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Some booty is nice, pie is good, and boy do I need a drink.....


Daring Do. Adventurer, archeologist, treasure hunter, and a mare who saved the world a few times. She is also known as A.K. Yearling, write and publisher of the Daring Do series that tell tales of her adventures to the public. On both sides, all is known about the writer and adventurer, but there are a few things that someponies don’t know.

In this story of our brave adventurer, we tell the tale of her siblings. But that's not all. There is one thing that someponies didn’t know about the the mare. Especially the one sibling she had. He is a very strange creature. Now this guy is no minotaur or some gryphon mind you. No, he is something more bizarre, the likes of which nopony has never seen before.

He is tall with no horn, wings, or fur on his body except for the bit that's on his head and face. His eyes are small and his ears are on the side of his head. And he wears clothes...all the time! To Daring, family, and friends that know this strange creature, he is called Henry Walton Jones Do. But he is also known as...

Indiana Jones! So strap in ladies and gents, it's time for an adventure!

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 17 )

Que the Indiana Jones theme music......*clears throat*


I like where this is going so far--it's good. But the change in tenses is a little weird for me to adjust to. Apart from a bit of grammar cleanup and the somewhat awkward descriptions, this is actually really enticing.

Yeah, it’s been a while since I wrote some chapters for my stories, but it should come back to me eventually

Interesting... Also, could I get that totem in green? I have a feeling a dictator somewhere might pay a lot for it.

Uh yes, let me just...

*insert crashing sounds of boxes and broken glass*

Sorry it’s gotta be in her somewhere, just let me....

*explosions and a ‘where are they’ should be inserted here too*

Ah! Here we are! One green totem for the handsome fellow, that will be $399. Also, have I showed you the chair we’re selling.

Hmm... Paying green to get something green... How ironic... Heh, sure, why not. Also, do you happen to have the limited edition Daring Do hat? I need it to complete my Explorer costume.

*Glances at the chair for a moment*

...Does it have a cupholder?

Ah, you can have the hat my good man and even better, you can have it for free. Don’t worry I have about two more of them.

As for the chair....no, we’re still trying to find room for the cup holders. But even though it doesn’t have a cup holder.....

*sits in chair and leans it all the way back at a perfect straight angle*


*Raises eyebrow from under the brim of my new swanky hat*

Hmm... Eh, not today. Maybe some other time. So, the totem costed how much?

Done. I'll take it.

*Hands over the wad of money(With a one dollar tip) then walks out with the shiny green totem*

Would it be too nerdy to quote Han Solo?

My stories will be primed with old quotes, jokes, and memes.....SO FIRE AWAY!

Okay then... In reference to my previous comment, 'I have a BAAAAD feeling about this.'

Good start of history. I'm curious to read the next updates.:twilightsmile:

I just started reading the story and so far I am interested.

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