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The Abyss

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Fluttershy shares with Fluttershy?

Yeah, I already fixed that lol.


Maud: "How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh? Ten. Ten tickles."

Pfffft. You and your jokes.:rainbowlaugh:

Well... Let's see what I think about it.

It was a rather interesting read, man. Great work!
Btw, I wonder if you're going through all the mane 6.

If this story does well enough, you better believe I am!

its obviously doing well, so who might be next

Rarity next, then AJ! get everypony in on this thing.

I like to think tentacles and ponies have a symbiotic relationship. Tentacle monsters need ponies because a womb provides warmth and protection, and ponies get great sex in return.

Exactly! Can you imagine how awesome it would be to have access to something like that?

I was thinking Rainbow and Rarity next, and then to Twilight. Oh boy, she's gonna get a kick seeing her friends turned into tentacle sluts. :P

Most likely either Rarity or Rainbow, or maybe both.


oh hey more fics with cropped suggestive pics
always seem to be popping everywhere

This one actually isn't cropped. Check out the source link by placing your mouse on top of the cover art.



regardless of it being cropped or not, seems to be a suggestive picture as a cover art for yet another clopfic.

Well... yeah? It's marked as mature, has the sex tag, and the title includes the word tentacles. It's very much so a clopfic. :twilightblush:



That's why I said 'another'

Wow, that was something. Not a fan of eggs myself, but as always, the tentacles were written great. I wonder why Twilight’s always stingy with these books? Keeping all the good stuff to herself.

Booo! I'm a ghost!!

Haha, right? At least she let Pinkie into her secret room so that she could have a little fun. I don't think that she expected Pinkie to steal her panties, though. Twilight's gonna have a lot of fun dealing with her friends, who will soon have tentacles residing in their wombs to give them pleasure whenever they so choose.

but what about AJ? she needs to get some too. and then onto the friends and royalty too

Definitely can't forget about Applejack! Celestia knows that she needs some stress relief after working her tail off in the orchard!

Panties with tentacles hidden inside? And there's no external visual indication? And they're self-cleaning? It seems like such a waste to wear such a thing only in private. :raritywink:

Good point... hm...

Man it has everything Creampie, panties, tentacles, eggs.
10/10 would read again.... maybe longer next time I want more



More tentacle panties! This is now officially the best day ever!

There's nothing to stop you wearing them in public, though everyone might wonder why you're writing in pleasure.

I don’t know wether to laugh or to feel bad for Twilight cause if this chapter is any example for whatever reason it never implanted any eggs in her


I learned a new word today.

Hehe. I've used that word for years. :P

Oh, she'll get her own healthy dosage of tentacles sooooooon. =D

Creatures laying eggs in ponies?
This is the best of its kind since New Sensations in Procreation please dont stop and give us more :rainbowlaugh:
I dont care if its consentacles or raptacles as long as the mare enjoys it (magical aphrodisiac ftw!:twilightblush:)

I'm gong to go out on a limb and guess that the purple eggs PInkie laid were somehow laced with Twilight's essence, be it magical, genetic or something else, and the ones laid in Fluttershy are pinkie's, thus why when Pinkie passed the panties along to Fluttershy the cutie mark on them had chaged, as an indicator of who the 'father' to the current batch of eggs is.

Thank you for this amazing sequel! I really hope Rainbow’s next, maybe Rarity.

A question, is it an anthro story?

The cover art is of a pony butt, and the story does not have the anthro tag, so no, it's not anthro. I do have some other anthro stories, though!

I've seen enough Hentai to know where this is going.

At first you had my interest when I heard you were focusing on your literature, but with this, now you have my attention.


I saw them but neither is about Fluttershy, and she's my fav character. You have no idea how hard it is to find a good smut story with her without things like Futa, Scat, Lactation, or other disturbing things. Tentacles are fine as long as they're not 'all-the-way-through'.

“I... I think we need to share them with the rest of our friends...” she said, looking into Pinkie’s eyes with a sly grin.


She clenched it tightly against her breast as she closed her eyes, her core positively aflame with lust.

Hope you don't mind, but i would say "chest" would in my opinion be better than "breast" since they are not anthro and therefore have no breasts on their chests.

Pinkie said with a smirk as she flopped down on Pinkie’s bed, tugging her up beside her.

They are at Fluttershy's cottage so i guess you meant "Fluttershy's Bed"?

and maybe Princess Celestia, Cadence, and Luna?!”

BEST IDEA EVER!!! YES PLEASE!!! :yay::yay::trollestia:

“Besides, we fuck like every other day anyways; you know how I can get!”

Great now i can't stop thinking about how THAT happened. :twilightsheepish:
Yes that is something i would also like to know. If Twilights Cutie Mark was on the panties does that mean she was pregnant too and could somehow hide it? Or what happened? :applejackconfused:
Great story can not wait for more.

Please tell me there's a sequel~ Oh! If like to see stubborn Applejack get some fun after (our during) her work on the farm~

Fixed the error about the bed. Thanks!

As for your question, maybe Twilight already gave birth to her eggs? XP

Not yet, but there's a prequel.

There's a link to the prequel at the very top of the story's description.

What happened to getting a sequel?:fluttercry: Its been a few months since this one was released, any plans in the works? :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss:

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