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Been so long... :) · 6:56am Aug 16th, 2014

Hey guys and gals,

been quite sometime since i left my stories and went on to an adventure called "life" lol
i have to admit after pulling myself together and making through some not-so-good parts of my life i managed myself pretty well.

the question now is, should i review all i have done and give a proper ending to the 3 stories i have or have i lost my patience with it.
i will soon find out :P

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2348476 Sounds awesome. thank you.

982142 well some time passed, i am making an attempt to come back to writing (although my focus would be non-fiction). that being said, i might hit one or two more chapters as a re-trainning session and see how it goes. but dont quote me on this :P i am willing to ping pong a few ideas and maybe that would kindle my motivation :)

... You're story atleast the one with the feathered dragon was Quite captivating, a few minor writing errors, but that still didn';t pull from the story. It would be quite interesting to see you come back and continue the series. but I understand if you don't. Good day.:twilightsmile:

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