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Camel... new story from Camel...
Thought you were gone!
*commence read*

Fuck yeah! A Daring Doo rape clop fic! Or at least i hope so

Hmmm. This isn't the first time these two have been paired up. Still, though, gotta see where this leads.

Let us see where fate takes these two.

And no, they are NOT going to find a muffin!

Heresy! :flutterrage:


I'm surprised I haven't gotten an angry mob for that part. I also assume that's the reason I have one down vote.

But seriously, they are not going off to find a muffin in the temple.


Well, Daring is going in alone...

and who the temple belongs to should give a hint...

It should be interesting seeing what Derpy's after, after her comment of “I wonder why she went in there?” :derpyderp1:

this is entirely too entertaining.
really liking your characterization's and the interactions between the two of them are just awesome.
keep up the great work dear author.

I wonder what Derpy was after. Hopefully she'll go check on Daring before she cums to death.

I'm enjoying the story so far, oh those Zebra's and there booby traps. I wonder if she'll write about this adventure when its over. :derpytongue2:

Glad someone finally called that bit out.

I was afraid their personalities would clash too much to work when I was thinking up this story, but glad to hear that it worked out.

I'm sure if she did it would quickly become a best seller among stallions...

sooooo was that a reference to the Peruvian drug ( pardon the gross misspelling) ayahuasca?
and nice chapter. poor daring do.
welcome to vine rape.

Nah, just a combo of two aphrodisiac plants found in the Amazon. :twilightblush:

Lol, Daring got raped by cocoa bean vines. XD

without causing half the Equestrian Rein Forest also going up in flames

Equestrian Rein Forest

Rein Forest

I can't even... Why would it...

fucking horse puns

I'm actually kinda proud of coming up with that one... I've never found anyone else use it.

This story was just pure gold. Good work man.

So that what all of this was for. :rainbowlaugh:

Poor Daring, although I am a bit sad there was no Derpy X Daring fun times.

I'm a huge fan of accidental aphrodisiacs. Great read.
Is there a previous story that goes into detail about the Blackbeak scenes though? If there isn't, there should be one. That portion really roused my curiosity


About time someone expressed interest in that back story.

There's no backstory yet... But there will be soon!

Oh goodie. Looking forward to it. :derpyderp2:
To be honest, I experienced a weird emotion while reading those parts. Hard to put it into words, but I want to read more about it.

Oh celestia this was interesting to read :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:


4590164 So I'm looking through the description and being skeptical if there'll be any sex content in it. Then I scroll to the comments section...

“Oh, I found everything pretty close by the camp. Let’s see, I found some carrots, leeks, and yams over there. Oh, and I found some wild herbs when I went to get the water.”

found some carrots, leeks, and yams over there. Oh, and I found some wild herbs when I went to get the water."

found some wild herbs when I went to get the water."

when I went to get the water

Derpy has been replaced by a changeling!!!

Oh lord... Nothing good can come of this pairing... Or everything, I'm not quite sure yet...

... Alright, I'll admit that while I called some of that plot, I did not see that punch line coming... Totally worth it though.

Well... I didn't hate it. You can quote me on that.

Daring had to admit that the bean tasted good, but the taste was also very familiar. She couldn’t quite put her hoof on it until Derpy spoke up again.
“It’s also weird how they grow. They grow on these vines instead of on trees.”

Well.... Daring got fucked by Cocoa bean vines..... love it

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