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Gnome #1 · Nov 26th, 2013 · · 2 ·

Wow... You two literally had the same idea as I did when I saw that episode... Love it. I couldn't of done better, thank you for this masterpiece.


Haha, finally somepony decided to write a story like this :twilightsheepish: Jokes aside, I read it through and it is well writen, it even has open ending with the possibility of sequel or simply open for interpretation for the readers. Good job on making this story!:twilightsmile:

Yep, depending on whether or not this is received well, there may be some sort of aftermath. :pinkiesmile:

it hasnt even been a week yet!

Lol, I was reading a story called 'twilight's plant problem' when I saw season 4 episode 2 I nearly spat out my cereal when that story became canon. Then my mind started forming ideas of the plants being rape monsters or something like in that one story. I've got to read this because of that.

And wow, already art about it xD

How long did you take between watching the premier and starting to write this?:duck:

I created the Google Doc file almost exactly two hours after I finished watching the episodes for the first time.

Really well written, you did a great job at the end making it fit with the story. It's kind of funny to think this is -unintentionally- the work of discord.

The moment I first saw that vine come out and grab Celestia I knew there was going to be a lot of tentacle clop sprouting up.


3541662 Didn't stop me from writing Pinkie Pie Loves Frosting.

This story is damn good, sir. Damn good. Some of the best and most arousing clop I have ever read. Princess Puffy Purple Pucker got puckered. Nice. Anal is awesome.

Love you, dude.

I only have one thing to say. I saw this coming, I knew at some point someone was bound to write a fic like this.

3541662 I honestly thought it would have been done on the first day.:twilightsmile:

Poot unorginal ideas here.

The irony in your comment. Wow.

Hooray! Tentacle rape! Or shouldmI say ... BRANCH RAPE! Haha, bad pun.:pinkiecrazy:

Damn! Great Clopfic my good man!:moustache:

We all saw this coming, but truth be told this took about 2 days longer than I thought it would.

It's about time someone write a tentacles clopfic based on the season 4 premiere :pinkiehappy:

Well, there already are two Twilight x Black Vine stories out there, but they have a slightly different approach than this story here.

3542035 (and they are not as good as this one:twilightsheepish:)

Interesting. I've thought up a clopfic for every single episode so far.

someone was gonna do this sooner or later

3542100 They were out within hours of the season 4 premier

3542100 Literally everyone watching it at the time called it as soon as the vines came out.

3542211 Can I help it if my imagination has no limit?

I think everyone knew, as soon as they saw that episode, something like this was gonna be made

3542258 Dude, there were so many sexual references in the season premiere it wasn't even funny. :twilightblush:

I bet my shiny Jirachi that those vines inperegnented her

I'm surprised that it took this long for a "tentacle rape just like S4 opener!1!" fic to get into the feature box.

Aaaaand there it is! i knew this would happen the second i saw the two parter for season 4:facehoof: i shall read this later:moustache:


And not even a week after the premiere. Goddamnit. :facehoof:

3542507 I see that scepter everywhere I look online, no joke. To be honest, that thing has gotten pretty annoying. :facehoof:

I had this totally insane hope that maybe JUST maybe this fandom would be above doing the thing I knew was going to happen as soon as the premiere ended. You have crushed my hope and you should feel absolutely terrible about lowering the value of the fandom another notch.:twilightangry2:

It's essentially GAK 2013.

Hopefully, just like "GAK", it will be forgotten by the time the next episode airs.

Oh dear. I'm sorry to say I saw this coming.

Why did I not see this coming? :facehoof:
Edit: Loved this!

3542553 I seen season 4 episode finally yesterday, it was awesome by the way but i knew the plant rape stuff was gunna be EVERYWHERE :facehoof:

God damn this community is predictable.

I'm me, and I approve of this awesome clop. Well done you two (maybe I can edit next time. :rainbowwild:)

3542756 Maybe you didn't see it coming, but Twilight sure did.

"collaboration with titty sparkles"

dis gon b gud :pinkiecrazy:


the image works because twilight has a look of horror :rainbowlaugh:

Twilight focused all her might being keeping her mouth closed and it worked—for the most part.

This is awkwardly worded.

She shot her eyes down towards her fore legs, noticing and feeling the black objects tightening themselves around her hooves.

"Forelegs" is.one word.

Congratulations you two, this had exactly what Rose Garden was missing, an unwilling victim that was used, abused and thrown away. This was extremely enjoyable, you deserve a Twilight ahegao for your efforts.:twilightoops: This shall be added to my favorites.

And my favorites list grows

Me too, I knew it was going to happen.

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