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All the clop, all the time.

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I don't know If anyone else did but I like this a lot, like enough to where I would love to see a squeal or two to this.

PS. Honestly, I didn't like the ending to the Rainbow Dash tentacle story either.

I know the story you're talking about. Didn't like it. This one was much better, though.

No greater joy than noticing this is marked Incomplete :rainbowwild:

So what's next? Twilight adjusting to her new, sexier outlook? Digging up appropriate 'pets' for her friends from the Plane of Lust? Just banging her way through the population of Ponyville? I'm eager to find out.

Hay author I wasn't warned about any tentacles in this story

Oh my gosh! Your version of Twilight is such a slut, I like it. I'm surprised that she gave Bit Meister proof of her sluttyness though, doesn't seem like a smart move, but oh god was that letter funny. I'm guessing you're American as Twilight is so liberal and Bit Meister is like the ultimate Republican. I mean with that tax law and seriously, I bet every Republican wishes they could have a secretary that gives blowjobs on demand.

I gotta say the letter Twilight wrote to Bit Meister was hilarious.


It probably would have been a mistake, except for how she informed him. If he were to show that letter as proof, his own public reputation would fall out beneath him, and without it, he looks like a crazy conspiracy theorist.


I was intending to make a sequel, if there was interest, but forgot to mark this as Complete. The interest is there, though, so I'm just going to make them new chapters here.

Oh my gosh this story is great. Beautifully written, funny, kinky, messy, much happier than the story this is based off of. You should have a lot more followers than you do.

I wish I could fuck myself. Oh gosh. The Lolz. Just... and your details on fingering. Man... And the bigger tits and best flank. Tehe! Jeez this story made me giggle reading it the whole time. The casualness of the world, of dark magic, just... I love you! Marry me! And how often you use her wings! So many ponies forget to use those wings effectively. You, sir, did.

Also, fluffy boobies. Who doesn't love fluffy boobie? And the cum. And the mare cum. All of these things. Jizz covered Twilight is best Twilight.

Just hot.

5344293 Yes, of course we do.

I don't normally read clop, but once in a while I indulge, and this is infinitely better than the one it was partially based on. Good thing Twilight is at least moderately intelligent, or this all could have taken a turn for the worse before it was done.


Not tentacle sex, the ending that most fics of this nature have, which is 'an they were all raped by the tentacle monster until they died.

Yep, going into my special favorites right now.

Damnit Larry, you broke the contract. :rainbowlaugh: What is it about the name "Larry" that makes it so compatible with the word "Damnit"? x3

BEST. REFUSAL. EVER!!!! Seriously, so much hilarious awesome after an excellent clop scene is to be praised and commended! I mean, I went into this figuring this would be a nice, simple clop scenario...but then you go right there at the end and pull this!! Better yet, there is more to come if your status on this fic is to be believed! In short, VERY well done, and I'm looking forward to the next chapter GREATLY! Mind you, you've set my expectations a tad high, as now I'm looking forward to some quick whit with my clop now...so best of luck!

Needs a sequel. atleast for long shot, maybe having him help Twilight with Celestia and the other princesses.

Looked interesting, would have read through it, but that darn Anthro tag.


Don't like tits on ponies, huh?:trollestia:

I am confident in my ability to finish this letter, while writing it wih magic

Missed it by thaaaaat much.


Meh. There's always a couple that slip through, even in professional work. Thank you for pointing it out, though.

I'll uh, be right back. Just need to use the naughty boy's ro--:twilightblush:

... Too late...:rainbowderp:

I mostly pointed it out because of where it was, and what she was saying at the moment.


Ah, okay. I fixed it, anyway.

well, that was some top notch consentacles! well done, sir! :pinkiehappy:

I also love that the tentacle creature summoned had a proper body and could talk instead of just being a writhing mass of tentacles. Bonus points for that! :yay:

With a title like that what could possible go wrong


Honestly, that was my number 2 reason for doing this. While I enjoy shoggoths as much as anyone else(except for my friend who has memorized most of Lovecraft's work), I wanted to leave room for extra chapters and sequels, and I have felt for some time that a proper 'tentacle-monster' needed to be made, without using cephalopods. So, I made the growtimps. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

5345765 Exactly. Tentacle sex isn't my "thing" most days, but once in a while I'm up for it. It's the other bit that irks me.

I liked this more for that response letter than the actual fucking. I wish I would be able to be so damn blatant about how much I don't give a fuck with some of the stupid shit I deal with on a daily basis, telling people "Sorry, I think you mistook me for someone who gives a fuck." and "Oh, you must think I caught a case of the give a fucks! Fortunately, I am in perfect health dumbass." Being able to tell someone off like that is something I would love to do without any serious repercussions.

Exactly 8,000 words?
Is... Is this reality? How are you so awesome?


As Professor McGonagall once said, 'sheer, dumb luck'.

So are there going to be more chapters?

That was definitely a great ending :)

Your description of Larry reminded me of one of the monsters from Monsters inc, and that opened up a whole can of... worms?... no tentacles. Imagine if they had to bottle screams of lust instead of fear for power? That would be an entirely different set of doors no?



It would all be college dorm closets.

I think everyone is fair in the hatred of the ending of the other tentacle fic, but look at this site. Are there many other stories on this site(popular ones, at least) where the protagonist doesn't make it out okay? I haven't seen any. It's actually kinda refreshing.


There aren't many right now, but I've seen plenty make it to the featured box. Not all of them were clopfics, but searching 'tentacle' without the tragedy tag turns up about three fics. I personally just wanted to put one out to increase that number.

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