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The Abyss

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You did not disappoint, Abyss...and neither did I. ;)

A story dedicated to my patrons

Well I had a dyslexic moment and read that wrong.

7412480 Haha, what'd you read it as?

Damn, that was hot...But it seems that stalls and the main six seem to be pretty common erotica stories.

Feel good romantic comedy of 2016

7412480 Did you read patrons as penis?

Comment posted by Willmar deleted Jul 22nd, 2016

7412486 7412576 7412743 I miss read it as "A story dedicated to my parents".

7412771 That's even better! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

7412771 Ha! Man, if my parents ever found out about some of the stuff I write...

I'd be dead.

7412771 Me too! Boy, was that disturbing. The implications were a bit too much for me.

Excellent. I give it three Fluttershies up.





Think of the children.

That avatar just makes this comment even more hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

7414397 I'd really much rather not think of children when I am writing/reading clop.

Hm, going with the tags, got a bit curious: You using both concept of a human and a equine glory hole in this? (aka, both male and female users)
As it seems implied that you're going with a multi-purpose hole :P

7415247 There are actually two holes.

nommy also hello Sober lol

Well.... I so want a sequel were she confronts twilight and then they sex shenanigan their friendship. For the lulz.

Oh, and have a like.:yay:


Whoa. Amazing

You earned a fav, a thumbs up and this!

Well then

I was hoping Discord was one of the "ponies" in the stall. I am in love with Fluttercord. Discord would totally know it was her, too. I think I read another story where Fluttershy does something similar, but Discord is there and refuses to take any stall except the one Fluttershy is in. It was a nice Fluttercord clop.

This was a very nicely written clop as well. I'd like to see one from Twilight's point of view. How a princess feels going to anonymous sex booths and getting pleasured by random strangers. :derpytongue2:

7415312 Kinda figured with the tags. Partially what made me curious.
Seems like you intertwined the equine and human glory hole concept into one. Which tbh, is a neat spin on ideas :P

Way more interesting than those that just go solely male glory hole, then goes all "durr..." when anything else is pointed out xP
But yeah, a dual hole+gender stall is a interesting take on it.

Comment posted by Sonic Derpboom deleted Jul 24th, 2016

This was so fucking lewd. More. MORE.


OH GODS, MY EYES!!! THEY'RE BURNING!!! :raritydespair:

7420306 Maybe you should have been wearing those glasses before you went in.

You know, sometimes I look at myself and I wonder what happened. When I first started writing stories here, I actively avoided the more mature fictions, and I swore I'd never, NEVER write my own even if I did end up liking one or two. Well, I wrote one, and people liked it. And as for the reading of mature stories? Now I like hundreds, and many of them by the same author, who has shown time and time again that they know how to really write a great naughty story.

Well done, The Abyss. You make me love my dirty mind. :heart:

I really liked it and all but you should of added a few more chapters to this story you know show us what happens when twilight finds out it was shy that ate her out and made her orgasm like a angry god smitting people:moustache::yay::twilightsmile:

7448829 sorry I do all my reading at night so I was really tired you should have is what I meant sorry again

Fuckin badass story m8!!!:rainbowwild::trollestia::derpytongue2::raritystarry::ajsmug:


Why the fuck would someone dedicate a glory hole pony story to their parents? :rainbowhuh: I would think there is better smut to dedicate to them? :rainbowlaugh: Yes, I know it was a dyslexic moment, I am just taking that seriously... no need to correct me.... if applicable

This needs a sequel like others have mentioned from Twilight's or hell even Discord's POV... though I am not a specific shipper I can probably read it if it's good enough!

Fluttershy’s eyes widened as she realized whose pussy she was looking at. Twilight! She’s into this stuff too?! Her heart started to beat faster in her chest, her eyes locked on Twilight’s slick pussy. Her clitoris winked over and over, and when she heard a moan come from the other side of the stall, Fluttershy licked her lips and grinned slyly.

how does fluttershy know of twilight's pussy looks?


Through the magic power of pornographic smut!!!!! It's porn, I wouldn't be surprised if she knew AJ's, or Rarity's or hell, even Dash's! It's porn logic at it's finest. It definitely isn't because of an oversight on the author's part! :trollestia:

7761042 It's not a mistake. In a world where nopony wears clothes, I'm certain that everyone's seen each other's junk by now.

I reread this and STILL love it!

Much to her disbelief, instead of finding another cock, her eyes lay on the most beautiful of pussies.

Wait, what did that say?

the most beautiful of pussies.

That phrase right there had me in tears. 10/10 :rainbowlaugh:

8134665 Thanks! I have a ton more clopfics if you wanna check them out. :twilightblush:

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