served, and the princesses are ready for you upstairs.”

A bit repetitive, don't ya think?

“I would love to get a close-up look at this creature for, er... studies and whatnot.

This is the equivalent of seeing a hot gril and asking about her name for...research... Good job Twilight.

“However long it wants to, I guess.”

In b4 100,000 word chapter.

Dis gon b gud. i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/293/590/6f6.gif

5593044 Sorry, I only have 40k. :P

Aw shit.

Let's see my checklist for this one. First: Tentacles, check, Second: Bukake, check, and Third: Creampies, check. In other words hot and satisfying. Also I can't wait to see Rarity's pristine white coat stained with cum after it is done rutting her into the ground.

don't you know? Nothing with tentacles is consensual.

That's why it's a challenge. I haven't formally dared Abyss, but I did make mention of the idea once before. I actually would like to see a story that can do this idea well, and I'm sure that Abyss could. Unfortunately, I don't think he wants to. :rainbowlaugh:

This fanfiction requires to be read while listening to Mittsies.

Comment posted by Maxes Altho deleted Feb 7th, 2015


Also I can't wait to see Rarity's pristine white coat stained with cum after it is done rutting her into the ground.

5595592 ...this story has only been up for about half a week. I made the chapters on the dates specified.

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