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The Abyss

I'm back and I'm finishing my stories! If you like what I'm doing, please consider supporting me on Patreon and vote on what I write next!


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...Those two are never gonna be able to play truth or dare again, at least not honestly :rainbowwild:

4488240 There is no way that you read the entire story in under a minute...:facehoof:

Oh, wow. When you posted that blog, I wasn't expecting, uh, this. *blushes, shuffling awkwardly*

I'll try to forget what just happened. :rainbowhuh: Still, a very good, strange story. :twilightsmile:

Damn that's a lot of groups!:twilightoops:Good story btw.

Pretty great for something so short. If I had one complaint, it would be that it felt a bit emotionally empty. We mostly just have Twilight's POV, and from there, there's very little feeling in general. I expected lust, apprehension, something to speed up the heart-rate, but it felt like it was contractual from her perspective. At least, that's the tone i was getting. I suppose if that was your intention, then well played, i'm just spouting personal preference.

The rest was great, though! Which was surprising as you did it in relatively few words. To be honest, i think that was like, the longest description of an orgasm i've read.:rainbowderp: Shamefully many fics breeze over the climax (literally) in a sentence, which seems crazy to me to do in a clopfic...


A shamefully many fics breeze over the climax (literally) in a sentence, which seems crazy to me to do in a clopfic...

Exactly. Why write so many words to build up to the best part of the story, only to write a few lines about the climax? It makes no sense. :twilightblush:

They're not really related, so it's okay. It's not creepy at all. :pinkiecrazy:

This happened because Twilight had knowledge that boners too hard for too long become dangerous boners

One, DAYUM that was hot!
Two, you know what'd be odd as fuck but you could probably make work? A clopfic involving sapient leeches.
That is how much faith I have in your writing. You could make an equinomorphic leech sexy.

...that was a joke. Well, the leeches part. You probably could do it, just, uh, don't do it. 'cause that'd be weird.

Edit: inb4 you actually write a clopfic about leeches, and/or write a non-clopfic about leeches that looks like a clopfic at first glance.

4488674 They could always make a fic INVOLVING leeches in some way... would that make your pants happy? :trixieshiftright:

Twily! We're the Sparkles, not the Lannisters!

There can never be enough Sparklecest. Excellent work! ^_^

Why? I mean I think it was good, but what provoked you to write this? :applecry:

Heh. 59 likes
*Upvote click*
Stay classy fimfiction.
Particularly with more well written fics like this.

Lulz. Not even an attempt at deflection with that dat title. You're rather clear with what you're selling, aren't you? ;p

4489401 I'm actually thinking of writing a bonus chapter where they fuck the next morning. :twilightblush:

4489009 Because I wanted to. Simple as that. :twilightblush:

>Because I wanted to

I know that feeling.:rainbowkiss:

....Not a fan of incest...so...not for me. But whatever rocks your bed, whatever wiggles your diggle, whatever lifts the leg...ect...:pinkiecrazy:

The simplest of answers to any 'why?'. Because I can.:pinkiehappy:

Oh hell yes. That would be excellent.

It largely comes down to personal preference, but I think that the absolute simplest answer to "why" is "why not?" ^_^

Also a very good option.

This story "sucks"! Get it? Because Twilight... *hears the booing* Oh screw you!

Considering Twilight's most popular pairings tend to involve Spike (brother or son figure), Celestia (mother figure), I guess it seems that she just loves taking family bonding to the next level. :twilightsheepish:
EDIT: Needs more love.

Twilight proves she knows nothing about priapism.

That would be really nice. :twilightblush:

you should write another story about Shiny sleep over with cadence and twilight.
man, i luv this one:rainbowwild:

Is it bad that I was listening to B.B.B.F.F. during this?

4490826 Persistent and painful erection of a man's part. That's what it is.

there's no reason why she can't give him a little going-away present under the sheets before he goes.

Come on now, Abyss. If you are going to start out subtle, end subtle.

So, I'm going to help fix your description.

Twilight was really fucking horny one day, and Shining happened to be in town. So, they fucked.

God, what am I even doing?

Nope, that place is taken. Pinkie Pie cannot be beat.

That's a hell of a party. Unfortunately, she'll make it far too short to be enjoyable, if you know what I mean. She makes even the most skilled stallions topple in less than a minute.

. . .

God fucking dammit, Gary. What am I even saying right now? I don't even read clop.

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