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>Written while drunk.

This will be fun. :rainbowwild:

Well done Kaidan...

Kaidan, one rule in life, don't write things while you're drunk...

Because Pinkie Pie and Science.


Not sure what to make of this....

None sense!

I love you :pinkiehappy:

It's Twilight getting free orgasms. What more could you want?

Sober Kaidna? Shatterd Prism? SILENCE!

Not fucked up enough. :rainbowlaugh:

Well Kaidan, thanks for the clop...

I actually want a part 2 for this, that plant is amazing.

2832963 Non*

Go to bed Kaidan, you're already home, and drunk...

Or I will get this plant to reproduce with you until you go to bed.

Which one sounds nice? :trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright:

2832958 I wholeheartedly agree. This was just weird...

2832985 well it does say he's drunk when writing this

You were doing SOO well! But no, then you had to ruin it in the end. I am so disappointed.





About the fact that you confused its with it's 5 times. :trollestia:

Now seriously, this story was AWESOME! Everything you didn't accomplish with that Flutterbondage thing (which basically is only one thing when it comes to clopfics), you DID accomplish here. I won't go into details, but let me assure you, you succeeded. :raritywink:

Not only that, but the plot itself also seems somewhat interesting, and I could actually see this thing continuing. The concept reminds me of something I've seen before, but I can't quite remember it (think it was one of the Futurama movies).

The one thing I'm uncertain about is actually only if I love Twi's or Dash's "scenes" more. Well, why can't be have both?

Despite your drunkness, you actually managed to write almost flawless. Seriously, I've seen less mistakes (apart from the its) than in Ponymon 2. Maybe you should do this more often. The only thing that suffered was the actual articulation, as sometimes stuff like word repitions and stuff happened. But who needs proper reading flow when you want something else to flow? :pinkiecrazy:

In total, this was definitely worth the weight™, and you can be proud of yourself, bro.

Just one thing...

“German what? What’s that mean?”

I don't even care if this was indirectly directed at me or not, because the pure fact that you wrote that line makes me want to print it out and jizz all over the paper. :pinkiehappy:


Hold on, I got something for this...

WOOHOO! :pinkiecrazy:

Silly German, plant vore is for Switz!

Hmmm interesting I wonder If rarity's would have gems or if applejacks would have apples *sigh* what am I doing with my life


Yes. APplejack would give birth to baby vore apple trees. The next apple you pick will be your last. :scootangel:

2833112 :raritywink:
lol best sifhs are switzerfish

2833089 2833112
Don't you guys DARE to support my neighbour-country! Those bastards have such a hard dialect not even I can understand most of the time! :raritydespair:

We don't really like the switz, but he have to make them shtink so sao you can invade them with MEIN BLITZKEIRIG!

Kill the smitz!

"have to make them stink" "have to make then think"
I like both options, tbh.

Why is everyone in MLP American by the way? Even that apeshit zebra is probably just faking their accent or is supposed to represent the black folks for the inb4 racism people. Their should be more countries involved.

Wow. Yet something else of yours that I want another chapter of.

I failed to mention it on the Fluttershy's Bondage, but you're one of my "hero authors" that I worship in my shrine look up to. It's always awesome to get praise from someone you respect. :twilightsheepish:

I seem to have a knack for writing clop, so why fight it? Clop is fun!

Speaking of I probably will do more chapters. She still has more ponies to get pregnant with the plant, and there are plenty of ponies who may practice self bondage. :pinkiehappy:

Alright, but you're not gonna be jealous if you're alongside Bronywriter, Minalkra, and Brony2893 are you/ Last time someone got jealous I had to go into witness protection.

Also, the shrine may contain some clippins of hair, fingernails, and discarded bank statements. We're still cool, right? :scootangel:

Thanks for the follow! I promised my followers to get drunker until I hit 500. I've nearly polished off a liter of Whiskey, and I have a liter of Bicardi to go. I hope I hit 500 followers before I get alcohol poisoning, and you good sir have helped me live the ddream. :heart:

2833291 *Checks hair and fingernails*

Give me back my bank statements! No one must know how broke I am!


Shhh.... it's okay, you're secret is safe with me. After all, you threw them away without shredding them. Just like all the other bronies..... mwahahaha! :pinkiecrazy:

but it has apples on it, hey look I got my cutiemark.

I could just imagine

Humm facepalm* once again what am I doing with my life

I'll totally write an apple bloom chapter right now, just send me a picture of a sexy naked woman as payment.

I may havae a few isuses, and being drunk is the least of them.

Holy crap. Continue continue continue. Between Ponymon and this, you right the craziest pr0n. Keep doing it!

2833416 it says completed so its done unless there's a sequel

Now it says incomplete. I'm drunk and drunk me does what ever his followers tell him too. Of course ouyui got to click follow to be a follower.

Also, I'll totally tell you too much infortmaitn stuff while drunk.

THanks, all my friends arel ike "you need to be saa serious author like SS&E or that one dude with Aurora or Agesgi or Nyx or somet shits and I'm liuke "Well I kinda like having fun and rwitng carzy stuff, bups I can't write seruios uwhen frunk which is all the freakin time!""

So I was like "I won't listen ti o them. I'll write the best damn clop on the site and I'll be porud!" and now I am. I'm proud that you all love watching me rape ponies, because deep down, we all want to rape ponies.

If Twilight was to sunddely appear in my apartment, I wouldn't ask how she got here, or if she's okay, no, I'd rape the hell out of her.




2833393 ummm can't you just go on the Internet and find a picture? I mean that's what the Internet is for isn't it? And if you do make a chapter like that *cough cough* you might as well do the rest of the CMC *cough cough* :D and pinkie pie *cough cough* just saying

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