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The perspective, and formatting, just...

Please read the Writing guide, under FAQ

5822527 It's not something usual for me to write in first person... so it's a little strange to me. I'll read over it and hopefully get to re-writing it with more of the stuff explained in there in mind. Thanks though.

Co-Written with my boyfriend Vinyl_Wubs

So assuming that the rule of No Girls On the Internet is true, how come neither of you have written any M/M?

5822622 Yes. Yes we have. Check his page for it... namely The Pack and it's sequel have M/M. Plus other things. Many... many things.

ooo o is this like that 1 fic where it's fluttershy x r63 fluttershy that i can't seem to find right now for no freaking reason?.....

Great, as expected of anything that Vinyl_Wubs has a hoof in.

Didn't seem like fluttershy.

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