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Story Contest II Results & Story Contest III: TEMPorary Insanity: 9/26 - ??/?? (Still actual prizes.) · 7:21pm Sep 26th, 2016

I know... a day late, and I apologize for that: it's just been one of those months. (I was a day early the first time, so let's just say it's now balanced out.) But fortunately, when it comes to the prizes, I'm not a dollar short.

Out of the eight people who signed on and declared their imperfect pairings, three submitted stories. So what I'm learning here is that I either really need to start posting biweekly reminders or just have to accept this as something approaching a standard return rate. However, I'm a little on the stubborn side, so... well, we'll get into that below.

The three entries were:

The Sinking Of The S.S. Rarijack, Calligraphy Legends
Team Cohesion, FanOfMostEverything
Poneo And Fillyet, Daedalus Aegle

So this time, I have to assign some degree of ranking, because there's a first and second prize. But as before, I'm not going to talk about my judging criteria or provide any amount of critique. This is about what I liked, and nothing more. Which makes the results into:

2nd: Team Cohesion
1st: Poneo And Fillyet

Because the suffering was adorable.

(They can make it work!)

The winners' gift codes, which I dutifully & daily took TV viewing surveys to earn, have been sent by PM. (This took several attempts: the mail system is weird today -- so if anyone got two copies, that's why.) All hail, and please check out the entries. Extra page views seldom hurt until the commentator firing line is fully assembled, and readings keep authors going. Mostly to the kitchen sink, where they may attempt to drown themselves.

And now:

Contest The Third: The One With The Really Nasty Catch.

Let's get the catch out of the way first.

I'm not going to poke and prod people too much in order to get entries in: that's not really me. Instead, I thought I'd give you a little incentive to poke and prod each other. On the previous two occasions, I've provided a deadline for entries, and both times, the majority of those participating missed it. So this time? There is no deadline. None at all. Because the contest isn't going to be judged until everyone who signs up either gets their stories in or announces they're dropping out.

So when it ends is all up to you. In fact, whether it ends at all is pretty much entirely your responsibility. The prizes could effectively go unclaimed for a Pinkie "Forever!", which is also the potential duration of the contest. But if we get eight entrants, then judging begins when we have eight stories -- or, say, six stories and two people officially declaring they've decided to withdraw. (If anyone winds up being banned, that counts as a withdrawal.)

Did I just terrify everyone out of entering? Probably. Who said I couldn't write horror?

So with everyone now shaking in any boots they might happen to have, here's what will be the unused prompt for TEMPorary Insanity.

Somepony has to do a job they're completely unsuited for.

Let's revisit what might have been the best part of Magical Mystery Cure, right up until new wings split the fanbase: the cast working in occupations they had very little business even visiting. I want to see characters put into professions where the dictionary would slam itself shut before letting them read the full definition.

Who's the character(s)? What's the profession(s)? Entirely up to you, as is the situation which puts them into it. No one has to go the enchantment route a second time. Perhaps somepony just asks a friend for a little extra help, or it's one of those summer jobs that makes you wish for the end of summer before the lunch break hits. Maybe a character needed some additional income, or they thought they were fine up until the moment they actually tried to work.

Tags? Also entirely up to you, although I'd appreciate it if things were kept on the Teen level or below. (I already did the escort joke.) However, if you wind up with a situation where any Princess tells the Crusaders "I have to step out for a bit. Why don't you three raise the Sun?", I would reasonably expect Dark, Horror, Tragedy, and Celestial Bodies Fall Everypony Dies. Comedy's a natural here, but it's not the only way through.

1st prize: $20 US in Amazon gift card codes
2nd prize: $10 US in Amazon gift card codes
Last Place: I don't send you The Notorious MLP Dry Erase Sheet.

Sign up below, and there is a two-week deadline (10/9) for doing so, just to keep Internet cruelty from swooping in around December and putting things off until next year. (In this case, you don't have to declare your cast and occupation in advance unless you really want to.) Anyone who actually posts a story must come back to this thread and link their entry, and adding "For Estee's TEMPorary Insanity contest" to your long description wouldn't hurt. Or you could just hang around and watch people quake with fear.

Optionally, there's some stories linked above to read. Try that.

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Comments ( 24 )

Because I have yet to publish a single thing this year, I'm going to try my best to enter.

EDIT: School has gotten far too busy. Sorry, Estee.

Yeah, I knew I couldn't compete with one of the most adorable romantic tragedies I've ever seen. Still, I'll take second. :pinkiehappy:

Also, I'll do an early sign-up for this next one. No ideas yet, but now I can let it percolate in the background.

Yay! :pinkiehappy: I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Congrats to 4227907 and Calligraphy Legends :twilightsmile: Good job.

I'm gonna wait and see if I get any ideas for this one.

You want entries in on time? Announce that there will be, say, 3 candidates for each category. The 1st to send in their completed story is the official entry & the other 2 are SOL. They can still post on Fimfiction, of course, but will not be considered for any prizes

Apologies for my skipping out on the last contest. A minor health issue left me in no mood to do anything but lie in bed feeling sorry for myself.

I'm going to sit this one out, but good luck to all.

I claim Ms. Harshwhinny becomes a relationship councelor.

I MAY possibly join this contest, as it might help me get out of a creative funk I've been in, but i put emphasis on "MAY".

i wont say what specifically the story will be about, but i'll be sure to link the entry here IF i happen to do/complete it.

I'd have no idea what to do with an Amazon gift card.


Although you should maybe put a max time limit, like "If it's not out afor' december, ye've backed out laddie!"

Hehe, I'll be sure to give it a shot!

Count me in Estee!

I don't currently have a good idea. So far, my head is going "Diamond Mint" and stopping because, while I'm certain there are many things she's not good at, she hasn't told me what that is. Also, bringing back the idea of Derpy helping Twilight sort books and Twilight later saying that she'll never ask for her help doing that again. "She did a bubble sort! A bubble so-ho-hort!" But that feels like a tiny part of a larger story. If someone wants to try to make it work, hey, I release it for use.

I'm in! I love throwing characters into situations unsuited for them and seeing what they'll do :twilightsmile: The only question is, which pony shall be my victim...? :pinkiecrazy:

Fluttershy has to face a drag... oh, wait. Twilight Sparkle becomes a princ... no, that doesn't work, either. Uh, Pinkie Pie the foalsitter! ...yeah, I got nothin'.

Also, because a) I've kinda wanted to try writing something anyway, b) I'm terrible at finding the motivation, and c) this one comes with built-in motivators, I do hereby enter the contest. And may Luna have mercy on us all.


So far, my head is going "Diamond Mint" and stopping because, while I'm certain there are many things she's not good at, she hasn't told me what that is.

I am 10000% in favor of a Diamond Mint story.

She's not good at cooking*. Maybe you can use that?
Maybe she's not good at telling the difference between magic carpets and pillows?

I have an idea and a story outline. Tentative title: Go South, Young Mare. (Chapter title: "No, Your Other South.")

And don't worry, it's not a crossover this time, card games or otherwise.

4228710 Actually, I like to think she's at least competent at it. Not as good as somepony who has it as her ST, but she can make something that tastes good and feeds you.

Oh, wait! I do have something! I might be in this after all! Now if I can only keep myself motivated...

If you don't do the magic carpets/pillows story, I will. Because I love that picture.

Coming back to this: are the stories limited by wordcount at all?

I'll sign up for this so I can get nettled because that sounds amusing

I'll throw my hat in the ring. It won't be a problem if my story is set in the Lunaverse, will it?

After way too much second-guessing myself, I've decided I'd like to give entry a shot. (That feeling of nervousness is just me and not some Estee-genic aura of intimidation, right?)


Yeah, no ideas coming. I'll have to drop out of this.

Oh, hey, I remember this. Huh. Yeah, I'm dropping out.

Finally finished that story I mentioned, found here.

At this rate, I fully expect judging to begin somewhere around 2030.

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