Fluttershy's Timberwolf Fun.

by PrincessCelestia123

First published

Out one night looking for Angel after he got lost, Fluttershy is stumbled upon by a pack of timberwolves who take quite a liking to the mare.

Looking for Angel while he is lost in the Everfree, Fluttershy is caught by a pack of timberwolves who decide to have a little fun with the shy, alone mare- Raping her. Upon seeing how well she can keep the packs needs satisfied, they take her back to their camp, the mare now lost forever, being used for the pack.

The search.

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Fluttershy glanced around nervously, every little movement making the timid mare squeak, wanting to cuddle up and tremble in fear, her hooves shakily continuing on. The hoot of an owl, the rustle of some leaves, anything set the mare on edge. It wasn't just her timid self acting though, it was the fact she was very, very deep in the Everfree, going across old, beaten paths that were covered with leaves and vines, overrunning with vegetation. It was getting harder to see the deeper she went, the moonlight barely touching down here, not giving her much to see. It wasn't like she wanted to be in here, Angel had run off after she refused to feed him the salad type he wanted, even though she did force him to eat last time, this time it was after he had gotten injured in a fall, but that was spoiling him a bit too much! So angry with her response he took off. Fluttershy let him go, expecting him back within the half hour, knowing he'd never really go in the Everfree, just mingle with some fellow bunny friends or go by the willow tree the two spent much time at.

But that hadn't been the case, he never came back, even after an hour passed, two, three, finally she decided it was best to go look for him, she owed him the biggest apology ever, letting him run off like that! Writing a note on her door of where she was going, Fluttershy had taken off, running towards the direction Angel had been going in. That had been hours ago, Shy was dead lost, in the middle of no-where, no pony to find her, and stumbling through the maze of dirt paths. She'd been in the Everfree a lot, but never this deep, never alone this deep either! Usually she knew where she was going, but now she had no clue, simply hoping she'd see Angel somewhere! Eyes glancing around nervously, the shy, timid mare carried on weakly, wanting to turn, to run, only her love of Angel keeping her going, knowing he'd never be able to fend for himself out here!

A branch snapped in the distance, the branches swayed under the soft wind, leaves blowing, urging the mare to pick up her pace quick, trembling in fear, nearly opening her wings to fly up to call for him! Her eyes suddenly spotted a large clearing up ahead, filled with moonlight, a few logs here and there, a large tree sat right in the middle, a huge oak with a boulder sitting right in front of it. Picking up her pace more, she sighed gently. Hopefully Angel would have gone here out in the slightly tall grass, where it was light and he had places to hide! A smile crept across her face upon the thought of seeing him, pulling him close then leaving this scary, dark place! How silly of her to think she wouldn't find him, of course she would! They'd head back to the cottage, she'd make him the biggest thing he wanted, anything, then beg for forgiveness for letting him actually leave! Lost in her blissful thoughts, she failed to notice the soft rustling of the bushes near her, the movement of quite a few figures on both sides of the path, staying silent, keeping their eyes on the prey as it moved without a care now into the clearing, into the open, into their trap.

As Fluttershy stepped out into the clearing, the moonlight raining down on her, she now saw it. But it was much too late. As she turned to flee, something crashed into her, throwing her to the ground, strong wooden claws digging into her chest, keeping her pinned on her back, knocking the wind out of her. She hoarsely gave a weak cry of help, a knock over her head made her groan, stars swirling in her vision, the sight of a few wooden faces appearing, glancing over her, tilting their head backs to howl.. Timberwolves! The realization struck her quick, the mare squirming a bit under the strong paw. Usually they'd be easy to throw off if she had Rainbow Dash or Applejack around, but.. She was alone, that reality hit her too, making her whimper. There were four timberwolves all together, small little things, not the size of the ones her and Applejack had gone against. More slender, smaller, probably scouts she thought in her head, but what did they want her for? Fluttershy felt the weight on her chest suddenly lift, the pegasus breathing in deep, sitting up straight, a hoof running over it, feeling the deep marks the sharp claws had left, the four pacing around her, looking over her.

Once again, before she could react, before Shy could mutter out something, the scent shifted. The biggest one of the four leaned down quick, pressing his wooden snout up against her exposed marehood, the position she'd sat up in having her hind legs spread quite wide. Giving out a gasp, Fluttershy kicked, squirming back. "N-No, get away from me, g-get awaaaaa!" She gave a shriek as suddenly she was pinned down again, sharp claws wrapped around her forelegs, one large, sharp claw in her mane, keeping her head down, the other keeping him balanced. She was on her side, body pressed into the cool, slightly wet grass beneath them, hind legs forcefully spread open wide, the one keeping her pinned growing at her, lapping at her face, it's leaf tongue leaving sticky, amber sap all over, dribbling down her chin, a bit getting into her eyes and mouth, the mare trying to spit it out, though quickly learned her lesson from a nip to the ear- Blood dribbling down the poor, torn thing from that punishment.

Fluttershy screamed, she kicked, flailed, begged to be let free, but the other three simply stared at her, letting her run the fight out, which happened quick, her energy seeping away, leaving her, her squirming and flailing coming to a slow stop, leaving her panting heavily in the firm grasp. Again, like before, a snout pressed against her exposed marehood, the tight buttercream lips glistening in the moonlight, as shameful as it was the slight touching from before had gotten her a bit aroused, it was better then her hoof at least! Not that she was wanting this..

She hung her head, staring at the ground, feeling the larger of them all lap gently at her, smearing amber sap all over her drenched pussy, driving out gentle, soft moans from her, even pinned down against her will, the strong tongue was a heavenly feel, making her grow more and more wet as it kept going on. Fluttershy didn't seem to think they were toying with her, just lubing her up, not knowing what they truly wanted her for, what they wanted her to become. Female timber-wolves were seldom to come across, and mares were hard to come across or catch even! The timber wolves were overpopulated with males, how to solve that? Get a female, one that could serve the numerous packs, one to breed them new young. The larger timberwolf of the scouting party suddenly drew back, licking her juices from his strong wood snout, giving a bark for the one pinning her down to drop her. As she was let go, he tackled her just as harsh, though this time it involved a little more..

Fluttershy's soft bliss turned to sheer pain as a hard, thick wooden object suddenly prodded against her pussy, quickly shoving itself inside, a shriek leaving her as her cunt was stretched so wide apart, quickly being hilt inside her warm, tight, wet folds, which squeezed down so tightly on the large intruder, massaging it gently, her cervix being smacked against gently. The male timberwolf showed no mercy, hammering her pussy with all he had, driving the large wood in and out, the cock threatening to push into her womb with each strong, rapid thrust, the mare crying out, tears running down her cheeks now, feeling his amber saliva dripping all over her face, the beast lost in bliss at the feel of the mares folds! The loud slaps of the strong wooden hips smacking hers echoed out, her plump ass being smacked against hard, both paws pushing on her forelegs, pinning her down, keeping her in place as she was fucked violently, the cock driving in and out, wet, lewd sounds filling her ears each time the balls slapped against her, driving the cock fully inside, the tip nearly pressing into her womb. In an instant, her virginity had been taken by this wild beast, who had no regard for her tears which ran in runnels down her face, only caring of the tight, hot pussy her was destroying.

Pain ran through her from the brutal pounding, cock smashing in and out so eagerly, the massive timberwolf still keeping her so firmly pinned down, claws digging a bit into her, drawing a few drops of blood, his thrusts strong, smacking into her hard, causing her to squeak out, body going forward a bit, her cries filling the clearing they had trapped her in. Shamefully, her juices had soaked her thighs, the feeling had turned from pain to pleasure, though there was still the numbing pain of her walls being stretched so wide by the thick size, the hard wood being jack-hammered in and out of the mare.

Fluttershy was trying to keep in her moans, not wanting to show she was enjoying this, not wanting to give them the satisfaction at already pleasing her, at already making her cry from their merciless raping to moaning from it.. Her wings sprung up into full wingboners, harder then his lengthy, juice covered wood, her shame burning on her cheeks, but Shy couldn't hold it in! The constant pounding was simply too much! The timberwolves knot had formed quick, smashing hard against her drenched pussy, too big to fit, there was no way he'd force it in! But the hard smack of it against her folds was all too pleasing. She moaned out loud, a lust filled moan needing more, the mares ass raising to meet his rough fucking, not caring if they had kidnapped her to rape her, the bliss was a utopia right now, her mind devoid of any thoughts of escape, the only thing running through her mind was the pleasure the large cock was giving her! Turning her head back a bit to look at him, her eyes burned with lust, soft eeps leaving her as he picked up the pace violently, clawed paws moving back to grip her sides, pulling her back a bit each time, sending her body rocking forward. One of the more needy scouts couldn't take it anymore, breaking off to go around her front, presenting his cock to her, prodding it against her face, rubbing it against her drool dripping mouth, a few drops of the amber pre leaking down onto her face.

Fluttershy found herself shyly taking a few laps at it, opening her mouth slowly then for it, though its intentions were anything but! Once the tip had found its way inside her warm, moist mouth, both claws wrapped around her head, fear running through her lustful eyes, which widened. Her hooves came up, pushing a bit at him, head trying to yank herself free, but it was much too late. Letting out a loud cry, tears welled up in her eyes again as the cock slammed down her throat, making it bulge out a bit from the size. While it wasn't as big as the lead-scout destroying her once virgin marehood, it was still very big, making her choke loudly on it, gagging, though she was sure that only made it pant heavier, wanting more. The constant rocking forward send her back and forth on it, even if she didn't want to, Shy knew she had to, so gently, her lips wrapped tighter around it, head starting to bob gently, being forced mercilessly forward to the base from each rapid thrust, making her eyes well with tears, its soft musk, smelling of soft pine and of a few scents she couldn't place, flooding her nose. With its sharp claws wrapped around her head, with enough strength to squeeze it till she popped.

Fluttershy knew biting or pulling away wasn't an option. So she was forced to keep going, sensing the younger timberwolf wanting to go to town on her mouth, but showing a little kindness by letting her softly suckle upon it, her moans sending out gently vibrations down the thick shaft buried down her tight, wet throat. Her muscles squeezed tightly on both shafts, which were starting to throb eagerly twitching, the younger one in her mouth starting to lose his patience, lifting himself up a bit to fuck her mouth as if it was a cheap sex toy, using it just as violently as her pussy was being used, causing her to gag and choke, tears running down her cheeks, feeling his hips smacking her face, being forced forward into them, her womb barely being entered over and over, the largest scout, much older, holding in his release, wanting to make her cum with him. He was breaking her in easily too, her loud moans echoed out, muffled as they were, around the clearing, her hips matching his pace, wet snatch eagerly accepting him inside with each thrust, a grin going across his wooden muzzle, claws digging sharply into her sides now. He was holding it in, but the mare was no doubt getting close to cumming, her loud moans were just getting louder, her juices dripping onto the ground beneath them, so he gave it his all.

With the slutty mare moaning out to the heavens, his thrusts quickly began rapid, frantic, needing to cum, needing to breed her pathetic cheap cunt! With one final drive, he buried the large cock inside, his knot forcing itself inside, stretching out her vaginal walls, making her cum hard from the feeling, driving her over the edge, her cunt squeezing down tight, waves of her juices rushing over his giant cock, which quickly began filling her up. Just as he began filling up her hole, the younger, frantic one, eager to get off his load began picking up his speed, his own knot forming, release approaching, his loud pants filling her ears, sticky sappy saliva falling down all over her, matting into her mane and dirty fur. Thick, sticky, hot amber sap roped out into her, long streams flooding into her pathetic cock needy pussy, a little breed hole for the timberwolf who happily pumped it full, still driving his hips back and forth lightly, the knot keeping them together. He had a lot to let out, her womb had been penetrated upon the knot entering her, quickly being filled up with the fertile seed, painting her walls a new color, quickly starting to overflow her. She screamed in bliss, enjoying the feel, adoring being between them, being fucked by them! Nothing felt better then this, she adored this.

Fluttershy's stomach was bloated with so much seed inside of it, the mare felt so full, the timberwolves cum sloshing around inside her with the slightest movement. While her pussy was being pumped full, bliss running through the mare, little tingles going up her spine still from the aftermath of such a divine release, her throat was being used even more rough. Her mane was a mess, the claws tearing it up a bit, her eyes bulging a bit, throat equally bulging out, the hips slapping away at her face, cock hammering in and out without mercy. The knot, not as big as the lead scouts but still quite large, almost like a baseball, slapped hard against her again and again, the young timberwolf growling as he tried stuffing it inside, causing her jaw to tingle with excruciating pain, being forced apart wide. Finally, after minutes of pounding relentlessly at her beaten face, he manged to get it inside, howling out to the full moon of his victory, the cock jamming itself inside, the knot inside her mouth, eyes rolling up to show whites as she gagged heavily, the sticky, delicious hot strands of cum firing down her throat into her stomach, filling her up, the mares body shaking, feeling him rope out his massive release, filling up her little slutty stomach with all he had, every drop being sucked out eagerly, making her stomach swell out more, the two of them letting their cocks soften inside her, the knots keeping them locked together, all their cum trapped inside the mare who seemed broken enough, more then willing to take the two eager cocks that remained..

Though she was tired, exhausted from such a harsh pounding, the scouts would take her back to the pack. The two slower ones had came from watching her get fucked, she had barely noticed at the time, too caught up in being splitroasted by the two! Sticky green strands of sap were all over her wings and body, a few feathers stuck together, her mane a mess of twigs, dirt, and cum, fur looking just the same. But she was happy, letting out a sigh of relief, feeling the cooling cum over her body, never wanting to wash it off.. One fuck and she already wanted more, she forgot why she had came into the everfree, was it for this? To be destroyed by the timberwolves, to be used by them? It seemed about right in her mind, nothing else mattered! Their large cocks and knots had given her pleasure never felt, being filled up so much, being covered so much, she'd never felt more in place then right now, panting gently, eyes closed, two timberwolves knotted inside her mouth and pussy. No doubt though, even in her tired state, Shy would be forced to do more. The other two had raced off to find the pack, the howling from earlier hadn't been heard obviously. With them, they'd return with the entire pack, who would be eager to use her, to try out the new slut, to give off relief that'd been building up in them for so many years with no female around to please them.

The Alpha.

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Fluttershy finally felt their knots pop out of her not so tight or virgin holes anymore, sappy cum leaking out fast, the mare shivering at the feeling. The wooden wolves creaked as they stood upwards, leaving her laying there with both holes drooling cum, a fucked-silly look glazed upon her face, eyes burning with lust, the mare longing for more. Closing her eyes, she sighed shakily, full of joy, opening them to see that the only reason the two had pulled out was because the rest of the pack was here. Infront of them all, was a king timberwolf. And behind, was seven more largely built timberwolves, bigger then the four scouts that had fucked her! The four were soon all together, little growls and barks filling her ears as they talked with one another. She knew they'd all want a go at her, so the horny mare rolled onto her back, stretching, spreading her hind legs wide, forelegs pushing them wide apart, her tiny little puffy pony pussy fully exposed to them, the previous scouts cum dribbling out to form a little puddle on the dirty ground.

The Alpha nudged forward one of the more younger timberwolves, who quickly bounded towards her. Fluttershy panted gently, already eyeing his large wood, a full half size bigger then the large scout who had at her! A grin went across her lips, suddenly feeling his strong paws by her head, cock grinding against her wet, cum dribbling lips. A moan escaped her lips, the hard grinding sending tingles up her spine, her body shaking, another shaky moan escaping her. Head tilting back, Shy gasped out in surprise at the sudden entry, feeling him pull back, the loss of his shaft with the gentle creaking the only sign she got- Which wasn't quick enough. Before she could tell him to stay slow at first, the entire wooden cock was fully inside her, the soft piney musk flooding her nose, making her feel woozy for a second. He had pushed straight through her cervix into her womb, a soft bulge on her stomach from the huge size, his strong hips against her, fanged muzzle towards her lips. Before she knew it, he was pounding away, causing her to shriek in pleasure, her wet, tight pussy clamping down hard, the hot walls a perfect haven for his needy, hung shaft.

Wings opening up again in pleasure, Fluttershy moaned over and over, feeling the giant shaft hammering away at her loose, timberwolf loving marehood, his howls of joy filling her ears, mingling with her lusty cries of joy! She didn't want anything else besides this, no saving, no escape, how would she ever want to leave these wonderful beasts with such giant sizes?! Shy would happily breed for them, happily be a humping pillow for whenever they wanted, happily be traded pack to pack for public use! The mare was addicted to the smell, to the massive wolf-like wooden shafts pounding away at her without a single care for her safety, the sticky, hot drool splattering down all over her face, matting with her messy fur, making her look even more slutty then she already did! Weakly spreading her hind legs even more, Fluttershy felt him shift before going back to pounding, able to get every last single inch inside, pushing fully inside her with each thrust, making her cry out with joy, her eyes glazed over with lust, staring deeply into his. It pained her that she wasn't going to get splitroasted again, but the mare didn't mind too much, the cock having away at her pussy was all to pleasing! She still couldn't remember why she had came into the forest, but she was almost SURE it was for this! Why else would she have came in here besides to offer herself to these godly beasts?! They were just so divine~ She squeaked and moaned out blissfully, her pleasure reaching to the heavens, the mares drool running down her chin, dribbling down onto her chest as she was fucked silly once more.

Already his knot was starting to form, beginning to slap hard against her pussy, juices splashing out, her moans growing louder and louder, filled with bliss, the timberwolves pounding starting to get more frantic as his orgasm approached. His knot was almost double the size of the smallest scout, though she was sure she could take it! Pulling his wooden head down, she threw her head back, crying out, feeling him grunt grab her hips hard, claws sinking into her flesh, one brutally hard thrust sending her rocking forward before she was knotted forcefully. Fluttershy came hard the same instant, her cunt squeezing down hard as juices splashed out, waves of pleasure running through her! Fluttershy's cheeks burned red, moans so loud they were nearly screams, the mare trembling with pleasure as she was filled, his loud, gruff pants filling her ears. His cum roped out over and over, filling her already cock and cum stuffed pussy, the mare panting as she watched her stomach start to inflate, the knot keeping any cum from getting out and more and more being streamed inside! Falling back, Fluttershy laid there, feeling him holding her close, finally stopping his release, cum sloshing around inside her swollen, full stomach, the cock still hard as wood inside her, twitching a bit.

It seemed like eternity before he finally was small enough to pull out, the mare squeaking a bit at the sudden feeling, a loud pop echoing out as warm cum slowly trickled out, adding to the puddle on the ground. Lifting her head, she dipped her hoof down, mixing the cum of the scout and the one who had just fucked her together, both being different colors- One green, one amber. Covering her hoof with it she brought it to her lips, starting to lap at it. In an instant she was lapping at it! It was delightful! Very sweet and sticky, the two flavors mingling together in her mouth, the taste of her juices hinted behind their seed. In a few seconds her hoof was clean, the mare sighing happily. That was what she got to eat from now on? Why would ponies be scared of coming out here if they got this?! Silly ponies, Fluttershy felt like laughing at them! The buttercream mares ears perked up as she saw another three approaching now, all already hard, their sizes just as big as the last, a grin going across her face.

Fluttershy leaned back, spreading her legs like last time though she was quickly put into her place! One of them grabbed her by the mane with his teeth, making her cry out at the pain of being lifted like a little pup but its scruff, though she was quickly laid down on the body of another timberwolf, her stomach against his, pussy being rubbed against by his size, making her groan in pleasure. She was feeling a bit exhausted and sore down there from two fucks, though the pleasure was quickly pushing away the soreness, the pain being replaced with the need for another fuck. She could already guess what was going on, though they got in position quicker then Shy had expected! One cock pressed against her lips, begging to be sucked, begging to be milked dry, the hung, hard wood prodding her lips over and over, his whines pleading for entry. With her mind devoid of any thoughts, she opened up, feeling his claws go through her mane, squeezing her head tight, slowly starting to slide it inside. To her surprise again, instead of the third one pressing against her puckered little plothole, untouched for her entire life, it prodded against her cock-stuffed pussy, making her eyes widen, the mare about to turn her head to say that she'd never take it, the cock sliding from her mouth for just a second before pain racked through her small mare body.

A scream of pain left her just as the cock slammed fully into her mouth, his wood fully down her now bulging throat, her gagging no where near as rough as it had been with the first cock! Her screams sent out pleasing vibrations, his claws digging a bit into her mane, making her tremble a bit in pain. He began thrusting away hard as if it were her loose, stretched out cunt, pounding her face roughly, making her groan. Just as he brutally began thrusting, the two prodding her pussy both buried themselves inside, stretching her out to her very limits, pain flashing across her face from the feeling. All three of them held onto her with their strong paws, claws digging into her cum-matted fur, their cocks all buried fully inside. Fluttershy's stomach stretched out from both sizes inside her womb, her pussy stuffed completely full of timberwolf cock, the two rubbing together inside of her. She was sent forward hard onto the cock in her throat each time the two slammed forward, giving off slow, quite painfully hard thrusts, making her push forward onto the one who had grabbed her mane while he pushed forward at the same time! They were going wild at her holes, giving no care for her pain at being so stretched out, only thrusting together, happily drooling over her, holding her tight, making her groan with mixed pain and pleasure.

It continued on for hours, the poundings. The three that had been splitting her open had came, knotting her holes, her pussy nearly tearing from two knots in her, but her body weakly managed to be pumped full of more cum, to be stuffed full of hard wooden knot and cocks! Her jaw was sore, throat hurting, stomach swollen with hot, thick cum that sloshed and leaked out with each movement, her pussy not so tight anymore, creamed so much that she was having trouble walking with her new limp! She was forced to give wingjobs, blowjobs, to ride upon the massive lengths, to be forcefully pulled down and filled up, to be bred like the new whore she was. They never seemed to tire, always hard, each of them getting at least two goes with her. By the time is was over, the sun was rising, her body was covered with seed, the sap matting her ruined, clawed up fur, mane a complete mess, just like how her destroyed holes were. She'd passed out after the final fuck had finished, a normal male of the pack pounding her once-unused plothole until she was knotted and laid there with him still inside, getting a good half hour of sleep before she was forced awake, groggily opening her eyes. The pack had all gone to rest towards the tree in the clearing, a few staying by to watch what was still going on. A nearby pack had showed up to watch, having smelled the scent of a mare and sex heavy in the air. There was still the alpha to go, a timberwolf three times the size of a normal one, his cock triple of one too! Fluttershy's cheeks burned dark, the mares sore holes splattering cum onto the ground, the use had left her exhausted, barely able to move, but she'd have to pull through for the Alpha, she had to please him, to let him knot her pussy. He was going to lay his cum inside of her, to give her his perfect seed. Of course the rest of the pack had came inside, but his cum was more fertile and sure to be the most dominant, a new addition to the pack worthy of being accepted!

As he approached, Shy could feel the ground shake a bit, the Alpha dwarfed her completely, making her seem like a spec, her body trembling a bit from his intimidating size! How was she ever going to fit that inside?! She was thrown onto her stomach, her ass lifted high to face him, the large, old Alpha's body creaking as he moved, his cock soon pressing against her pussy. It was giant, the mare, slutty as she was, still felt a bit of fear. She'd been scared and fearful when the two had stuffed her, but this was a bit thicker then both and triple the size of them! Her stomach was going to be stretched out, all the cum forced from her.. Fluttershy whimpered, hoping he'd just go into her womb. Bringing her hooves back, she spread her plump yellow cheeks apart, her pussy being spread for him, old cum from hours ago still leaking out of her, joining the quite large puddle that had formed on the ground.

Unlike the wild, so desperate to cum males of the pack, the Alpha went in slow, possibly noticing her fear or not wanting to break her in one thrust, either way she was happy for it, feeling her walls spread out painfully for him, making her groan softly, pain running through her from the feel. The Alpha placed one paw on her wings, keeping her held firmly in position, the other on her clawed up cutie mark, which was also dripping strands of cum off her flanks. His cock slid inch after inch inside, the stiff rod soon pushing into her womb, cum spurting from her, the overstuffed womb being stretched out one more, though already he was pushing her farther then any of the others had. Without warning, his claws dug into her flank now, pulling her back just as his hips went forward. Fluttershy shrieked at being stretched out so mercilessly, but what was she expecting?! She was a cumdump to them, she'd been lucky for him to start slow! But pain waved through her, the once timid, sweet, innocent Pegasus feeling tears welling up, her stomach stretched out so far in the shape of her cock, the Alpha quickly shoved two claws into her muzzle to stop her screaming. Eyes widened, she quickly tasted the mixed cum of the pack. Her crying stopped, the mare starting to suck hard, feeling him staying still for now, letting her body adjust as she sucked his two claws clean.

They were both the size of two of her forehooves. His knot wasn't going to fit, he didn't even have all of his cock in! But the Alpha was satisfied with how much he had gotten inside, not even a timberwolf female would be able to take such a size! The full thing would have torn her in two no doubt, but about half had gotten its way inside, stretching her stomach out in the shape of it. Cum pushed up her throat, escaping out her mouth, going all over the ground as she coughed it up, a lot being forced out from so much stretching! Finally, after minutes of waiting, the pounding began. It wasn't slow or forgiving, the Alpha had let her adjust and now wanted his pleasure! His claws slid out, giant paws holding her down as he pushed forward fast, causing a loud moan of pain from Fluttershy, lust, exhaustion, and pain filling it. She wanted to pass out, but the Alpha would be furious if she just lay limp for him to pound away at! He'd want to cum with her, watch her tremble in joy at being filled so much! So he wasn't holding back, Shy could tell, his thrusts picking up speed, her body bulging out each time he slammed the half inside, the hard wood leaking pre into her, droplets splattering into her full womb, her eyes rolling up to show whites. The Alpha was so large!!

Her wings came out again, staying stiff as boards, cum dripping from them, most of her feathers gooey, dripping drops of cum into the puddle below her. Hours of pounding could never prepare her for this, Fluttershy would've been thrown off from a single thrust if he wasn't holding her down! Her pussy clamped down tighter then ever, massaging his lengthy dick, giving him a lovely hole to keep pounding into! Fluttershy's body weakly coped with being used so much, the Alpha's grunting filling the air as he thrust away, holding her close, his drool splattering down all over her body, their hips meeting together over and over, her body shaking each time they met. She slowly began moaning out, cum running down her chin, most of her face covered, the fur ruined, matted down with the sticky sap, the mare reeking of musky sap.

He was quite quick, his thrusts already starting to get faster, harder, his breathing becoming more ragged with the pounding, one paw going away to gruffly rub at her swollen, sensitive, sore clit, the mare crying out from the feel, drooling in joy, her hips weakly rocking back to meet his hard thrusts, to meet that giant cock she just wished she could fully take! Finally, with a loud howl that was heard for miles around, his thrusts became brutal, the mare moaning in pain and pleasure before finally she came hard! Harder then ever before, her eyes rolling up fully, her body filled with divine pleasure, her pussy squeezing tight, juices squirting out as she was pumped fully, once again breed, no doubt a part of the pack now. She didn't last the entire time, her body was too tired for more. She slumped forward, passing out in the large puddle of cum underneath her, body covered completely in claw marks, seed, and drool.

A new pack. ~Four months later~

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Quite some time had passed after Fluttershy's breaking in. The ponies were still looking for her, signs all over Equestria but no pony could find her even inside the Everfree. Even if she knew, she'd never leave, they were too good with her here! It seemed as though she was lost forever, dead perhaps, but they wouldn't ever suspect she was a breeding bitch to the Timberwolves! Fluttershy didn't hate it though, she loved their thick woods and hard knots, she loved gagging and choking on the cocks that were presented to her! She didn't understand their language much, but she could understand snips and bits. They had given her the title of being the pack slut, which was actually quite high seeing as they even gave her her own den! Fluttershy quickly grew into her new life, and her new body. Quite a few.. Changes were happening to her. Besides from being stuffed with pups, the Timberwolves were changing her! E

Fluttershy yawned as she woke early, stretching inside her pile of soft leaves and twigs, seeing a few cracks of the early morning sun hitting through the den onto her face. The mare sat up, stretching, running a hoof over her bulging stomach which was quite large with more then one of the pups soon to join the pack! It wasn't her normal yellow stomach though, Fluttershy was well, changing! Her body was sprouting a leaf here and there, her fur looked a bit more mossy, green lines were in her fur, some moss was on her fur too, like ivy growing on her. But Fluttershy already knew the reason why so it didn't bother it at all, it actually made her happy! Timberwolves being magical creatures had the ability to turn her into the perfect breeding mare for them!

Their sappy saliva and cum was slowly changing her to be more timberwolf like, a plant mutation she guessed, to be a better mare to breed, better for them to give their pups too! Of course there were a few extra things that benefited them, but being the pack slut she was, the mare didn't mind one bit! She actually liked her new look, the leaves were fun to pick off, the green in her fur was amazing! It was wonderful, Fluttershy loved the pack so growing more closer to them by turning more into them was a dream come true! She had many duties though, so thinking about her duties weren't going to be accepted! Picking herself up with a grunt the Timberwolf slut trotted out of her den into the middle of the packs camp, hearing soft snoring. Every one was sleeping, so she had to be very quiet. Though her intentions were anything but! The pack had actually moved to the clearing so it'd be more reminding to her, she guessed. She could always see the spot they first fucked her, plus the moonlight in the clearing let her see at night, so that was nice of them too! They treated her nice, though most of the time her day was fucking or cleaning!

Before she could slip into the alpha's den, a low growl made her squeak, wings already flaring open in arousal as a natural response. The plant part of her seemed.. More connected to the wolves. Her body needed them when they needed it, would grow aroused even against her will after a hard fucking! Smiling, she turned around, tail lightly swishing side to side behind her. Trotting up to the hunter, she leaned up, letting him lick her face before turning around, throwing her tail up over her back before trotting off, marehood already glistening with arousal! Eagerly the large hunter Timberwolf followed her, already fully erect! Heading out about a mile from the pack, Fluttershy then bent over, letting her ass raise high for him, letting loose a low moan. "Mmm~. My my.. Look at you, already so aroused~. Well come on now, don't be shy!" She giggled a bit, gasping at how quick he was. They were always so quick to mount her, there was only one slut for all of them!

Before she could react his claws were dug into her shoulders, the thick, throbbing, hard wood suddenly shoved deep inside of her pussy! Even though she was having pups this was the Timberwolves preferred hole, so she didn't mind much! It did feel much, much better when they knotted her marehood and pumped her full! Even after all these months she hadn't been with the Alpha again, he was always busy or said no, so she'd been planning on sucking on his morning wood! Sadly this one had gotten in her way.. Not that she minded! Fluttershy was perfectly fine with a morning knotting before getting gangbanged! Another loud moan left the now fully broken sluts mouth, feeling him start to hammer away without mercy, digging his claws deeper into her, strong hips smacking against her own, the sappy, sticky saliva dripping all over her back! Naturally her hips began rolling back to meet his strong, fast thrusts, eyes closing as her tongue lolled out of her mouth, dripping drool all over the ground underneath her.

Fluttershy's tight hole squeezed down, warm, very wet, a perfect love canal for these wonderful beasts! Already his thick knot was slapping against her drenched lips, the mares own arousal growing closer from the rapid pounding she was receiving! "Yes, yes! Fill my sloppy cunt you wonderful thing, fuck me, knot me, fill me~! Oh buck, oh buck, sweet Celestia I'm gonna cum!!" Throwing her head up she let out a scream of joy as the Timberwolf knotted her with a loud growl, digging his claws in even deeper to force it inside, the huge cock being squeezed so tightly, waves of warm mare cum splashing out as his cum filled her up! Fluttershy's body trembled in joy, wings hard as bricks, eyes open and rolled up as her tight little pussy was filled up to the brim with the sticky, hot seed, a wonderful feeling of bliss washing through her.

~45 minutes later

A squeak left her as the knot finally popped out from her stuffed full pussy, cum running down her thighs as the Timberwolf lightly licked her cheek before turning and running back to the pack, leaving her sitting there with a happy look painted on her face as cum dribbled out of her marehood. Nothing gave her such joy, she couldn't ever remember feeling this type of joy! Feeling the sappy-like cum slowly leak out was a wonderful experience. But sadly she had the rest of the pack to attend to, so forcing herself up on weak, wobbly legs the pack slut turned around and trotted back to the clearing, no doubt everyone else would be awake! Most of the pack was always gone, the hunters hunting, the scouts scouting, the Alpha overseeing things while a few picked herbs or practiced fighting.

There were always 3 in the camp to protect it, so Fluttershy knew soon enough she'd have all her holes filled~. As each party came home she was tasked with cleaning them off then quickly offering herself, they had brought her food, they protected her, plus she was their little bitch anyways! When the hunters, scouts, and others returned to sleep and rest, a little bit later others went out to do the same as the ones before them had earned their break! It was all a very busy day, though of course on some like rainy days most stayed inside and there were days special things happened, but those were really, really rare! She sighed happily as the dirty ground of the forest turned into soft, cool green grass, Shy knew she was... Home.

Mm.. Home sweet home~. I wonder who stayed back this time to watch the camp! Silly wolves, always competing to stay home to fuck me.. Well, time to get to work! Fluttershy looked around as she walked inside the camp, smiling as she saw the three that would be screwing her silly today. Her life was so very set in a schedule, one that she loved! She knew the exact times to do this and that, when to not. Happily thinking to herself about their large knots filling her, breathing in their pine like musk, she suddenly stopped in her tracks. These weren't three that were even in the pack, there was only two! As she stopped to turn to run, the three that had originally been here to keep the camp safe stepped out, growling and pointing their muzzles to her before taking off.

Fluttershy only caught the words. "Three weeks" Before they were off. T.. They were getting rid of her? What was this, were they selling her? An exchange? She'd taken a loving to her pack, who were these new ones to come take her away!? She didn't want this, she wanted HER pack! But obviously these new ones didn't care because within a few moments she was thrown onto her back. "Gnarled ones" would be what she would call them. They were made of white oak she guessed, with gnarled branches here and their, dead leaves hanging here and there. Fluttershy whimpered, kicking a bit, something she'd never do with her pack! Her fight died down when she saw how huge they were though. Instantly all fight left her, the mare saw their sizes, her bodies natural response to Timberwolves finally kicking in. I am their slut, any Timberwolves slut.. I am their bitch, they own me, they all own me.. I can not fight, I will not fight..

Spreading her slender hind legs wide, exposing her tiny little puffy marehood, Shy let her head fall back, opening her mouth wide.This was going to be a hard time, they were a few inches bigger then even the largest in her own pack!No doubt the pack had given her to them for whatever time they had said, so she would go with it. They owned her body, owned her holes, owned the pups inside of her! She knew most packs didn't have females, so this must be a gift of peace or a bribe, something, she would no doubt be expecting more of this.. What did confuse her was what was going to happen to her body. With so many different types of Timberwolves that ponies didn't even know about breeding her, what was going to happen? Would the lines change color, would she grow something, would the leaves start dying or not even be able to be plucked off? There were so many possibilities, so many things could happen to her.. As she was lost in thought the second one had slipped around to pound her mouth, a cock she welcomed eagerly.

Lifting her head up lightly Fluttershy pushed against the one prodding her cum-filled marehood, a soft, musical moan leaving her as every inch was buried inside without a single warning. It pressed deep into her pussy, probably deeper then what she should be taking being pregnant, but Fluttershy didn't have a say in it! The warm vibrations from the moans spurred the one on by her mouth, his strong claws wrapping around her head to dig into the back of her scalp, suddenly shoving her throat full. Loud, lewd gags left her at the large size pushing down her warm, tight throat which squeezed down with her gag reflex kicking in. Being bigger then what she was used to Fluttershy was having a little trouble taking these two.

But it wasn't like she could just ask them to stop with a thick, hard piece of wood shoved down her throat! They even smelled different then what she was used to, more thick and forest like. It was... Nice, she found herself sniffing a bit as she was suddenly splitroasted against her will! Even if she was against it at first Shy quickly fell in line. So, when they began thrusting Fluttershy let out a long moan of pure joy. Her body rocked forward as she was pounded by the first one in her pussy, pushing her face as far as it could go down the one in her mouth. That wouldn't do though just for him, so Fluttershy wasn't surprised as his hips began smacking against her face, driving his larger, throbbing wood down her throat, stuffing it full of Timberwolf cock each time! Rolling up her eyes the mare brought a hoof up weakly to toy with his balls that slapped against her chin each time, hips trying their best to keep up with the brutally fast pace of the one going at her pussy! The gnarled ones were being less rough then her own pack but they made up for that with rapid, strong thrusts that were quickly pushing her into her world of pure bliss, a pleasure that most mares never got to feel!

Their strong wooden hips hit her body over and over, both growling lightly as they rammed her slutty, tight holes with all they had, keeping her held firmly as they kept going at her whorish Timberwolf addicted holes! Fluttershy moaned out over and over as she was pounded further into the heaven of being screwed by these delightful creatures! The growls got louder, their thrusts starting to pick up in speed, clear signs that the two of them were close to filling them up with this new seed she was quite curious to try out! Their knots began slapping against her holes, the huge, musky, thick knot hitting her face over and over, trying to fit inside of her mouth, the one in her pussy furiously thrusting sloppily to try and fit himself inside the already cum-and-cock stuffed cunt! They managed to though, they always did, her stretchy, daily-used holes eagerly welcomed the huge knots, the mare screaming in pure joy, a scream of lust, of how broken she was, of how much she loved their massive hung woods that were always welcomed inside of her! The one in her mouth forced it inside first, jaw being forced open quite painfully to take it inside. It was VERY thick. Long, sticky, thick strands of fire-hot cum roping into her throat, pouring down into her stomach. It was a bit bitter, not as good as the pack she used to belong to, but the after-taste was a little sweet! They came so much it ended up like usual spurting out all over her face, over his cock and himself a little bit. Instead of being green it was amber colored with a brownish hint, something she wouldn't mind matting into her fur~. He held her there as his partner slammed himself finally inside, managing to nearly split her in two just like the Alpha once had to fit his huge knot inside! Old cum mixed with new as he pumped her full, releasing a loud growl as he dug his claws into her cutie marks, holding her in place as he filled her up, causing her stomach to fill up nicely from how much he poured into her! Fluttershy had came at least three times just from being face fucked and filled up with their cum~. She ended up passing out on their cocks, drifting in and out of consciousness as they dragged her by her tail through the Everfree towards where their pack was located, cum dribbling from her Timberwolf-sleeves of holes she had.

It continued this way for years. After a year, Fluttershy gave birth to three writhing little pups that happily nursed from her crotch-tits usually as her mouth was getting knotted! Each pack got a year with her, new types of timberwolves she had never seen got to use her, fill her, constantly make her push her face down into the dirt and lift up her plump ass and get a nice knotting! She was never found, much to her friends grief, but Fluttershy had long stopped thinking of them. Her world revolved around stuffing her face into the warm, musky balls of a pack member, to feel ten or twenty of them around her, clawing, drooling, fighting to stuff their wood inside of a hole. She happily would be bred, to gulp down seed, it was her life, and she happily accepted her new destiny.