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Always enjoy a good tentacle fic...

But, the inflation bit kinda killed it.

Still... Damn enjoyable.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Nice. I love the mix of the episode from the show and the greek mythology. Scratching that Insatiable Itch was focused on Rainbow and this one is focused on Twilight. I can't wait to read the next story. :rainbowkiss:

This was great. Obviously Skeeter doesn't have the refined pallet that gentlemen such as ourselves do.

Tentacles and inflation? I can probably do this.

Aww, tentacles? I saw Cerberus mentioned and was kinda hoping for some giant dog on pony action...

oh well, should still be fun...

That was magnificent, one of the best clop fics I have ever read and the best tentacle fic I have ever read. I love the cum inflation, there just isn't enough of it on the site. I don't know why it's awesome stuff. Also I thought you were going to have egg impregnation in this one as well? What happen to that part?

Ah... Yes. I'll never grow tired of partaking in stories with tentacles. We did pretty damn well on this one. :twilightsmile:

Y'all are amazing together!:rainbowkiss:

Best complete/short one I read in my quest so far

Inflation isn't really my thing, but I'll never get tired of tentacles. :twilightblush: A great read, and definitely one for the favorites (which is really more like a clopfic depot in my case...)

Always a pleasure to see something from you, or Tittysparkles for that matter :moustache:

If he caught the scent of me being in heat, I have no idea what he’d do to me…

:twilightoops:I wonder what else he has three of that he should only have one of.

There was no way that she was going to make it back to Ponyville now, and the tentacles were offering her a tantalizing way solution to her little problem.

I think "way" may be superfluous.

That was... just... wonderful.

3822754 Thanks for catching that silly mistake. :twilightblush: Glad you enjoyed it!

Slice of life. That... Seems to be oddly fitting. Twilight's day to day life is, indeed. THIS much crazy.

Antichrist coming along in a few months?

Tentacles? How many times must I yell, "Yes!"? :pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

and even though her mind was screaming at her to turn away, her body was screaming even louder at her to stay and get rutted, to fulfill her desire.

That's all.


Hmmm, looks okay, maybe worth a read in a few weeks or-


My interest has been peaked


I don't think there's any way for me to not read this.

More tentacles?

...I love you.

Wow, tentacle ... consensuality? This is the first time I've seen almost...loving tentacles. Well done, good sir.


Then check out Scratching that Insatiable Itch by the same author.

Speaking of that fic this story feels like it could be considered a prequel to it.

I will later. Right now I'm stuck on Wikipedia and the mathematics of warp drive. Help! Wikipedia is a nerd trap!

3827096 The tentacle creature is in Tartarus because Celestia sent it and its kind there long ago. She had found that since mares preferred these tentacle creatures over stallions, she banished them, fearing that her population would completely run out.

And I'm not gonna ship Twilight with tentacles. I'm already doing a huge TwiDash story, I'll Always be Here for You, and I don't think I can take on another huge romance story. :twilightblush:

3827913 Oh, they weren't insensitive at all!

3827096 If you felt sorry for both Twilight and the tentacle creature by the end of the story, it has done its job. :twilightsmile:


Does that make you feel any better?

In all honesty I was expecting the tentacle creature to keep her. :unsuresweetie: Surprisingly, I was wrong. Now I feel ashamed that I thought that.


And I'm not gonna ship Twilight with tentacles

I could totally see that ship coming up, the Twilight/Tentacle. And it would be called Twitacle


Wow I hadn't thought of it initially but now I kinda agree with Long Jump that is kinda sad. I mean the tentacles in this story where downright benevolent. They fixed Twilight's heat problem (which Itch made a frighteningly serious problem before it got to the good stuff), made no attempt to escape and even resealed themselves inside which would help prevent anything actually malevolent from escaping.

I was initially kidding around a bit when I said this story could be a prequel to Itch but now I really like the idea that that's where Twilight summons them from with her spell since that makes the whole situation win/win for everybody.

3827096 That, that would indeed be nice

3830440 3827096 You know, if this gets enough favorites, I might do that.

Sounds to me that the tentacles are the guardians for the Tartarus side of the wall.

3829160 Or the TentaTwi. :twilightblush:

3821236 So what'd you think?

3825615 Oh, there'll definitely be more. :twilightoops:

3846068 Haven't gotten around to it yet. I'll be reading it a little later today, though.

It was pretty good. There were some bits in there that irked me 'cause I'm a dirty Jew that can't overlook glaring grammatical issues, but the story itself was pretty tasty. (The grammar wasn't as bad as I make it seem. I'm just a dirty Jew.)

3864971 Can you point some examples out for me please? I'm a stickler for having my stories be as perfect as they can be.

3865086 I'm much too lazy to go back through there.

Man, what a ride... :coolphoto:

This one about that picture?
I'm just not sure xD
I'm guessing not?
Well anywho:

I want you to fuck me!

AND YOUR GUNNA LOVE ME! :flutterrage:

The closest thing ponies have is Tirek, and he's supposed to be some sort of goat-man-horse. None of those things (normally) have tentacles.

It could be a seapony. Not a seapony in the sense of "friendly singing merponies," but a seapony in the sense of "tentacled horror from the deep."

3918387 Like Ursula from the Little Mermaid?

I'm loving your story's got any non sex ones I need inspiration can you send me a link:twilightblush:

3927806 Sure! I'll send them in a private message!

This is kinky as fuck

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