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I enjoy writing about ponies. Mostly ponies having about sex.

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there was a fic of this exact same scenario only with aj that was made in comments for an animation of this like just a week ago....
i wonder how this one will fair in comparison.....

I clopped to this :rainbowwild:

Comment posted by PrincessCelestia123 deleted Mar 16th, 2015

You're glad to hear that? I'm glad that you're glad! :pinkiehappy:


Okay, let's see...

I think Fluttershy should start considering and calling the wolves her masters. They're already mastering her mind and body, so she might as well go ahead and admit it to herself!

Maybe all the timberwolf cum starts interacting with her body, as if she's becoming part timberwolf herself; green lines under her skin, leaves in her main, etc. And perhaps her new timberpony body isn't fully under her control. Like, she wants to lie down but stays upright for one of the scouts to fuck, as the plant part of her is so in tune with the timberwolves' needs.

She could be sent out to get the pack more 'recruits'. There surely are a few unattached mares who won't be easily missed. Why not introduce them to the wonderful pleasure of being the pack's fucktoy?

Some of these other mares might not be as naturally submissive as Fluttershy is. They may need 'encouragement' to stay still while the timberwolves make them theirs. A few good, sturdy ropes should hold the more hesitant in place.

If Fluttershy ever escapes/is rescued, will she remember how nice it felt to serve the masterful beasts' whims? She knows so many other critters who may desperately need a needy slut to blow a load into...

Not too bad. It gets a little old with so much clop in one go and probably would have been better as a oneshot.


for a new chapet

Not part of the story but it still bugged me.
The only other thing that bugged me is that you didn't indent the lines. It's a little thing but doing it helps take away that feel of wall-o-text.

Getting spitroasted byvtwo alphas (oral and anal) and getting absolutely gigantic from their cum meeting in the middle.

Well, all I have to say is this:


Im readind this and in my mind im just fhritp or fuck her right in the pussy

I really want to like this, as it is right up my alley. Unfortunately, there are severe issues with sentence structure throughout, and it is really pulling me out of the narrative.

You are frequently jamming three to five sentences worth of thoughts and descriptions into a single sentence, and the end result is a jumbled rambling that is difficult to read. Everything makes sense, for the most part, but even the most basic of editing would improve your work tenfold.

....i regret reading clopfics...

Back to world war ponies!

*shivers* but how will i erase dis from my mind.. :facehoof:

Birth to dozens of timberwolf puppies for next chapter

I for my part prefer this one over the AJ x Timberwolves one from a week ago, not for the perfect grammar, but for the content itself, hit's all my Buttons.
Ten out of Ten :moustache:

Keep more coming like that. I also would love to see Fluttershy bloat with Timberwolf puppies :pinkiehappy:

pretty intense start , let's see what happens next....

Maybe somepony (or more than one pony) notices that Fluttershy is missing and goes looking for her in the Everfree, only to be ambushed by the Timberwolves themselves and joining her as their breeding bitch? They could get a harem of ponies soon enough to swap between the packs instead of just one.

5744516 It has a sex tag. You knew what you were getting into

Fluttershy gets to be the Den Mother of her new pack, property of the Alpha, but up for public use. The timberwolf pups are due shortly after the start of the chapter, and are cared for by her last litter.

i did enjoy , and at least you're actually making updates unlike hundreds of other fics i faved....

Yay, you did my idea! And it was even more sexy than I hoped for! :yay:

yay :D finally a new chapter ^-^ still as good as usual.. :yay:

Interesting. Calling it, they are an evil 'corrupted' timberwolf pack, either dead or brainwashed by some form of thing. She's tribute in exchange for not killing the pack.

What if the other five found here when she was bieng fucked how would they react?

It would be weird if all of a sudden one of the timberwolves looked at fluttershy and told her to wake up and she was in a short coma for a few days

This story just earned you a new follower!

I don't know what to say about this.

Zank you!
I am sorry, saying this to everyone, but the story has come to an end.
I have other things I'd like to work and write on, hopefully the ending was.. Nice!

Was kinda hoping for the others to find her...

Comment posted by Wolfwhite deleted Oct 5th, 2018

Looking for Angel while he is lost in the Everfree, Fluttershy is caught by a pack of timberwolves who decide to have a little fun with the shy, alone mare

Oh, the timberwolfs playing with their food scaring it relentlessly until it dies of a heart attack.

Raping her

Call forth the Tahnok and Lehvak to rescue her.

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