• Published 14th Mar 2015
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Fluttershy's Timberwolf Fun. - PrincessCelestia123

Out one night looking for Angel after he got lost, Fluttershy is stumbled upon by a pack of timberwolves who take quite a liking to the mare.

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The council demands moar.

i did enjoy , and at least you're actually making updates unlike hundreds of other fics i faved....

Yay, you did my idea! And it was even more sexy than I hoped for! :yay:

yay :D finally a new chapter ^-^ still as good as usual.. :yay:

Interesting. Calling it, they are an evil 'corrupted' timberwolf pack, either dead or brainwashed by some form of thing. She's tribute in exchange for not killing the pack.

What if the other five found here when she was bieng fucked how would they react?

next chapter:derpytongue2:

It would be weird if all of a sudden one of the timberwolves looked at fluttershy and told her to wake up and she was in a short coma for a few days

This story just earned you a new follower!

I don't know what to say about this.

Zank you!
I am sorry, saying this to everyone, but the story has come to an end.
I have other things I'd like to work and write on, hopefully the ending was.. Nice!

Was kinda hoping for the others to find her...

Looking for Angel while he is lost in the Everfree, Fluttershy is caught by a pack of timberwolves who decide to have a little fun with the shy, alone mare

Oh, the timberwolfs playing with their food scaring it relentlessly until it dies of a heart attack.

Raping her

Call forth the Tahnok and Lehvak to rescue her.

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