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Well this seems oddly intriguing. Sounds like something I'd want to peruse when I get the chance... and by Marshal Twilight him/herself. This bodes quite well.:ajsmug:

There was a similar fic a long time ago. I think it got cancelled, but I always liked the concept.

Does one of da toys include a dildo, bong and a Lil Miss Rarity?:twilightblush:

I'm not sure what it is, but the idea of there being a sexy maze out there is just hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh, the horrors of dead ends will truly be realized.

Why is it that the same cover art gets used several times whenever tentacles are involved?


Well, I certainly hope I don't disappoint you then. :twilightsmile:


Gah, every time I think I've come up with something original, I find out that somebody else already did it two years ago. :facehoof:


Er... What?


Because SFW tentacles involving specific characters are exceedingly hard to come by.


Well it got cancelled, so we can pretend you're the first.

Slice of life really??


Gah, every time I think I've come up with something original, I find out that somebody else already did it two years ago.

*chuckles* Such is the nature of any series that goes on long enough, especially with the global fan-base that MLP:FiM has. Chances are, someone, somewhere, at some point, has thought of it.

But does this mean you should "not" continue with your idea? Hell, no.

Push ahead, and if you do a good enough job with it, the YOU wind up become the point of reference that others compare to. If not, then you really have not lost anything either, and have had the chance to express your Creativity.

I must admit that was really good. Grammar was great and the clop was good. A like for you :3

Okay, you now have my attention..... o/////o

CTRL-F Tentacle.
61 matches.
Oh my.
CTRL-F Pussy.
12 Matches.
That's okay.

One day, you white man will understand.

4788487 We prefer the term 'Retarded, syrup drinking, Jack Dagnals drinking, bacon loving Canadians' but what ever you prefer sweetie.


Jack Dagnals

Jack Daniels. :derpytongue2:

I totally didn't read this or favorite it to be notified of updates.

You all need to look away from me. This nosebleed and blushing are totally innocent in nature. So - yeah. Totally innocent.

4788548 That's how we (some) Canadians say it.


That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


True enough, but I certainly wasn't planning on abandoning the idea. No worries about that, good sir.


Thank you kindly, gentlepeople. :twilightsmile:


Naturally, and since this comment also doesn't exist I'm not sure how I'm managing to reply to it, but nonetheless I thank you for the fave that you totally did not give the story.


Settle down children, the author is very tired of having off-topic flame wars on every story he posts.

4788643 Flame wars are fun!:moustache:

4788655 I agree this person. She seems cool.


Well had I done such a thing, I'm sure you would be quite welcome, good sir. And the same thing might be said for the thumbs-up that I also didn't give because, as we've discussed, I didn't read this story.

But if I had done those things, then this hypothetical exchange of thanks and favorites would have occurred.

Not trying to start a "flame war," but I just wanted to say that this comment is so very ambiguous and off topic that I literally sat there for a good minute and a half thinking about how it was relevant to the story or anything discussed in the comments.

4788929 :rainbowlaugh: Really. Glad I made you ponder things in life. Which one, be the way?

Truly? All of them except your first one. And last one before I replied to you.

Gr8 want more already:)

4787093 Ok, at least you were honest. Have a good day. And of course, my your syrup always taste well with your pancakes.

Shameless clop fic.
Shameless clopper.

Good match :rainbowwild:

Hmm, I see a lot of depravity happening in this story.

And I hope that bug she threw off isn't too harsh when it catches her again.

Because there's only one really good picture of Twilight being violated by tentacles, and looking like she enjoys it.:twilightsheepish:


Before Twilight could even think about running, Discord leaned in and clamped something around the base of her horn.

It is a good thing you have that alternate universe tag, because without it this whole sexy romp falls apart. Because in the original he Discorded? away her horn before she stepped into the maze.

Like Discord, I shall also be enjoying popcorn while Twilight gets consentacled against her will.

It had the scientist in her wondering if the creature was a plant or an animal,...

"Creature" usually implies "animal," Twiliy.

Like Discord, I shall also be enjoying popcorn while Twilight gets consentacled against her will.

This was a bad idea, now every time I eat popcorn, it is going to remind me of Twilight moaning and writhing in mid-coital ecstasy. I going to have to avoid movie theaters, lest I end up like Paul Reubens.

Despite the apparent flaw of causing people to associate food with a thoroughly satisfied Twilight Sparkle, this is a really good story. As a reward, please accept this Twilight ahegao.:twilightoops: Celestia, help me, I would like to see more of this, so I shall also favorite and like.


that was a great chapter I can't wait for your next chapter:twilightsmile:




Not terribly harsh... But if you saw a creepy bug making a beeline for your vag, you'd probably be wary too.


Yes, the conditioning is complete. :trollestia:

Thanks for pointing out that issue, by the way. I'll fix that shortly.

Am I the only one who has my fingers crossed for Discord to win this time?

Don't take this the wrong way, but I saw "the" twice and right next to each other in a single sentence :rainbowderp:


Fixed. Trust me, I'm never going to be offended by someone pointing out legitimate flaws like that so I can fix them.

I may have to give my editor fifty lashes, however.

This is... Oddly realistic, I can imagine Discord doing this without a doubt, great job! xD

Well... this is an interesting read, and a good potential clop, even though I'm usually not into it, there's the slow breaking of will thing that appeals to me ^^

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