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Forget not that I am a derp.


Sometimes it's not a matter of being the best mare for the job. Sometimes you're just the only one left. That's how a pegasus with no internal compass has been saddled with guiding back migratory birds for the last three Winter Wrap-Ups. Surely this year, Twilight Sparkle will see reason, right?


A long-delayed entry in Estee's technically open TEMPorary Insanity contest. Graciously preread by themaskedferret.

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Dat refrence though :rainbowlaugh:

A long-delayed entry in Estee's technically open TEMPorary Insanity contest.

I think that Estee might have forgotten about that contest.

Ditzy turned around and sipped out from under Cherry Berry,

think you meant slipped

"'Daringnow'? Really? What

is there supposed to be a space there?

This was hilarious.
Loved muffins snark throughout this.

>Mrs. Cake
I'm terrified to think she has an equestrian equivalent.

It was probably supposed to be Pinkie Pie, but you know how bureaucracy likes to mess these things up. At least they got all their letters this time.
On that note, now I'm picturing the same five letters falling down from that sign over the post office every time Ditzy bumps into it.

Cool! A Daring Do + Ditzy Doo story, where they aren't sisters!


"Daringnow" is likely intentional, to emphasize the speed of the speech.

That "Tabula Rasa swearword reference made me laugh and laugh. It is delightful. And is, now and forever, canon.

Hurrah for Ditzys' triumph at the end though. There's always a silver lining to every cloud.

very cute story. It was a lot of fun. Twilight would be so hurt if she found out some ponies thought of her as a Canterlot snob though.

>" and I'll end up going east until I hit countries I can't pronounce "

I Estee what you did there, may your colon never implode.

Totally awesome! I just wish there was another chapter. Like where Ditzy is in the next book and everybody cheers her on or whatever.

Oh well. It was nice anyways!

and I'll end up going east until I hit countries I can't pronounce."

I see what you did there :heart:

This is just made of win! Also, ever consider making your own take on the Timeline for Friendship is Magic?

That was an entertaining read, thank you for it.

I see there were other references I did not get. But at least I'm not a blank slate :derpytongue2:

We don't talk about Mrs Cake.

Bravo!!! Very fun story. :moustache:

A nice idea about Dizzy’s special talent :twilightsmile:

I like how Daring used a different formation of "peeved." And Ditzy's infinite carrying capacity is as good an explanation of her bubble cutie mark as I'm ever going to see. It's also amusing to find out what happens when an earth pony gets a hold of a magical artifact intended for a winged species - especially when said pony assumes that all magical artifacts make the wearers go mad with power.

I think that when Daring writes down this adventure she's either going to tweak it or make it a small subplot in a larger story. " . . . And then Daring and her new sidekick led the power-crazed pony to the alicorn Princess of Friendship so she could take care of the threat" isn't the most satisfying conclusion to fans reading a Daring Do novel.

This was incredibly fun. We need more quality Daring Do stories. Ditzy's attitude entertaining as well. Nice interaction between the characters. The only thing I think could be improved was a little more exposition at the end. It wasn't totally clear to me whether the multiple magenta auras were from many unicorns directed by Twilight or just Alicorn Twilight doing her Element of Magic thing. I'm leaning toward Twilight just being that good since it was all magenta, but still...

In any case, this was Awesome! :twilightsmile:

I'm going to use tabula rasa as a swearword now.

Although, since I'm starting university in two weeks, not sure if that's a good call.

Fun story.

Very good, much like. Seriously my favorite parts are the fact Daring still does research, Azzy's start as a early mistake of our hero, and Bubble butts special talent.

This was fun! "Great and Powerful Aviatrix", in particular, made me laugh out loud.

Great job with Ditzy and Daring, too! And good use of Twilight as well. Sometimes, overwhelming magical power is the best solution. :twilightsheepish:

Wonderful work as usual

What's it referencing? :rainbowhuh:

Also, extremely cute story. Kinda wondering how will Daring spiel this one, and if she's just going to head for ponyville next time. I mean, it will probably save her a broken wing.

She really should get some titanium reinforcements installed, or drink WAY more milk. She breaks those wing vibrate way too much for it to be even nearly healthy :rainbowhuh:

This one really brightened my day. Thanks for writing!

"Feathering Ponyville, remember? Anypony who couldn't watch the apocalypse unfold on a regular basis moved out of town years ago. But going up against it is completely different! The closest I've ever come is when they called in every able-bodied pegasus to try to stop Tirek, and I barely qualified! And we don't have any more of a plan here and now than they did then!"

:rainbowlaugh: Headcanon accepted.

Wait, if this was after Tanks for the Memories, shouldn't Rainbow have known Daring?

Really enjoyed this story! We need more of these two ponies together.

Ditzy opened her mouth for another rejoinder, but then she remembered the gangly wallflower from flight school who went on to befriend the physical incarnation of chaos. The Canterlot snob who sat out of her own Pinkie party and later became the Princess of Friendship.

This is a good point. I also liked the balefire explosion line.

If you're going somewhere with the oath, it's just rain, sleet, and dark of night. I'm pretty sure ancient artifacts are up there with big green things with teeth and Mrs. Cake.

I think you mean "Glom of Nit". :rainbowlaugh:

And now I need to go write more of Our favorite mailmare being a hero.

Doesn't mean she wouldn't be surprised to see her in Ponyville, of all places.

But Daring called her 'fanfilly.'

Dash IS a deranged fanfilly. She acted like one when they first met and still does.

True, but in the show, Daring refers to her by her name.

flowerpot, anvil, hay cart, piano

Careful Ditzy! That's Twilight's activation phrase!

...it's one of Celestia's longer-term schemes.

With the snow line just south of Ponyville, there were plentiful thermals to be had, the rising hot air providing free lift for anything with wings.

Suddenly getting Animorphs flashbacks again

"So is surviving a balefire explosion inside a—"

"Don't you dare finish that sentence."


I like this Daring Do. XD

Ditzy smiled at the sheer number of magenta auras filling the southern sky. All but two winked out, one guiding Cherry Berry to the ground as the other brought the Crown to an approaching, frowning alicorn.

I'm not saying that's awesome. But that is freaking awesome

I can't believe I missed that reference. :facehoof:


Daring uses the phrase "Tabula Rasa" as a swearword. This is from Treasures, by Carabas, which details the very first adventure of a very young and impressionable Daring Do. Through a set of circumstances too complicated to relate here, small Daring comes to believe that the innocuous Latin phrase is a terrible swearword. It becomes a running joke, and appears to have infected this fic too. Which is precious :derpytongue2:

Which one? :raritywink:

"Daringnow" was in fact intentional, with Daring imitating Ditzy's haste as part of the quotation.

Well, there's Mrs. Cake. You know, Pinkie's landlady/boss/second mother. You do not want to know what that mare does to noisy mailponies when she's trying to make souffles. :fluttershyouch:

Hiding from your own welcome party doesn't exactly give the best first impression.

Quibble Pants would go on to describe one of the side characters in the next book as "ableist and offensive."

Oh no. Oliver is welcome to keep that particular swirling vortex of madness to himself. At this point, I construct each story's timeline according to that narrative's needs.

To this day, nopony is quite sure how much of Cherry's reaction was elemental conflict, how much was the placebo effect, and how much was deeply buried wing envy.

Twilight wasn't sure how to feel about being replaced by her own castle in the novel, especially since Daring invented an artifact with no basis in reality to activate it. At least she was mentioned on the dedication page.

To clarify, that was all Twilight. Brief burst of the mass immobilization spell seen in "Castle Mania" and "The Hooffields and McColts," aloing with standard telekinesis. Just, you know, raised to the power of a magic-talented alicorn.

The ebb and flow of Ponyville's population is an example of natural selection in action. The question, of course, is which ones are more fit to survive, the ones who avoid the shenanigans or those who endure them.


But Daring called her 'fanfilly.'

She meant it as a half-affectionate, half-mocking nickname.

Don't be ridiculous. Glom of Nit was Ahuizotl's chief lackey in Daring Do and the Tomb of Tai-Po. :raritywink:


Careful Ditzy! That's Twilight's activation phrase!

...it's one of Celestia's longer-term schemes.

Eh, it just turns on the immortality cheat. How did you think Twilight survived them all hitting her in "Feeling Pinkie Keen"?

Suddenly getting Animorphs flashbacks again

I owe K. A. Applegate a great debt for giving me the knowledge to better portray long-distance organic flight in text.

I'm not saying that's awesome. But that is freaking awesome

Forget not that Twi is a boss.

To quote Carabas himself from a recent PM conversation:

"Ms Yearling, I'm loving the new chapters, really, but ... ah, I have to raise the issue of the lead's cursing. Again. I mean, if it's self-censorship for the books' foal audience, that's not a problem, but I think it needs addressing in-text, as it were-"

"It's not self-censorship! It is a curse, I'm sure it is!"

no of course not, but it's the wrong negative impression here, where it's not ego but lack of social skill anf work obsession at work

The most fit to survive are those who create the chaos for everypony else to deal with.

I would again like to raise my appreciation for these lines:

"That's absurd," said Daring.

"So is surviving a balefire explosion inside a—"

"Don't you dare finish that sentence."

Having had some time for that to sink in, the surviving the explosion bit and the controversy surrounding it is still very funny. But it's the inclusion of balefire that I particularly appreciate. If that's the reference I think it is, then... :pinkiehappy:

The Golden Crane flies for Tarmon Gai'don.

"Ditzy goes missing and is eventually found in a snowglobe..."

Additionally, I applaud your continuity with Amethyst Star and the Mayor.


The ebb and flow of Ponyville's population is an example of natural selection in action. The question, of course, is which ones are more fit to survive, the ones who avoid the shenanigans or those who endure them.

Well, since genetic isolation drives the rise of new species and subspecies, it stands to reason that Ponyville will in time give rise to a whole new breed of pony.....

It's (almost certainly, you never know with authors like FoME) not a Wheel of Time ref, but an oblique one to Fallout Equestria, where balefire bombs play the part of nuclear weapons in the backstory, and a more direct one to a particularly divisive Indy movie.

An entry for another contest. I saw you entered the Rarity contest that ended yesterday. How does one find out about these contests? I only came across the Rarity contest two weeks ago by chance, but every other contest I've seemed to have missed.


They're announced in their respective groups or by their sponsoring authors. Not sure what to tell you there beyond look for groups that might interest you.

Plus, there's always the Writeoff.

Yeah, I saw there was a Writeoff. Unfortunately, that was around the time of my eye surgery, which left me unable to read or write. Plus, the painkillers they gave me had me sleeping 20 hours a day (given my insomnia, I didn't complain). Oh well, maybe next time.


"-big green things with teeth and Mrs. Cake."


Well this was a wonderful, refreshing story to read.

Waited way too long to read this. It was really sweet, thanks for sharing! Love your headcanon for Ditzy's special talent..

Glad you enjoyed it! The wonderful thing about those seven bubbles is that they have so many different viable interpretations. I've seen optimism, lung capacity, Dragonballs...

Hang on a second, how did Twilight manage to get the Crown off Cherry Berry? She’s an alicorn and has wings, so shouldn’t she count as a “force of air”?

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