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Why am i not surprised. I can only hope that someone deals with this shithead this time around. I have to say Camel, you really let TL get away to often. Let him have justice served onto his worthless hide for once.

Well, time for the torches and pitchforks to come out I guess.. This one should be fun to watch.

A story from you with Thunderlane? This is gonna be something to behold.


Whoops! Thanks for catching that.

There has to be more than this---you left if on a cliffhanger!!!

Once again we journey into the wild world of Thunderlane.
What adventures and foul misdeeds are in store for us this time?!

Tune in next time!

6549708 Nah. Thunderlane stories are always much better when he gets away with stuff.

6555724 I respectfully disagree.

I would like this fic if I didn't feel like it broke itself. Rainbow beat Thunderlane up for RAPING her. Even if Fluttershy wouldn't be willing to say anything about that, the moment she got a chance, RD would have reported it. She has literally no reason to do otherwise, unless saying she got raped in a shower would actually hurt her pride MORE then being RAPED. I don't mind rape, but he fact that RD was strong enough of mind and will to beat the crap out of him speaks that she should have told the guards about all of the shit he did. Thus, downvoted, also because apparantly we aren't getting what you advertised for another few chapters. Heck, you even said this was to be a deal struck, and no deal was.


The shower scene is reference to another clopfic of mine. If you know which one it is, you'd understand why she simply beat the crap out of him.

6556380 So this is a sequel and your justification is that I din't read a prequel I had no reason to know about? Because from the context of this fic, with Thunderlane thinking about how he could go to jail, and simply 'had his way with her', she should have him arrested many times over.

6556392 Go read "Price for the spotlight"


Reading the other story isn't necessary; it was a simple tie in. And even if it was rape, you'd be surprised how many rape victims don't report it.

6556418 And I know that few act on it. However, not only is 'read this other fic' not an excuse, but how RD reacts and such makes it so you would think she would. She isn't hurt, or scared, or regretful that a friend did this. She wanted him dead. She almost killed him, and hospitalized him for two weeks. That is a mare that would report it.


No, that is a mare that would, without a second thought, choose personal vindication (in relative privacy) over openly admitting to having been taken advantage of by a pitiful, spineless coward that she could so easily overpower and beat to within an inch of his life. This is actually very much to RD's character.

Also, I guess technically I can now add "Price of the Spotlight" to that short list of fics in which Heel Thunderlane actually faces retribution.

6558303 But once that is failed, she would seek retribution no matter what. She did not get what she obviously wanted, and the predator is still out there. She would tell authorities now, if not just to protect the others in the town, and, most importantly, the other Wonderbolts. She is the element of Loyalty, and would not risk her friends any longer.

Nice little tie in.

First Thunderlane and now his dog?
The ride never ends!


I wouldn't exactly call that failed. The predator is hospitalized and fearful for his life, to the point that he refused to press charges on her after the brutal retribution in the hopes of not having to deal with her on any level again... In this continuity at least, he is no longer a threat so long as Rainbow Dash and her friends exist.

I actually don't know where you got the idea that he raped her from. Sure, he did in the other story, but the only information provided here was that he had a camera in the locker room and caught her 'baitin.


Thunderlane could only nod as he silently thanked Celestia that she hadn't seen the part where he enters the shower to have his way with Rainbow Dash.

As well as the fact that Thunderlane is constantly thinking about how the evidence on his phone could get him easily arrested by the guards. So yes, this story also concludes that he raped her.

Ah, sorry about that. Didn't remember that part.

(I... didn't now it got this big) should be know not now

Ha, Thunderlane even has a rapey dog!

6581660 Were you expecting something else?

Although nothing would say 'you're worthless' more than Thunderlane raping her, and then holding her down as he let's his dog have sloppy seconds.

6581986 True, but if Rainbow finds out about that, then i think that Thunderlane just might be a dead pony.

Eh, that part is inconsequential to me, Thunderlane is an ass, after all...

6582755 That he is, and he may very well be a very dead ass soon enough.

you'r a god dam Cock teaser...

So, I'm guessing at some point, Thunderlane is going to blackmail Fluttershy into being his little brother's dog's bitch. Hm. I wonder if he's going to do even worse to her. You know, like tie her up for a session.

Will Rainbow find out about this? If so, then when?

looking every day in hope to see a new chapter...
it fills you with determination.

I was kinda hoping thunderlane would do her, like black mail her into having sex with him or somthing

6582677 i kinda want to seem them go at it, like in the showers

Too bad somepony wasn't there to record it all.

This is going to end poorly.

6749622 i think thunderlane or his brother is gonna walk in as she wakes up or somthing

An a happy New Year to everyone else!

Heh, you just couldn't let it be with just a good bestiality love story, could you...? I would expect nothing less, love.

I was wondering when Thunderlane would show up. If I were him, I'd have learned to set my phone up to a cloud service.

My Christmas gift to myself is this wonderful cliffhanger I'm leaving with all of you.

You savage bastard! :fluttercry:

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