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Froslass in Chains

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I'll follow this for now to see what's causing this and how they are going to stop it (provided they want to). Will only Ponyville be affected or has it spread to other cities?

oh you're taking fetish requests? nice, well I like tg and futa, but it's hard to ever find them together, so some male to futa would be pretty neat, or just futa in general, for pairings, I'm more for no hard feelings harem's without anyone particularly in charge.
I may come up with more suggestions as the story goes

I hope that every other town, besides Canterlot, gets affected. Also, Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash should totally be together!

This has a lot of potential, but I do have to wonder if the ponies will forget to eat, drink, and otherwise take care of themselves.

If so, then there's going to be lots of problems.

If not, then the ponies will have to be sane enough to wonder about the sex. I'd like to see their reactions if that's the case.

Drinking is already handled by each other (don't know how accurate this is to IRL and don't want to know, but clopfics tend to make mares and stallions cum by the bucket load). Most other parts of pony life can be done sexually through various fetishes, including food fetishes and scat.
Life is interrupted, but would go on longer than one might think at first.

Personal favorites I'd actually like to see are Mrs. Cake or the Mayor, especially would like to see what she's doing about it~

I like the story and I'm definitely following it but there are a few parts that said people and men, not a big deal though.

I must say this is the best clopfic I've seen in a while. Awesome and sexy I can't wait to see where this leads to.

As for requests I'd love to see some stuff involving Celestia maybe involving her dominating her guards like a dominatrix and treating them like children (she's always come off as the dominate femdom loving type).

Also as a side note I will say this story is similar to a story idea I came up with a while back (although I never did anything with since I figured out that I suck at writing) Anyway I came up with a lot of ideas for such a setting and how it might work so if you ever want it I would be happy to share some of my insights with you.
I do agree it will be interesting to see what the long term consequences of this set up will be although I personally think it is a doable setting long term (not easy to pull off but possible) It will all depend on whether they decide they want things back to normal or not won't it.

You're taking suggestions?

Alright, how about CelestiaxTwilight? Or Celestia fucking Luna? Or some sort of futa-bondage-sizeplay-sixsome:twilightsmile::raritystarry:?

you'r taking suggestions? silver spoon and sweetie bell WITH STRAP ONS

Nice. As for requests,how about Cheerilee x The Mayor slamming into each other with a double-ended dildo? Or Zecora going futa on Derpy or Trixie? I'd even suggest (if it's effecting Canterlot) Blueblood being dominated by servants and/or guards in the palace? We haven't seen neither Fluttershy nor Scootaloo yet, so maybe something with them (not necessarily together).

Pollinic Ponies Attack?

some suggestions:

- Trixie putting on a literal donkey show on stage
- Caramel being force fucked by BigMac, his cum being used as glacing for caramel apples AJ sells
- Rumble getting sex ed by Thunderlane, who fucks Cloudchaser in front of him
- Spike, turning greedy by the pollen, forcing himself on Twilight who eventually surrenders and becomes a willing slut by bimbofying herself with magic

Cherilee and the entire class orgy.

Snips and Snails doing a magic show with Dinky strapped to a wheel. You know, "Now, with the help of our lovely assitant, we'll make our cocks disappear!"

Claude doing a kinky puppet show.

Sunset and Blueblood getting their takeover plans derailed by rampant fucking.

Flash Sentry trying to fight off a number of Crystal/Batpony guards to remain 'pure' for his crush, Princess Twilight.

The few Changelings still hidden in Equestria stumbling about, completely drunk on the ambient lust (works like cheap liquor).

Photo Finish intending to capture the 'seks majicks!' but is too busy humping her camera.

Other ideas:
- Fluttershy's tits growing with milk and whoever drinks it regresses for a few hours to a foal in mind, who has to pleasure "mommy".
- Scootaloo growing a dick and fucking Rainbow Dash
- Zecora using hypnosis and poison joke powder to turn unfortunate stallions and mares into sex zombies (literally)
- Soarin fucking a pie covered Spitfire, giving her a creaming Fleetfoot has to lick off.
- Daring Doo being fisted by Ahuizotl's tail hand
- Berry Punch involved in golden showers
- Shining Armor getting a wingjob by Cadance, who already has a guard licking her out.

Pink weird pollen. Are you sure those are not just the dandruffs of Cadance?

I found this story a-pollen. Thumbs up! :rainbowkiss:

Ah I see makes sense to be honest. What an awesome hentai that was

Hhheeeelll yes! Public sex! My favorite! :pinkiehappy:

Can you do Doctor Stable giving a patient of his a thorough explanation on something, like showing x-rays of a broken wing and stuff like explaining what it'll take to heal, etc. while a nurse and a mare patient give him a double blowjob from under him as he's standing there, in plain sight to the patient he's trying to explain this to? Oh! And of course the patient is getting 'tended' to as well~ :rainbowkiss:

Will there be any pregnancy?

that makes this what the 2 thousandth ponyville orgy fic on this site now?.....

4523738 last I checked 2,521st and counting

You REALLY need to slow down, dude. This has decent descriptions, but you need to let scenes develop. Yeah, it's porn, but it's still a story. Besides, longer sex scenes will only make our peni.... er, I mean our attention grow harder...




Here's a challenge: go gay. Caramel fucking Time Turner, or Noteworthy sucking off Mr. Cake.

Or, since you obviously don;t have an issue with underage, Snips and Snails spitroasting Rumble.

4523758 good good at least someone here is keeping track....

4524032 quite honestly I was guessing, after seeing the 30th public orgy fic I stopped counting

Can you do a bondage with twilight and spike.

Hrm. How about Blowjob Queen Twist vs. Pinkie "The Incredible Tongue" Pie?

Or maybe even some gay incest like Thunderlane and Rumble or Braeburn and Big Macintosh.

4524057 quite honestly i was continuing to play the joke ,but thanks for ruining it now :l .....


As a clop writer, I second this notion.

How about a little motherly incest.. maybe a certain Button Mash X Button's Mom........Don't judge me

I has only one request for this entire story:

Somehow Fluttershy is not affected by the pink pollin. But her animals are.

Therefore, Angel rapes Fluttershy in the pussy, while the only animals hold her down.

Best thing I read so far.
If there are more Spilight clops then I'm on board.

Twilight & Spike rutting like hyperactive bunnies on aphrodisiacs and ecstasy in every chapter sounds good since they are barricaded in the library and (sort of) researching a cure. Excellent work.

4478234 Now that you have said so, I must see them together. :scootangel::yay:

Aside from that, the more fetishes the better. So long as you aren't writing something you wrote before, I think this will continue nicely. I do second (or third? Someone else agreed I believe) the notion of the army pony though, you might wanna slow down just a tad. Not so much that it feels dragged out, and thus boring, but enough so that the scenes do not feel so rushed. One chapter dedicated to just one act could be so full of detail that it just begs to have an extended...er...session rather than your readers having to...beat the clock...so to speak. Otherwise I do love how this story is cum-er-coming along. I heard someone say something along the lines of Fluttershy not being affected, which also brings in the idea of somepony in town, or coming to town, who still has their wits about them wondering what's going on, maybe even getting pounced on for some non-con (turning into con) loving.

Personally, I just wanna see some M/M

4479729 Pie covered Spitfire is good enough for me to not care how odd those other things were.

Oh man, I hope this continues. I love this sort of story.

I agree with some of the others that the scenes could be a bit longer. Alternatively, you could keep bouncing between them like you are now, but revisit previous ones to see how the situation is developing. I'd particularly like to see more TwiSpike and PinkieEverypony.

Other than that, there's tons of stuff that'd be amazing to see; Scootaloo domming Rainbow Dash, Cheerilee being used by Snips, Snails, and the few other children that actually made it to class, Fluttershy with her animals...hmm, Cranky Doodle Donkey getting in on the Pinkiebang would be neat. Rainbow Dash deals with some unruly underlings on the weather team led by Thunderlane. Lyra and Bon Bon both feeling guilty about cheating on each other while taking random stallions.

Anyway, thanks for the awesome read!

A request, can we have some poison Joak mixed into this, mainly some mini-AJ and Rainbow Dash...?:ajsmug:

May we have another chapter please? :twilightblush:

Please, please, please, please, PLEASE make Braeburn come visit! He could end up getting locked up in stocks or something and being fucked nonstop the whole day.

Can we get a scene with celestia and Luna? Or one with cadence and shining?

hmm... how about Rainbow being taken by Spitfire (and possibly Soarin' ) ?^^

4795111 I request one with Luna and cadance^^ Never have seen those two go at it^^

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