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The Red Parade

I wish you all the luck in the world, you need it more than I do.


In the middle of the sky, in the middle of a storm, Cherry Berry acts like everything is okay. It isn't.

Written for a Sofa and Quills Speedwriting contest, where it placed first! The prompts were 'pretending that everything's okay when it's not' and 'brace for impact.' Written in the span of an hour.

Entry in the 2020 Original Pairings contest.

Thanks to Lofty Withers (Great!), Moonshot, and RubyDubious from the Speedwriting Server for prereading.

Thanks to The Bricklayer for his thoughts, and thanks to my editor EverfreePony.


-- Lofty Withers

I read brace and now I hate you for it

-- PonyJosiah13

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Preread this story and dear god was it an interesting one. Like, good grief the tension. Heart couldn't stop pounding.

Thanks! Thanks for giving it a preread too!

Another first-place piece, eh? Congrats!

This is a fantastic little story. You should be proud of this. But damn, the ending made me cringe, left me with a bitter taste. That's always a good sign!

She was supposed to be the world’s foremost aviation expert, the first pilot to be born with hooves on the ground.

What a brilliant sentence!

Thank you, really glad you enjoyed it!

Sometimes I forget how good short fanfiction can be

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

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